Hairy Transits - Can you share your experiences?


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Please know that I am very much a novice in astrology. After ten years of study, I still am amazed at how much more folks on this site know than I do.
I have learned a few things because I combine my psychic gifts with my use of astrology. The planets want us to dance with their energies. Just because Saturn appears in your 12th house does not spell gloom and doom. I ask the planets what lessons they are trying to offer to me.
Some lessons cannot be ignored. I have lost friends recently due to transiting energies but I also realize that I can still communicate with them in spirit. I have also learned that when a challenging transit is rocking my world, I can pray using the angelic energies that may be attuned to that particular planet.
This may be a very simplistic response but try it and see if it assists you in some way.
I tend not to speak very much on this site because of my inexperience in the language of astrology. The info given by loving senior members can be very useful to you.

Blessings :wink:


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I can't say that I have a "favorite" hairy transit, but one of the most memorable was between 2002 and 2005. Transiting Pluto was conjunct my Natal Moon and Neptune cusping my 12th house. I had two near death experiences in my sleep, at least that is what it felt like when my sleep paralysis caused me to stop breathing and be unable to wake. My grandmother died in 2003. Around this time transiting Saturn in the 5th house opposed my natal Moon and Neptune. My love life was in tatters. Transiting Uranus in my 1st house cusping my 2nd house squared natal Uranus. I was incredibly unstable and did not have it together, a little bipolar without the formal diagnosis. Transiting Pluto and Saturn squared my Venus (in the 8th), which soured my friendships and relationships. For a while, I loathed others. Between 2004 and 2005 I was bedridden. Here are the transits as follows. Transiting Neptune in the 1st opposed my Sun (Leo rules 8th house) and Mercury (Gemini rules 6th house). Pluto was still conjunct my Moon and Neptune. Saturn transited my 6th house and touched my Mars via conjunction.

The t-square transits are nothing easy, but I am hanging in there.


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Saturn is squaring my midheaven right now.I didn't feel anything out of the ordinary at first but,gradually,my workload increased.I'm exhausted.On top of that,I feel like my reputation has been tainted at work,there are tensions,arguments and everyone is eyeing me because I started pointing out the people who are the problem and it seems those people feel very attacked and have very big mouths.Now,I'm the bad guy.It seems my bosses only notice my mistakes or flaws and I just feel suffocated,exhausted...I don't know how much longer I can hold on.It's all a big mess.


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dont like,... no ... hate Venus transits, short transiting but so bad and intense like no outer planet, specially when aspecting Sun or Moon, i hate this whore, i call her bringer of death or like lucifer, looks very nice but the devil its in person a femme fatale, azrael.
I find out, the worst traumatic (violence, absusive things, poverty, losses, death of friends and more) things in my life have done under Venus influence in my Chart, Venus is my Chart ruler in libra at the Asc 2-3° also ruler of 8.

Very good was t-saturn conjunct natal Pluto at my Asc.
Was a time i have go to / or become an invitation to many partys and meeting peoples from columbia and have around two weeks a lot of fun with this guys from Colombia, what was very rare in my life, i remember this time with a smile.

with retrograde Saturn concjunct Pluto i meet my girlfriend since 6 years, also pluto square Venus transit beginn, very nice and lovely person the only problem is i dont love her or dont much i'm not sure, because we go through a hard time in that the bad things from outside are so much more than the good.
With carpicorn (Saturn in eigth Pluto) rising and the same stellium as me with Uranus instead of Pluto. thats her chart.

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- Transiting Venus & NN in Libra in 9th House squared my natal Jupiter in 7th House/Leo.
- Transiting Saturn Rx in Scorpio was conjunct my natal Pluto in 10th House/Scorpio (1 degree orb).
- Transiting Saturn Rx in Scorpio squared my Ascendant/Descendant (1 degree orb)
- Transiting Pluto Rx in Capricorn was conjunct my natal Neptune Rx in 12th House/Capricorn (0 degree orb).
- Transiting Pluto Rx in Capricorn was sextile my Sun/Mercury/Venus in 8th House/Virgo.
- Transiting Chiron Rx in 2nd House/Pisces was in opposition to my Sun in 8th House/Virgo (0 degree orb).
- Transiting Sun in Cancer was conjunct my natal Chiron in Cancer/6th House (0 degree orb).

And (the exact time the other shoe dropped):

- Transiting Saturn Rx went direct right on my natal Pluto in 10th/Scorpio (1 degree orb).
- Transiting Mars in 10th House/Scorpio squared my natal Jupiter (2 degree orb).
- Transiting Sun in Leo was conjunct my South Node in Leo/7th House (0 degree orb).

What happened: Both of my parents were hospitalized within 2 weeks of each other - the first set of aspects was for one parent, the second for the other. (One was severely ill & required surgery, flown in by helicopter, the other also just as sick, rushed to ED by me.) I had to step up in nearly every way. I had just graduated from college, so it was basically a crash course in surviving the real world in the sense that I was thrown in, head first. A sink or swim lesson. Just when I thought everything was taking a turn for the better, something else would happen. All of the people that I would normally turn to for support were suddenly nowhere to be found. I faced a lot of fears about surviving on my own. It showed me just how much I could really handle, because breaking down was just not a choice.

I also accepted a job offer during that time (when Saturn was Rx & over my Pluto in 10th/Scorpio) which turned out to be a huge, huge mistake.
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Thanks to all for your insights. I am headed for hairy transits and truly need advise. I watch my transits and find that they "predict the weather" of life. I am afraid that there may be a tornado coming up for me. Saturn opposition Mars, Saturn square Jupiter, then, 2 months later, Saturn square Venus. The last time I had 3 negatively aspected saturn transits, , I was jobless, homeless and pretty much alone. When fiour positively aspects Venuses transited, I met my soul mate, fell in love and married.

I am a success again. I own a home, have a family. Any advise on how to prepare or interpret my transits? I am an astrology amateur. Peace and love to all.
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I'm currently going through a rough period of my life under Pluto Square Saturn, which will be here until 2017. My mom's health has been failing, lack of direction, horrific breakup under terrible circumstances, etc. I'm really nervous about this current transit--Saturn Square Ascendant. The only good thing is that it's going to end in November. Mercury Square Saturn, which is just about to end, brought about a lot of communication difficulties in my work with other people. I'm about to also go through Uranus Square Moon and Neptune Conjunct Mars fairly soon this year--wish me luck! I'll need it.


What do you guys thing of transiting Uranus conjunct natal Venus in 2nd, in aspect with natal Leo Moon in 7th and Sag Neptune in 11th? Relationships, marriages - long term? Good or rather bad? Plus Neptune on natal Sun in Pisces...


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I'm in the midst of hell transits right now. In January
Uranus conjuncted my Mercury and my Mom died very suddenly. She was healthy and I expected we'd have many more years together. My dad passed 3 years ago, and I'm an only child, unmarried and no kids. Uranus then conjuncted my Sun and squared my Moon. I started having intense anxiety and shakiness. My mom was my best friend and this just shifted my whole world on its axis. I also had another woman whom i trusted and relied on leave my life...right when uranus squared my moon, and it shook me up pretty badly. I ended up having to sell my childhood home, which just made the anxiety much worse. At the same time I started having back problems, and at this point I can barely even stand for long. I know its all connected, but holy heck, this is a major life transitional period for sure - biggest and scariest thing I've ever gone through. Feel quite alone now, but getting used to it. I also had the eclipses hit my 8th house in march. I think the Saturn Neptune square that we've all been experiencing this year is part of it as well, and Saturn retro makes everyone suffer to some degree. I'm trying to stay positive, but its hard. I just closed the house in July so its still recent. This too shall pass - just hope its soon. :sick::andy: Oh, I also lost a job that I've had for 10 years, but it was mostly my own choice. It was quite liberating actually - making room for what I really want to do with my life.
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Hey everyone;

The very first hairy transit I've gone through, it has been a while now, has been the Pluto opposite sun transit , I believe should be around 2011-15. I remember, I was deeply in love with someone in the beginning of the transit, not really a true love in the person but indeed more like an obsessive interest having to do with me than him... Around december 2012 my mother had an accident, and a subsequent periods of sickness cancer treatment and other treatments expanded around the years and still continuing.

Chiron transit conjunct ascendant: Never I had such a crazy period in my life. I lost my father ( I believe around then Saturn was squaring my Venus); but also many close people in my surrounding including my boyfriend and a good friend. Really weird.

Saturn opposite sun: right now, oh I know you know that it is difficult and feels like never ending, you cannot progress fast etc etc. But seriously, HOW MANY DIFERENT CRAZY THINGS CAN EVER HAPPEN to someone, things that are absolutely not likely to happen, really difficult unreasonable reactions from people, really difficult at the edge of psychologically disturbed people making life harder especially around the job front. I would soo much appreciate some councelling and reading to see the end of my pain at the moment. I believe I am about to explode really.

Anyway, just about the Chiron I could say that despite all the difficulty, I truly believe it healed me and changed me profoundly. The kind of change you would say no if you had a choice, but the result is me being able to fall in love, something that wasn't really happening since 7 years. And I started to absolutely realize some of my deep personality relational shortcomings and am journalling and stuff like that...

Must you have some guidance to give me please see my chart attached. Hang in there people I hope you would go through these all and I hope that I would make this through myself as well...


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The Saturn/Pluto and Uranus squared configuration are activating my t-square between Sun/Merc, Moon and Pluto, where Pluto/Saturn is going from Mars to Moon in the 8th and 9th and Uranus is squaring everything from the 12th house. On top of that, Neptune is conjunct my Jupiter in the 11th.

I haven't had this strong of contacts all at once in twenty years. It is... not going well. Two major decisions were made, and it's becoming a train wreck. I can see major losses in both finances and relationships on the horizon, and I feel totally unprepared (something I'm not accustomed to feeling).

I'm utterly lost. As much as I've ranted on this forum trying to figure it out, I am no where closer. I'm trying to learn to accept despair without analyzing it over and over, trying make it appear productive when it isn't.

I desperately feel like I need to be alone and find my center, but I don't know how to make that happen when people depend on me to be their center (my mother and my partner, in particular... Sun and Moon). It's incredibly painful.


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I have North Node crossed my Ascendant at my solar return in December 2020 and that time is the most interesting time in my life. The time that Lunar Nodes all have aspects with my big 3 make me awakening until now. The most difficult transit for me is Pluto conjunct my Capricorn NN and Neptune is also conjunct my Uranus at the same time and this is the transits that now I have. Best transits for me is Jupiter conjunct my Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction now too and I now become better and better.