Happy to be here!


Hi Everyone!

I've been into astrology for a while. I used to get readings done, and learned a little bit of interpretation from those. I've tried both eastern and western astrology. For myself I mainly check my transits as I've been able to determine patterns and see potentials that way. Hoping to learn a lot more through the forum here :)

Sun: Capricorn

Moon: Aquarius

Rising: Pisces


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I'm very new here too, but welcome anyways! :D
I just wanted to say that I have an Aquarius Asc and a Pisces Moon, so we are flipped somehow! Thats kinda cool. Have fun! :)


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Helloo :lol:

Same here, we're "flipped" as well. (Welcome to you too, animatedoodle)
Opposite sun, opposite ascendant, same moon.