Harbhajan Singh banned for 11 IPL matches


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Harbhajan Singh banned for 11 IPL matches for his altercation with Sreesanth at the end of Mumbai Indians' match against Kings XI Punjab on Friday.

He has Mercury retrograde with Rahu in his chart. So he becomes arrogant, violent and also prone to thieving. He tends to take unpleasantly, very talkative and harsh at times. He may speak in confusing manner and may be unable to put his thought across clearly creating misunderstandings. Sun in the Ardhra Nakshatra makes his short tempered. Mars in the 4th house from Sun indicating lack of tolerance.

Currently he has
Progressed Mars square natal Sun
Progressed Mars approaching natal Pluto
Progressed Mercury square natal Pluto
Progressed Saturn conjunct natal Mars
Progressed Mars conjunct Pluto
When the incident took place the transiting Mars was exactly in square with natal Pluto which is placed with Mars in his chart. So Mars is involved in too many evil aspects making him very aggressive and as a result loosing control over speech and temperament.

He is also passing through a Saturn return phase. So he may face tough conditions and this incident may have a lasting effect on his career.