Have lot of question regarding marriage. can anyone help?

banned me. please

I want myself to be banned from this site because one can't delete one's account from this site. that's why i use that type of language. if anyone really feels bad then please teĺl the moderators to banned me. I'll be very thankful to that person who banned me.
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is there no one who have enough intelligence to answer my question

Although it might not be your intention but you have used quite offending words. What do you mean by " enough intelligence" ?

Remember you asked free guidance (and that too by asking half a dozen questions in one go!!) , then you need to wait , but you didn't , the very next you are here raising doubts regarding 'intelligence' of fellow members over here.

Do you think that astrologers here (with 'enough intelligence" according to you!) are just sitting and waiting for your question so that they can shoot detailed (and accurate of course!) answers to your questions? That too for free!

If you are so keen on knowing accurate and instant answers to your questions then you are at a wrong place, please find an Astrologer with 'enough intelligence' and pay him/her required fees.

Knowingly / unknowingly you have offended this community.
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look if you feel that bad then please tell the moderators of this site to banned me;because that was my intention

Judging from your behavior, instead of apologizing for what you did. You decided to tell people to ban you from the site to the extent to even make a few threads on asking them to remove you, when you can just apologize and someone would have helped you.

My suggestion is that you should learn to think out of the box before asking questions about marriage. If same situation were to happen again with your partner if there is anyone, it will actually affect your relationship.

In other words you will need to have enough intelligence to ask questions in a way it doesnt offend people. Learn how to apply this small concept and you will see changes. Not only this forum but in life. :)

May god bless you.


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When a 20 year old wants to be IFS one day/night and IAS another and then gets anxious to know about marriage in all details in the current progressive times when most are getting married much after 25 years (age), the *dumb* (both connotations of the term!) astrologers like me sense a perturbed soul that is swaying in his/her whims like a will-o'-the-wisp /ˌwɪl http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:IPA_for_English#Keyə http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:IPA_for_English#Keyðə http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:IPA_for_English#Keyˈwɪsp/ or ignis fatuus with no steady goal in mind, that all three require and the maturity that is required in all three pursuits in life!

The best thing in favour and on the side of such individuals is that they are only 20 and so there is a lot of time to make up for the immaturity that characterizes their current state and the impulsive volatility.

Sad state of affairs! This is the generation on whose help and support the generations of baby-boomers and X generation would have to depend upon, in a decade or so...!

Love, Light, Alarmed Look!