Hairy Transits - Can you share your experiences?


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Having been through my own pluto transits and pluto sq sun/moon on the has really confronted me with how much control I have over my life, and also issues of power with or power over concepts. With an intercepted aries/libra expressed the ego has been sometimes non existent, instead living through others.

It has been a huge experience and can knwo say I really take notice of life rather than floating my way through or is that waiting for it to be over.... I am much more conscious of living and therefore enjoying it more.

Tend to think we chose to have some really big life changes through Pluto, and the universe gives us the tools to move through it, just not in the way we expect cos we have to change our perspective on life.

And then everything changes

Lapis said:

Hi and welcome. I bet you do feel 'reinvented'....those are some incredible transits/Initiations!!! Any one of them alone would be a lot to deal with but to have all of those happening at the same time, amazing. Congratulations for surving it all and happy Chiron Return too!

Transiting Pluto is closing in on a conjunction to my natal Sun and Chiron soon in 10........trans. Uranus is slowly moving through my large 1st house.......trans Saturn on approach to a conjunction with natal Pluto in intercepted 6.........trans Neptune in intercepted 12 is in opposition to natal Pluto in 6 right now...........trans. Chiron in 12 is working his way towards an opposition to natal Pluto in 6 in a bit. There's more of course but -

You could give me pointers it sounds like with transiting Pluto moving across your Sun in 10. I can imagine that this is going to be an amazing transformation in itself. Here's my personal take on why so many of us are having these mega transits lets call them. I feel that many of us are cramming as much karma/clearing/healing/integration/transformation as we can stand and NOT go mad in the process before 2012 arrives. Most everyone thinks that the 'big stuff' is coming with 2012 when actually its happening between now and then! :wink:

These potent cluster transits of the outer planets clearly shows this I feel. We, or rather our Higher Selves, believed we could handle huge direct hits of transformational energies that these type of cluster transits carry to help propel us into higher consciousness and larger integrated aspects of ourselves.
Yeah this could make sense. I've been having a difficult time aswell with all these transits; saturn conjunct sun, saturn square ASC, uranus opp sun, uranus square ASC(soon square moon), Neptune conjunct MC, SR saturn conjunct ASC, Pluto opp moon. Yeah, this is seriously tough xD. These are all the transits I'm having right now. And I'm not even mentioning the progressions.
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Currently I've just begun to go through retrograde Pluto in my 5th house conjunct. Saturn in my 1st house, Pluto conjunct. retrograde Uranus in my 8th house, Pluto trine Asc, retro. Uranus sextile MC, and retro. Neptune square MC.

Things are very, very tough and it's only just begun. My relationship with my son's father as crumbled (he's abusive, so I know it's for the good), and I will soon need to take him to court for child support. Seeing as he's always threatened that if I did that he would go for custody of our son, I know that will also be following soon. The day my Uranus hit my MC in 8th, I was at a boardwalk type theme park down the shore and because of a mistake that the operator made, I was hit in the mouth with the metal bar that hold you into the seat. It loosened a couple of my teeth and busted my gum pretty bad, currently I'm wearing braces and might need to go through a root canal.
Having neptune in my 6th house for awhile now, I unexpectedly even had a mild allergic reaction to the Novocaine they gave me while putting the braces on. I have a lawyer and plan on suing the park. Supposedly theme park cases are very hard though.
Then about a week and a half after that happened, I was over said ex's house and he forced himself on me. I should have called the cops on him, but I was just a total mess. The emotional pain it has me going through is just horrible. What got me was that my transits for that day, I thought were really good. But looking back now there was a Mercury sq. Venus. And Uranus sextile MC peaked a bit that day--which I still don't quite understand. I thought that since it's a sextile it would be decent...but so far very bad unexpected things keep happening!
I've also been having a lot of trouble trying to get myself and son on medical, and he's supposed to be going to school in September but won't be allowed to without it.
Since the accident, bills are just piling on one after another. I currently don't have a job, and every time I seem to get close to getting one and getting my life back on track--the Uranus opposition my Saturn for years now makes it all fall apart by events out of my control. Such as illness of family I take care of, illness of myself, and/or people moving into the my house under bad circumstances..which again, I wind up needing to help out. Literally..every.single.time!!

To sum it up, these transits truly are making me a very unhappy camper. I have noticed though, that I've changed so unbelievably much..and for the better. I just truly hope that these transits don't knock me back down to how I used to be.

ETA: I forgot that it will soon get even worse too, as I'll have Saturn sq. Saturn coming up towards the end of this year.

Etaa: This is the first time I'm coming out with the darkest parts of an obviously bad relationship to said-son's Dad to family and friends. In the 7 years ( next month 7, actually--he was my first everything since 14) I've been involved with him, I've never sought out any kind of support, nor been so honest about things that have gone on. But honestly, I had my whole heart invested in him and our family.

Below is my chart.


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Right now, I have the new moon, sun, Mercury and Uranus sitting on my 26 degree Pisces South Node, all opposing Saturn (on the NN, of course).

Mars is right on top of my natal moon, opposing my natal sun.

Pluto just transited my natal mars and DC and currently trining himself.

I just had Chiron and Neptune roll over natal Chiron, they're still loitering over my MC.

I'm not a good enough astrologer to really know what to make of it all, all I know is I feel stymied, restricted, over-worked and run-down and just generally feel like I'm going INSANE.

Chart + today's transits is here, should anyone be interested enough to take a look. I'd be grateful for any advice, anything at all!

ETA: I don't reply to PMs from peeps I don't know, sorry.
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Hello Panik

I would suggest that the new moon is showing how the deeper levels of your unconscious world are bubbling up items for more conscious thought. This may seem hard to grapple with however a good healing process. In the psychoanalitical model they talk about the "unthought becoming a thought". Stick with it and stay tuned for the revelations you can gain out of all this.



1. Transiting Saturn is conjunct natal Uranus in Leo in 12th.
2. Transiting Uranus is conjunct natal Moon in Pisces in 7th.
3 Transiting Pluto is opposite natal Venus, the latter residing in Gemini in 10th.

Sisi x

Hi, the map I draw for you has ASC 4 virgo.
From what I see, the transits you are mentioning, are long gone.


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Pluto's conjunct my MC right now. My MC is conjunct my Sun. Mercury, Juno, Venus, and Neptune are conjunct before that, in a different zoida (sign) but according to some also conjunct the sun (via mercury).

Either way, Pluto has apparently been running a train on me for some time.

Please some insight from anyone would be appreciated.

I've been through a lot. I have very little left except hope and faith, and I've never been real strong in those areas. Think athiests and foxholes.

My identity is completely transforming. I don't even look quite the same, apparently, as many people who know me well are failing to recognise me. I feel like I am even being physically reconstructed, to the level of DNA or molecularly.

I have twice since this Saturn return thing (convenient) started actually lost over 30lbs. Being I'm a 6ft male with virtually no body fat averaging about 155lbs, it scares people. I swear my bones were shrinking last time. I really got the distinct sensation of being rebuilt after that.

The last time I simultaneously started smoking ciggarettes again after quitting for three + years, quit smoking pot and drinking (after about 18 or so years), and spent close to 30 days alternatingly meditating and sitting there numbly unaware of almost everything- except when I remembered to eat or cry myself to sleep, which I guess happened about once or twice a week.

my spiritual life has exploded, I am much stronger energetically, although it's not helping my social life, since what I now admit to regularly percieving makes people think I'm insane. It gets that way when you can't hide the fact you feel other people's emotions or physical conditions and stuff. . . or see their past or their dreams or whatever it is next.

but everything seems to slip through my fingers somehow. I can help other people, apparently even change their physiology at a distancem, but it doesn't seem to do me much good. Many physical ailments of my own have spontaneously disappeared or appeared out of nowhere. Suddenly I have no asthma after 15 years, for instance.

All my relationships have or are undergoing complete de or re construction. Hard to say which most of the time. I barely have avoided suicide and being locked the nut-house, death by motorcycle vs ice and (not joking) even supernatural attempts on my life.

I have not avoided losing my closest relationships, home, transportation, all my money, at least three jobs, am about to lose another home, --and just the other day-- had a perfect opportunity to own my own place, seemingly perfect for my needs, and seemingly delivered by the heavens, ripped from my grasp just when I thought something would go right. All this in the last 6 months.

Similarly the love of my life came back to me after I'd finally given up, late last year: everything seemed sooo right and I was just thinking, "y'know, my life could turn out 1/2 way normal after all, I should marry this person, maybe have kids someday" - which is not anywhere near my normal thoughts or behavior- when I got dropped like a blighted lumper (that's a rotten potato) with no warning and no discernable cause. At right about valentine's day.
Everyone I know seems to think she lost her mind, (the instant about-face from me being "the best thing that ever happened" to her to being "over" was not hte only sudden erratic behavior she displayed at the time) unfortunately she took mine with her.

Now, (just now) looking back at the 14, it appears Pluto was about exactly conjunct my natal Juno, and Lilith conjunct Natal Eros. I don't even know real consciously what that means, but I get a distinctly uncomfortable feeling about it. Looks like actual Juno and Eros were just getting around to contacting natal Chiron, too. Lovely.

OK, here's a chart already. I'm pretty new at this stuff, and for some reason it's been easier for me to look at a chart than to read or hear all about aspects and what's where. It's like I got some direct intuitive reading first from the chart, as soon as I see the geometry. Now that I know a little about grand squares, trines, etc I am beginning to get more conscious about it.

Juno aint there, but she's at 26 sag, between mercury and the sun. I'm posting an equal house chart even though I think some things are more correct maybe about placidus, but that's a conversation for another time.

equalhouse transits.jpg

Well I could go on and on, there are some very profound changes happening to me spiritually or energetically. I think some of you "lightworkers" and such might have something useful for me. I don't know how many of you do any "true self" work, or if you know what that refers to (as opposed to "higher self" etc, in the school of thought/traditions I'm working with it is distinct) but it is getting pretty intense for me.

I seem to be getting pushed into fulfilling some kind of built in destiny or at least skillset between esoteric studies ranging from shamanism to ceremonial magic, qi gong, astrology, Reiki, Chinese medicine, Shiatsu, Shamanism, and music. Once these things took up some of my time and now seem to be all I can do with it.

Most days I'm not sure who the heck I am anymore. I certainly am not prone to trusting anyone at this point, and I don't know what to do next, although it seems like everything I do is equally in vain anyway.

But somehow I just know I'm going to win, and that is most definitely new. I've never been accused of being an optimist. But it's not optimism, it's like what the word determination was meant to describe, yet fails to. It's that I'm INTENT upon it. . . and I've never felt anything I would describe as ambition before, but that's the only word I can think of for it.

It's just ambition for what?

And if you figure different, just don't say anything about it, I hardly need an excuse to resign from this current physical employment.

Now that I've aired out my Gemini moon and spilled my guts to a bunch of strangers, Please by all means lemme know what you think, if you think, etc, I'm ready for some information transfer with someone who isn't close enough to stab me in the back too easily the first chance they get.


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I just had it pointed out to me that this also is occouring with transiting jupiter and saturn forming squares to transiting pluto, my natal sun/MC etc, and Natal Jupiter (and natal lilith a few degrees from Jupiter). So that means there's also the Pluto opposition Jupiter transit, (and therefore pluto/lilith, not sure I want to know, :sick:ok yeah I'm sick that way, I gotta know) and Jupiter square the Sun/MC and Saturn squaring Sun/MC while also squaring Jupiter and Lilith

No wonder I can't tell whether I'm dying or already dead.

Does this smack of karma to anyone? I wonder if there's other Aries North Nodes out there who remember slicing people up?

Inside Out Orange

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All in all life's interesting times for anyone with planets in early cardinal signs ... yourself included.

You've also got Uranus transitting from 0Aries making squares to your early cardinal planets. All in all the grand cross hits your chart quite prominently with Mars also due to arrive in early Libra with Saturn in a week or so.

You can also look at Chiron (29Aq) / Neptune (28Aq) making trines to your Jupiter in early Cancer so that's quite a spiritual aspect.


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From what I've read about the crossing of Pluto over midheaven, is that it's a completely dramatic transforming experience. And, "it ain't over, till it's over" kinda thing. I haven't experienced a transit like yours (yet), but in comparison, Mel Gibson, recently dealing with quite an explosion of personal information being revealed to the public, has Uranus passing over his midheaven - opposing his moon, and pluto squaring his moon. Just these things alone, to me, explain that if Uranus is that bad, then Pluto has to be HELL.

My advice: Just go with the flow. It's impossible to tell what Pluto is going to give and take away. I guess, if you'd like to brace yourself a little more, you should pay attention to the degrees of orb - 1 to 3 degrees transit to your MC, or any natal planet, for heralding when you're going to feel the punches.

Good luck!

P.S. Also, pay attention to the houses where the activity is taking place. It will give you a better clue on what to expect.
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The hairiest transits of all are Pluto transits angular to Asc/1st house planets. After that I'd say Uranus' angular transits. Neptune let's you work things out subtlely and test the quality of your thoughts. Uranus will change the dynamic of your relationships and you may find yourself running into more than what you thought you were asking for.

The most important thing to do with major Pluto transits is just survive, drawing on more inside. Look back when its over (5 yrs total) and see what you learned.

Saturn transits by themselves aren't especially 'hairy' unless reinforced by an outer planet, unless transiting Asc/MC. In the book Planets in Transit, Robert Hand mistakenly attributes former Pres Richard Nixon's downfall (Watergate scandal) to Saturn transiting his MC/square his Asc. Actually it was t.Pluto opposite Nixon's correct n.MC that brought him down so to speak. Saturn only challenges us modestly. Pluto can dethrone you. It is a king-maker or killer.

Nixon Asc [19CAN52] - MC [6ARI24].
Pluto [4LIB53] at resignation speech (8 Aug 1974, 21:05 EDT), opposite his Asc, reinforced by a trine from t.Neptune, quincunx from t.Mars, trine from t.Mercury, while t.Saturn [21N15] was Parallel n.Asc [21N58] .

No other astrologer that I know of caught this at the time. Maybe John Willner had already discerned Nixon's correct chart by then. I don't know.

Just shows the importance of working with a correct chart.

See my posts on Asc signs, etc.


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hi, "Here's my personal take on why so many of us are having these mega transits lets call them. I feel that many of us are cramming as much karma/clearing/healing/integration/transformation as we can stand and NOT go mad in the process before 2012 arrives. Most everyone thinks that the 'big stuff' is coming with 2012 when actually its happening between now and then."I agree. Having just been going through a Pluto-Saturn-Uranus T-square transit to my natal sun. very well said! Dr. Christine Page, an astrologer, has some great views on 2012. (she wrote 2010 and The Return of the Great Mother), in which she validates exactly what you said. What an exciting time! peace Cataluna (sorry, don't know how to add part of your quote as part of the reply)
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cataluna, I have a sneaking suspicion this is awful close to the truth. Except maybe the "and NOT go mad" part.
I keep trying to figure out what was going on to set this lifetime up with this inevitability in a chart:

current transits : Pluto conjunct (Natal)MC and SUn
Pluto opposed lilith and Jupiter
Pluto Trine Chiron and Saturn
Neptune and Chiron Trine Jupiter and Lillith
Neptune and Chiron opposed Saturn
Neptune and Chiron Sextile MC and Sun
Jupiter and Uranus square MC and Sun
Jupiter and Uranus square Jupiter
Jupiter and Uranus Quincux Saturn
Saturn Square Sun/Mc
Mercury Square Moon
Mars and Venus Conjunct N.Node
Sun Trine Mercury and Venus (both natally conjunct Sun&MC)

Now if anyone can give me an idea of what to do with such types of celestial scenarios, that might be useful. Other than not NOT go mad.

Talk about cramming.

"quick, look busy, Jesus is coming!:innocent:


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Ok . . . . this is what one of my friends calls "Funny/not funny!"

I'm looking at (transit to natal): Pluto conjunct Sun and MC; Jupiter and Saturn square Sun and MC; Mars and venus conjunct Pluto and Northnode, trine Moon (which one might think was nice . . . ); Sun conjunct saturn; Ixion and Pholu conjunct Neptune and Ceres; Vesta and Saturn conjunct Vertex; and Neptune and Chiron sextile Chiron and Mercury, Venus, and Juno; and Nessus conjunct Eros (which, I kid you not, the internet says is "abuse cycles, betrayal, infidelity" conjunct "romantic love, sexuality, erotic nature"-- now that's hilarious in the funny/not funny kinda way!) Lovely.

Here's the charttransit.jpg

So the other day I said (stupidly) "well all 'they' can take from me now is music and my dog." My left hand stopped working and so did the dog's hind legs. When I was in the vet's looking at xrays of advanced spine deterioration my ex left a note on the front seat of my car. That's all I have to say about that right now. Funny/not funny!!

I'm currently considering the price differential between what looks like indefinite medical treatments and the price of two 44 mag bullets. I already paid for those. Now someone remind me why exactly would any of us try to clean up this much karma this fast?


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Ah pluto on your sun.....I have posted on this thread before and shared my experience.

I can relate to coming back to nothing....I think the Budhists call it no self. I reckon it is a short cut to removing layers and layers of fear held in the body. Looking back the last seven years have been the most productive in my life in some ways. I am definitely happier having left a lot of baggage behind. Though I did promise myself after I felt I had nothing left that I would put only things I loved back in it. Sometimes that is difficult especially on the job front! But I keep remembering it....and now most of my life is full of things I truely love.

As for the Karma bit...... a palmist was mentioning to me that no one has a straightforward hand anymore they are all real complicated. Maybe that is about the change of the ages......sped up karma resolution as a completely new energy is coming in...and to make the most of it we have to leave as much of our old self that is to do with the past and not the future.



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Hi -

I've had some intense outer planet transits in the past several years... I hoped that I would feel that the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders when these transits were over - not true! I feel more confused than ever, and, frankly, I feel like I've been completely bullied, defeated; v scared about my survival (v plutonian)... I just want to be a hermit:sad:

During this time (starting in 2005) I took a pro-active approach, trying to work with transits to improve myself (career, home, life goals, appearance..).. My Neptunian health problems (**** endocrine system - hypothyroid, migraines) & subsequent money, employment problems have left me feeling completely crushed...

I went to an astrologer once who told me that you work w Pluto by "surrendering"; I tried to work w the transformative aspect of Pluto, but I keep remembering the advice of the astrologer, and think she was right.... BUT - how do you surrender w/o complete defeat/annihilation? The money/survival part is the scariest part!

Saturn in 5H was heartbreak; at 45 - and still single - I realize I will likely never marry..

Saturn in 6H scares me - don't need any more work & health problems! trying to work WITH Saturn via discipline, good daily habits... fingers crossed..

Uranus in 11H was office politics; the trine to venus brought some much-needed $$ help:biggrin: ... I feel in love, but was rejected

Bottom line: I have absolutely no idea where I belong in the world anymore & I don't see how I will ever recover from the financial devastation from the past 5 years..

btw - I feel I would be going through this even if it weren't for the awful economy.. In fact, my personal crisis coinciding w the recession may be a blessing in disguise; I can collect unemployment while I get better physically and learn new job skills to go in a new direction...Don't know if I'll EVER get out of debt, though, OR be able to retire...
that's my "hairy transit" story!

Finishing several Pluto Transits 8H:
Square Mars [2005-06]
Opposite Sun [2006-07]
Opposite Mercury [2008-10]

Finished Uranus Transits 11H:
Opposing Uranus, Pluto; Trine Venus [2006]
Conjunct Saturn; Trine Neptune [2007]
Opposing Mars [2009]

Finishing several Neptune Transits 10H:
will leave my 10H for good in 2012 - :biggrin:
Trine Sun [2009-10]
Square ASC [2009-10]

Finished Saturn transits 5H:
Square Mercury; Trine Moon/MC [2009-10]
Square Sun; Conjunct Mars [2009]
Conjunct Uranus, Pluto, Pr Venus; Opposite Natal Placement [2008]

Natal w current progs & transits


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Wow, well that's not exactly encouraging. And a pretty good description of where I feel like I'm headed. Excepting the money/survival part. I've never really been able to equate paper notes signifying debt with survival or even real value, much less ones and zeroes, so losing most or all of my ability to buy and sell is more of a minor annoyance comparatively. Probably something to do with Neptune in house7 and like half the chart in house 8. (Natally, not transits) Or maybe an effect of growing up close to the natural world and therefore finding it obvious that food grows up out of the soil or falls at my feet when I put a bullet through it or catch it on a hook or in a net.

My survival issues largely consist of fighting the urge to lay down and die or concede that I've lost my mind and check myself in for an indefinite institutionalized sabbatical . . .and/or the reoccouring thought that suicide must be easier than this. So maybe surrender isn't my best option at the moment . . . besides it's not in my nature or genetic predilictions . . .

I'm afraid to say that it has to get better at some point . . . feels like asking for a (yet another) shoe to drop (on me).

but I hope it gets better for you, gemastro . . . and never say "never", from my limited experience that's definitely asking for it!


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Pluto is passing through my 8H - which explains the money/survival issues that have come up for me...

I tried to work w the positive - ie, transformative - aspects of Pluto; maybe I will see that this really did work once I'm through the whole Pluto period?? I don't regret trying this route; doing nothing is not an option for me.. I'm not completely through with this - and Neptune in 10H is awful; and Saturn in the 6H concerns me..... I still have hope that things will be better...

What area of your chart is Pluto passing through?


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If you scroll up a couple posts you'll see I left a clickable. I's equal house, the house scenario changes dramatically if you use another system, however. In equal it's 8 in placidus it's like 9, 10, and just about 11 . . .

Inside Out Orange

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Saturn in 5H was heartbreak; at 45 - and still single - I realize I will likely never marry..

Yep ... I had heartbreak twice while Saturn was in the 5th ... not sure what lesson I was supposed to learn from that ... I've come to the conclusion that I will likely stay single from here on ...

I've had some intense outer planet transits in the past several years... I hoped that I would feel that the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders when these transits were over - not true! I feel more confused than ever, and, frankly, I feel like I've been completely bullied, defeated; v scared about my survival (v plutonian)... I just want to be a hermit:sad:

I think Neptune&Chiron may be the reason you are still struggling.I have them opposite my Leo planets, square my Jupiter. You have it square your Asc/Desc. I have that same feeling of confusion and not knowing where I am headed in life and just wanting to be a hermit.

They have one more shot at my Leo planets and your asc/desc in November and then they are gone for the rest of our lives (well ... Chiron might be back if you live to 95!).

You also have Uranus/Jupiter having a sextile/trine at your asc/desc. It probably won't be a bad thing just don't make any longterm decisions until the transits are over.

The other thing to recognise is that everybody seems to be struggling a bit in life at the moment. There is a general feeling of difficulty out there. It's harder to be positive when the overall climate isn't.

Good luck! It will pass ...