Has my sister checked my stuff on my laptop?


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My sister I don't think I can trust her or she is untrustworthy.

She lies about 'staying at her friends house in the city centre' for the last 3 and half years and even on Friday she said to me 'I'm staying over at my friends house' which she really is staying at a hotel somewhere and IT'S FRIDAY TOO.

She also lied about having one friend living in 3 different locations and also I never knew one of her friends had a baby one week and then another week she had another baby to go and visit her far.

Yesterday I had my skype on the home screen, it was showing my contacts on the side. Also if you click on documents you know if you click on the folder, that document is the first one on the list, since it's the last one you checked.

My father doesn't know how to use the laptop so I give him the laptop to watch sports matches. I sometimes leave it downstairs and anyone can have access to it.

I asked her if she's been checking, clicking on things on my laptop and she says no.

So has my sister been physically checking my stuff? Even it was very quickly?

She does sextile the 10th.


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Your sister is 3rd, Uranus, in her 3rd of communication opposing mars. Mars is positioned on the cusp of your 12th with moon coming to a conjunction.
She lied to you.