Happy hanuman jayanti!


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Happy hanuman jayanti to all forum members. Om hanumantey namah! Jai siya rama! Rama! Hare ram hare ram ram ram hare hare
Hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare!
Keep fast today, people! Really auspicious day for all people who want to follow hanuman's path of shakti, eternal bhakti and wash away all paap.
All 9 planets ill effects are said to be neutralize when one worships hanuman. Hanuman is known as, vayu putra meaning the son of air god. He's the most powerful vanara, the greatest bhakt of rama. In a nutshell, I want to wish every member of this forum and whole world, happy hanuman jayanti I.e hanuman's birthday! This day falls on chitra nakashtra of mars, which is really powerful in terms of setting goals. Do excercise today for people who are looking for weight lose, do meditate for 5 mins. Recite hanuman chalisa. Keep reciting rama's name.


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That is quite astonishing. Is it really authentic information? Are there any verses to prove hanuman's nakashtra in poorvabhadra? I seriously think that he was born in mangala nakshatra, mainly because of the built physique and fitness of vanara raaja. However, thanks for the information. No foul to worship hanuman ji rather than its another opportunity to chant shri rama's name and do bhakti. :)


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Parasara Smriti has details about Hanuman's birth rasi, nakshatra, gotra etc.
I remember one priest told me hanuman was born in Kaundinya Gotra and on a saturday.

He discovered seetha's whereabouts on Chaitra Pournami (this year's april 15), which was on a tuesday in Ramayana era.

Thats why both saturday and tuesday are special in his temples. (ofcourse he was given a boon by all 9 planets when he set them free in Lanka)

Hanuman was born in Poorvabhadra nakshatra " (puurvaabhaadraa prasuutaaya
maMgaLam sree hanuumate
" ).

i found a link.. which tries to explain why Rama (born in punarvasu 4th quarter in cancer moon sign) has such a close relation with Hanuman (born in poorvabhadra)
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