Hairy Transits - Can you share your experiences?


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Pretty much finished with Pluto transiting over my Venus - wasn't all that it's supposedly cut out to be.

I have Uranus transiting over my Moon now. My mother (moon) has changed a great deal during this transit. She's way more vocal, quick to anger and to fight. She's not the complacent wife/mother she used to be. She's even managed to stop taking her anti-depressents which shes been on since I was a child...looking forward to seeing how long this lasts!! I also started travelling overseas. Uranus is at the same time opposite my Saturn, North Node, and square Neptune. Quite a combination...Im restless as hell. After the tense Saturn aspects to four of my natal planets, three of which were personal, I thought I'd calmed down. But now these Uranus tranists are stirring things up again.

This week I had transitting Mars in my 12th house opposite Uranus in my 6th. I can't remember a time when I had so many needles poked into me. In a matter of 2 days I had 7 test tubes of blood taken out for blood work, a tb test, and three vaccinations. And Im bruised in all spots, including my ear which I somehow seemed to bang against my car door, and shoulder, which I have no clue about its origins?? I have Chiron over my sun now...maybe thats why im all bruised up :p
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Neptune has transited from my 8th house into my 9th house, while opposing my Moon in Leo. This transit seems never ending, Thank goodness I am almost through it. During this transit, my 5 year relationship with the love of my life suddenly ended without warning, and I'm still really not sure why or what happened. We travelled 8 mos of the year with his job, so I did not work for the years we were together. So when I found myself thrown out without a job and a resume with a huge gap in it and a broken heart...well, you can imagine what that must have been like. For the 1st time in my life, I have come to truly understand what despair is. Over the last year I have slowly been rebuilding my life independently, and it has been a long difficult journey that I dont wish upon anyone. But, I am much wiser for this experience and there has been alot of valuable growth. Neptune's fog of illusion hasnt lifted from me completely, but I can definitely see light at the end of the tunnel.
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So glad I found this "hairy transits" area... believe it or not it is actually exactly what had me seeking out for an astro forum at the wee hours of several Friday mornings ago. Although.. it was just clean layout and few unrelated topics and posts that I had read that had me hooke! Within the few posts I had barely been able to sink my bicuspids into... I was daisy chained to the specific topic I was hunting some well needed dialogue and exchanges on Natal Transits.

Armed with Peppermint tea in hand and the Spring Sun rising from the East horizon ...I was so so glad to have found an area that the brave survivors of past gnarly Natal Transits were proudly sharing their survival scars/contusions, implementation strategies, advice and most importantly--encouraging words. For us who are next in the line for the amaranthine firing squad of the cosmos transmuting ammuniation...
feels so good I know I can have aid with my exchanges here!

I certainly knew that I was going to need more than my arsenal of peppermint saturated fluids and miss matched tea cup + saucer combo to tackle my themed series of flesh hungry natal transits!
I have some major Uranus and Saturn themes that really going to demolish me to my bare-boned,exposed, kneecaps for the next year and a half!
Right now it is the quiet lil prequel.. conditioning myself for the peal back process of self review in all corners of ego, spirit and all the gluten-esque matter between...before the institutition/application will have to be integrated with my every breath and daily function.

That is of course since I would like to fancy the option of escaping this series of natal transit transformation processes, with all of my phalanges and mental functions in place.

Natal Aspects that are currently activated on my Calisthenics astro regimen:
Saturn transiting conjunction Mars (saturn in 2nd house birth chart, mars 12th)
Uranus transititing square N.Node & S.Node (Gemini N. Node in my 9th house )
Saturn transiting thru 11th & 12th house

On the relationship front my BF laid some new communication rebar for our communicating foundation (and JUST in time before March's alignments put everything to the test!) {Saturn transiting conjunction Venus in my natal chart}
This was just as we were coloring our pallete with our first trip of serious on the move traveling.
From there it has been a truly mind expanding month with Sun in Pisces paired with that intense New moon in Pisces early, mid-March ...that I felt on every fiber of my emotional being! (I am pretty even keeled as the genetic emotional makeup of my natal chart goes. So it was somewhat of a surprise as it was so hard to shake those piscean waters I was drowning in!) *visual aid below! birth chart attached*
It was all outside relationship dynamics that occured while flying down to Hollywood for a 2012 conference, between my pisces interspecies of friends.
Venus sextile pluto aspect in my chart, and ascendant sextile moon? (something I just learned within the last week) Lead to a long time male friend of mine.. revealing his feelings to me. Of course me dumbfounded unaware of what I am eminating via my Venus conjunction Mars. As I remember reading "oversweet nature calculated to win affection. you invest your charm 200% and win you do"
Thusly my male friends apparently are on the receiving end .. super saturating all that unaware feminine energy I am undulating into the male ethers.

While they are pratically on the verge of syncope with crushie feelings, and I am just as cretinous as can be thinking that we are best of friends and will always be.

I guess I forgot how to tred water with all the Pisces influenced friends surrounding me. I usually get them in controlled, separated doses!

I hadn't jumped zodiac evolutionary ladder last time I checked? Didn't manifest some gills for a breathing apparatus-- no amount of visualization or Libra "merging", 'relating".. reflecting myself thru the prism of a pisces.. was going to equip me for being carried out to sea.

Even though these experiences were in tandum with a busy travel schedule (after a super laden pratical month of endless work + our winter detoxifying cleanse for our viscera as well as our spirit...) and we were right on course without really being aware all that was transiting our natal charts.
Just on a cosmic calendar scale.. but now how it was synthesizing with us individually we hand't shifted gears.
Returning home (oh goodness home never felt like such a safe return home to our the safest and removed place on the map!) and then with great fervour.. we begun studying these last 2 weeks late into the early AM'S. We mutually felt this window of opportunity opening to where we would be especially sensitive or receptive to everything we were digging into. Sleep soon found itself as an after thought (Uranus opposed mercury)
I thought the sandman would come looking for me with my eyes hypnotically scanning between the many pages of books and other mediums of our self expression and edification, but some how we were spaired .. he didn't come and collect!
Sure enough the concentration of these transiting aspects were spiking and RIGHT ontop of us as we we were looking into the celestial depths of influence. Creating a perfect equation for being in tune to new inspirations and feeding the mental restlessness with imbibing endless conscious blossoming reading material and pouring ourselves into each other with back yard and living room serving as striped tube sock colloquium.

(with my BF as GM of a hotel here locally.. he is on call 24/7 and there is rarely a moment that we have without their interjection of some kind that abbreviates our day.. so it was truly special that level of saturation we were putting into these moments)
it seemed to come with great balance... being productive and efficient. Nothing skipped a beat! **Rare rare occurence** Just needed some rain checks on a full nites deep REM with the sand man, having to settle for a converison rate of late afternoon power naps. I am sure that was Uranus letting it fully integrate into our day with Saturn at the helm making sure not a drop of time was poorly invested.
Although everything right now is brainstorming and re-evaluating my currency of the external and internal, of what I hold near and dear for myself... I DO know there is long term goals that I am suppose to start strategically deprogramming myself.
I need to get those gears turning, slowly starting in order to segue into constructing myself in parallel with these approaching larger shifts come Summer. I can't help but feel a lil bit nervous and scared as they are some pretty drastic changes. Usually it is exactly this that excites me.. change and transformation!

I really got to the core of a lot of aspects these last few days and themes like "crisis in consciousness" as well as projections from childhood programming that I had no idea were affecting facets of not only myself, but is acting as a huge projected celluloid all around me. This was all revealed with my dissection of all my natal aspects and synastry between my Bf's and my birth charts from the inside out.

Pluto in the first house is waiting right around the corner for me... to be a resurfacing repeat offender thru out the constructs of Heather's corpuscles fabric of time.

It appears this shedding process & drastics rewiring will be a common mainstay through out my narrative ..often due to my Sun sextile Uranus in my birth chart, outside of some other heavily weighted aspects.
I best be getting use to this eh?
Looking to ground myself with your guys experiences, supportive posts, knowledge and understanding.
The new life path, purging the past for new professional foundations, transcendence and solidifing goals is what follows after my above listed transits.

Starting Late Summer for Transits well into the beginning of 2009..
Saturn transiting conjunction Ascendant Libra
Saturn transiting conjunction Sun Libra
Uranus transiting Square Neptune
Saturn transiting conjunction Mercury
Saturn transiting square Neptune
Neptune transiting opposition Venus
Pluto transiting conjunction ic (capricorn)

There is only a small handful that I am able to exchange about astrology with outside of my Leo, ASC Sag, Pisces moon BF) so to have the chance to have an interactive sounding board on this will continue to ignite things within me during the increasing momentum of restructuring process on all tangible and intangible fronts ...courtesy of nebulus Natal transits.

I know I wrote beyond a mouthfull and a half.. plus mid day lunch! I don't expect responses to address all that I shared.

Wanted to provide some background for the shifting cosmic waves that has been oscillating/transforming daily and pass things thru a light hearted cadence... as I can only suspect how these transits for most of you have left more than just your patience levels in embers.

Look forward to a proper introduction with all who share their illuminations.
will be posting my chart here shortly!


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The Hairy Transit club is not one I have aspired to join, but here I am!
Pluto has opposed my natal ruling-planet Venus for the last couple months. I have felt steam-rolled, shredded, and under water. Been pretty discouraging.
Issues of power and control have arisen. And I don't think Pluto has been playing fair. I have only been trying to protect my self from others and have been mauled in the process.

When the neighbour's kid repeatedly trampled my snow-laden driveway and I phoned the mom to ask her to tell him not to walk on it when it snowed, as then I couldn't shovel the snow off it (car and me would then be trapped), she hung up on me. My ability to safely live here was in doubt. (This is the tip of the iceberg - their dog uses my back yard as his toilet, their snowmobiles flatten my shrubs, their junk encroaches, kids trample garden,etc.) Decided I needed a fence, though it will cost thousands of dollars I don't want to spend.
Applied for a building permit for the fence and that's when the **** really hit the fan. The neighbour (the hanger-upper's husband) told me he didn't want a fence. In vain, they called the building inspector and begged him not to issue one.
A large tree, which my 12 yr. old survey says is on my property (but "just inside") needed to be removed to put fence up, but the neighbour hired a guy with a laser measurer who said the tree was now partly on his property and that he would sue me and the tree cutter, or get an injunction to stop the cut. The neighbour also threatened to kill the hundreds of dollars worth of shrubs I bought to landscape around the future fence, so I called the police. They couldn't help, as it was only a threat on property not on me. That same day as I was determining the property line, I endured a ten minute screaming fit by them (including how I should "be on medication!")
Talk about issues of power and control - neighbours (Transiting Pluto IS, unbelievably to me, in my 3rd house) who've been friends for 40 years have come pouring out of the woodwork to tell me not to cut down the tree, how I am "alienating" everyone around here,how they enjoy its pretty fall colours for 2 weeks a year. I told them to get their own tree. Note: this is a red maple, a real moisture vampire that makes growing anything within a hundred feet of it impossible; it's been a burden for years. And gardening is my lifeblood. Plus it stands between me and safety, in the form of the fence, from these awful people.
Tree cutter called tonite to say on Monday- when the Moon is in my sign of Taurus by the way- they will take down the tree, after having been notified by the neighbour that he will not sue. (We'll see - he's lied throughout this.)

I'll take Saturn any day over this never-ending Pluto pressure. Anything The Grim Reaper dishes out has got to rank easier than the **** the Ruler of the Underworld has been throwing my way.
A side note, I know the fence-objecting neighbours' charts. Right now, Saturn is opposing the wife's Sun. The fence will forever ruin part of her view and make her property look small and desolate. Looks like the fence will go up next week, a sad Saturn turn of events for her indeed.
***added note on Mon. - Ya gotta love transiting moon in Taurus if you're a Taurus Sun. That Debbie Kempton-Smith chapter on how you should 'go for it' when the moon is in your Sun Sign has worked time and time again and today, as the tree fell, it worked again for me. (Hope it's OK to include a Cheery Transit in this Hairy Transit discussion.)
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Hi all

When I look back to the all-time worst time in my life, it was when my not-quite-two year old beautiful daughter fell sick and was diagnosed with leaukemia. The shock, the adaptation to spending so much time in hospital, adjustments to family, her two young brothers, my uni studies - the all around survival day by day and trying to be strong. Having to find that strength. Spending time in the cancer ward and seeing the pain of other parents and children not being there a month later. The unlucky ones. To be holed up with doctors, nurses, personality clashes. Telling them there's something wrong (countless septicaemia) long before the ward knows. Finding the balance where the doctor has to listen to you because you understand the inner goings on with your child.

So two years later, finnally chemo-free. Ten months later, it comes back. Bone-marrow transplant this time. She's 14 and healthy now.

Now, what happened in my chart during those few years 1996-1998?

Saturn return, transiting my natal Saturn in Aries in the Eighth House, the Saturn that is also the apex of my Yod. In fact the whole episode of Saturn trolling the 7 H, 8 H and beginning of 9 H was traumatic. I'm thinking transits
have effect long before the more exact transit.

This whole period was just a long enduring time of facing loss, and I got out of jail - my daughter survived. Jupiter came in to the 8 H at the end though.

It was the worst time, but also in some small way kind of beautiful. But only because it finished ok.

Does anyone here have experience with transiting Neptune conjunct natal Mercury (and Chiron)?

I am going through this transit right now and it seems to be manifesting as extreme mental fatigue. I am tired and sleepy all day long, and this is a real obstacle, or it feels like a real obstacle, in my daily life.

I am not sure if it is caused by actual fatigue or something else going on physiologically--because I also have a lot of disorienting (Neptune) dizziness. So maybe I am not so much actually tired as just mentally or physically overwhelmed. It is very difficult to think, to concentrate.

Does the Chiron connection indicate there's something physical going on, do you think?

Does anyone know what I need to do (or could do) to survive this transit without accidentally driving into a freeway divider or something? It's getting kind of scary, being this spaced.

Thanks to any and all who can help.


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Why dont you head down the to the Doc's and describe your feelings and thinking? It does sound a little like depression at the moment for you but I really couldn't say just from your comments.

It maybe that your usual method of thinking (which could be novel in itself) is represented by Neptune dissolving things in this transit. This leaves you vulnerable and open to malais. Your usual way of thinking your ways through things is not working perhaps and that might feel disconcerting. Its best to head down the more spiritual path with this one and investigate a whole new paradigm for yourself.

It would be helpful for you to get assistance when making decisions at the moment, you know like someone to proof read your work and bounce your ideas off, to feel sure about waht is going on.

Not a good time for taking drugs unless theyre prescribed.

Best to you and good luck



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Pluto and Jupiter transiting my Neptune in the 5thH...those two planets were sextile my thid house stellum as well of saturn mars and pluto...this was about a year ago....that was rough.....Neptune in the 5th can have the tendency to give me an odd idea of myself anyhow...and with pluto I ended up digging really deep into my self expression, it's roots, and all the while, jupiter was building everything up as well.....I really had to look out for drugs or toxins...spent allot of time in a sauna over that time....sweating out toxins...I wish I had a real sauna....maybe someday.

Pluto and Jupiter conj were also in trine to my Asc...being neptune is.

I wil be happy to see pluto move on from sag and more near the next house and sign...I want to get it away from my neptune....I have really had to be carefull with toxins.


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I have witnessed three male friends with Neptune over their Moon to just break down and cry, go on anti depresents or drink more alcohol. I had Neptune over my Moon for a couple of years recently and I became depressed too. It is important to look under the planet that Neptune is transitting for midpoints to get a better idea what all the 'dissolving' is about.

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and.....a couple of women that I have known had Neptune transit over the top of their mercury. They became so vulnerable to romances that had no chance in hell. Its like they became disasociated from common sense. They did seem to have a sixth sense about some things though. Usually when Neptune is working over Mercury, there are other elements of the psyche which get more air time. Usually it is in the feeling department. Neptune is changing the way coping methods work perhaps. That means less thinking and more feelings.

Re: Neptune and drugs. Yes, I am very paranoid about that now. I won't even drink a glass of wine. When this started, I had to have dental work, and for the first time in my life I had a bad reaction to the anesthetic.

Which makes me a little paranoid about going to the doctor, too. I had one recommend a drug because he thought my problem was anxiety. I looked at the side effects and one of them was hallucinations! The last thing I want during a Neptune transit is a drug that actually causes hallucinations! Neptune by itself is bad enough. I don't need a prescription that will make me even more delusional.

But you're probably right. I probably need to go the doctor and get things checked out more thoroughly anyway. I've had depression in the past and it does tend to show up in more physical ways. One time my most prominent symptom was actually itchy skin. Thanks, Kingsley.
Tsquare, your post made me think of something. I am sweating buckets these days. I figured it was peri-menopause coming on. But you know, symbolically, maybe Neptune is trying to get me to sweat out some toxins?

Maybe that's part of the refining idea that goes with Neptune. Refining by dissolving the toxins in buckets of sweat :). Helpful idea, thanks.

Also, I sometimes get the strange feeling that my third eye is opening up. I guess that's Neptunian, but I kinda figured it was just a delusional sensation I was having from time to time. It's definitely been weird, I'll say that.

Inside Out Orange

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The past couple of years and the upcoming ones seem to be one long interesting run of transits from the big planets ... I guess that's what comes when you have a bunch of planets in conjunction or close aspects.


Past two years ... Pluto trine Venus, Moon, Sun. When it started into Capricorn it trined Ascendent, and currently during its final look at Sagitarius is squaring natal Pluto.

Last year ... Saturn conjunct Venus, Moon, Sun. Then trine Ascendent, just been conjunct Mercury and now just trined Midheaven. While it was conjunct the personals it was square Jupiter, then Neptune, then natal Saturn.

Upcoming ... Neptune spends a couple of years in opposition to Venus/Moon/Sun; then sextile Ascendent (trine Descendent) then not long after squares Saturn then opposes Mercury. I'm quite scared I'm going to do something really dumb on the romantic front. I

Also upcoming Uranus trine natal Jupiter, then opposition natal Pluto, then trine natal Neptune and into the 12th house.

Currently ... Jupiter conjunct Midheaven and square natal Uranus. Mars/Mercury/Venus conjunct Uranus, but also square Midheaven.

And this is before I even look at quincunx aspects ...


How's all that manifested itself? Not been awful, but have found some heavy times recently. Struggling to keep my chin up as all my options close down.

Last year, lost job but got nice payoff, had a nice summer playing golf, felt positive about finding work later on. Met wonderful woman who I thought would be "The One". Couldn't have been happier.

Then mid-winter it fell apart. She decided it wouldn't work for her (and to be honest it was always going to be in her control and choice). Turns out the job market has changed, I don't have the skills and there is an oversupply of labour. Only got 3 interviews from 50+ applications. Did get one job but felt they were shafting me on the salary and realistically the job wasn't really what I was looking for.

Have now decided that I want to become a golf instructor (I've coached sports for free for many years and I love it); have completely changed (transformed?) my swing since June but not playing at all consistently, or enjoying it. Find that my self-esteem is often dependent on how well I play :(

As a person I've also changed. I used to be honest as its possible to be. Now I find I make a lot of excuses to people to avoid social commitments that I don't want to bother with. Or if I'm late or need to cancel an appointment, I'll blame something like the traffic rather than just accept responsibility. Also I've given up all the voluntary commitments I've done over the past 15 years. This has occurred partly due to heartbreaking experience with The One and partly due to experiences in the job market. All in all, these changes are not something I feel good about doing, yet I'm finding life a lot easier because of them.

Edit: while I've always had a great belief in some kind of spiritual presence, I've found myself searching for it even more this year. Spend a lot more time trying to meditate and create intention through positive thinking.
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with regard to merc-chiron conjunction:

I too, experienced the intolerance to the dentist's novocane during my trans neptune (aquarius) square natal neptune (scorpio) transit (oppose ascendant) and yes, Ativan (psychotropic Benzo) to the rescue. It is important to note that novocane is a precursor to epinephrine which will not only increase adrenaline (anxiety) but also blood pressure; acclerated heart rate. I've decided to postpone the removal of my mercury amalgams until this transit is completely over, after enduring 8 injections of novocane with zero freeing effect - quite to the disbelief of the dental hygienists who swore they'd never seen a case of this in their entire collective careers. While driving home from my dentist appt, my neck kept collapsing whenever I tried to do a signal check and my whole throat was frozen; however, my entire jaw, lip and gumline was alive with sensation <sigh>.

Currently, I am embarking on my 2nd stage Saturn transit. By this, I mean, Saturn has traversed by late degree leo ascendant and is now entering my virgo 2nd house to conj sun/pluto/uranus/mercury, while transiting uranus is opposing these natal planets from the 8th house. I'm riddled with anxiety/fear. Isabell Hickey (Astrology, A Cosmic Science) wrote: "[M]ars and Saturn are correlated to the adrenal glands...[and that] the medulla hormone, produces a secretion that can cause fear or flight. This part of the adrenal gland is ruled by Saturn". After years of observing my internal dialogue and emotional/reactive resposes to Saturn transits I have to concur this author has intimate and insightful knowledge of the workings of Kronos. I've become accustomed to the familiar morose wave that afflicts me during transits to my natal 9 Saturn. So I am better prepared for the trigger effect this current Saturn transit presents to my natal sun quincux natal saturn aspect. In this instance, my worries center on the overall impact workplace changes will have on my overall autonomy, which also encompasses my freedom to work on my university studies during slow hours at work -- it is all relative.

Oh well, I'll just have to roll with the punches and weather through the next 3 years come what may. As always with Saturn, the concern is losing control over the ultimate decision on the duration and terms in which I stay or leave my post.

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I also may change- Currently just passing through a pluto squaring natal Mars in Virgo. Pluto now is conjunct natal Jupiter in my 11th, this is square and approaching my 0 Libra sun, 1 Libra Pluto, 4 libra merc( thankfully I have a pause unless I count Cupido-not) then17Uranus Libra. (so this Pluto sqaring whole 8th house stellium well its gonna take awhile)
In the meantime Saturn approaching all these planets as well, in that same order.( not to mention if there are any retrogrades coming up?)
So I knew this was coming and I think oh no whos gonna die???(Although I have alot in my natal 8th I actually have not experienced a close person die, so I am worried here) To make matters worse I am realising my moon in 10 Aries will be involved into this as well with an upcoming Saturn opposition/Pluto square.
So what happend to me, Last year it really must have started on my birthday. That transiting sun in my 8th then, working along with the pluto square mars. I was at work and I doubled back after another nurse asked if I would change shifts with her. bad idea Neptune is slowly transiting my 1st I needed sleep. So early am on my birthday at work also am trying to express milk,and blood comes out. My legs cramped up my heartrate 164. I am trying to relax, after all I am expected to take care of patients too. Not a good day then I ended up in the E.R. I am ok. throughout the past year though, several Mars/pluto like things happen Nov my 3yr old and I get pink eye, so my son 1st birthday party cancelled. Dec I transferred positions at work to one where I control my own hours. Then I got the flu. In Jan My son fell down the basement stairs during my daughters birthday party, we ended up in the E.R. thankfully he is ok. I forgot what month but my husband ended in the E.R. because he nearly sliced his thumb off. My daughter got sick, then my son had a fever infection several times over developing into pnumonia in April, throughout May, and into June he had stopped walking because he had a virus in his hip joint, weird but he is ok now. My 3yr old daughter fell at a park hitting her head hard on a metal bar passed out briefly, vomiting, to the E.R.again thankfully she is o.k. Another case of pink eye for me this I got from a co-workers door pass. then I got a bad summer cold turned into bronchiatis July and Aug. Well this past Sept now a yr later, I got pregnant, throughout Oct assuming everything was ok, end of Oct and Nov to recheck it all, ultrasounds show the baby was dead, had been for a month. So there is the Death, inside myself. Hopefully things will be manageable with all these approaching transits. M.Camery


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Krikey Marie, thats quite a few experiences you have been managing. That sort of intensity will give rise to changing philosophies and establishing different kinds of beliefs. Pluto Jupiter. How tough does one need to be? In your case very tough it seems. Pluto Mars is never easy and by the sounds of things you are passing these "tests" in life.

Perhaps Pluto Sq Sun (i think that is right) will be about debriefing around all that has transpired and give you some time to 'soften' back into yourself?

The title of this thread "Hairy Transits" sounds like a big spider coming?



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I am thinking things can only get better:) yes,I know that upcoming square to my sun. It may be hard, but Pluto is natally conjunct my sun anyways - planning a transformation. careerwise & healthwise.


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Yes, I doubt that you will really take any brunt of the Pluto Sq Sun in that case. Pluto is attempting to coerce you though. He wants you to use the power available to you in a different way. For some of us the Pluto sq Sun is about using ones power rather than not. I find that being around anyone with a Pluto Sun aspect can be dangerous as the person begins to flex their control-power muscles differently.

Glad you know where your transformations will focused Marie.

Best to you