Have you ever lived with someone but not have 4th house overlays?


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Does a lack in 4th house overlays in synastry indicate that you would never live with this person? Or that you wouldn’t feel comfortable living with them?


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Maybe they have no contacts in synastry, but they do in the composite. If that's the case, they could enjoy domestic bliss living together.


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How are you defining "fourth house overlays"? Planets in each other's fourth houses? Or something else?

I've definitely lived with people who don't have anything in my fourth house. That includes most of my family of origin. Whether or not I have anything in theirs, I don't necessarily know, since I don't know their birth charts in most cases.

I would expect difficulty living together to correlate with hard Moon dynamics, rather than fourth house, although that's not always the case. I have had one roommate whose Moon is square to mine, and we were very different in our living approaches, to the point that it eventually broke the situation. We got along better after we weren't roommates anymore. I've also had another roommate who is now a very good friend, but to say we didn't work out as roommates is putting it mildly - that was living hell - but we have no Moon contacts in each other's charts.

I've also lived with people very harmoniously, and in most cases I don't know what synastry we had. Just that it obviously worked, as far as living together went.