Hades--2012--and Transisting Pluto....Is this going to happen to you?


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Hades, 2012 & Transiting Pluto....Is there a connection?

Hades rules over disintergration, destruction, and death - those who are starving, destitute and on the edge of disaster.
But it also rules over people who are Healers, Medical Doctors, Metaphysicians, Energy Workers, and Alternative Medicine.

In other words, Hades tells us - we either clean up our own back yard and get square within ourselves AND with our neighbors around the globe, - or it will destroy us and take us back to Ground Zero - to start all over again.

Hades is slow moving, and anyone born around the late 50's to early 60's will have it at approx. 8 degrees Taurus.
My natal Hades is placed here and this point has always been active during major events in my life -
-especially when dealing with death or destruction.
In researching upcoming transits for the year 2012, I noticed alot of activity that will be occurring at this 8 degree point over the next year. Transits that will effect everyone born around this time, or anyone who has any natal planets at 8 degrees.

Now before I get started.....I know that Hades and the Asc don't really count as 'planets'....so bare with me while I explain.

In my natal chart, (attached below) Hades is 1 of the 6 points of what would be considered a tight, grand sextile - if it were counted.
The two grand trines which form this are:

1) Hades (taurus) - Pluto/Node/Des (virgo) - Jupiter/Saturn (capricorn)
2) Asc/S Node (pisces) - Mars (cancer) - Neptune (scorpio)

From my past experience with my own chart, and tracking events, I've noticed that when a planet hits 8 degrees taurus (Hades) it 'triggers' a chain reaction that connects all of the above planets together at the same time, creating a grand sextile of energy throughout my chart.
Some astrologers will dismiss this, saying Hades doesn't hold relevence, but I have dealt with this configuration and Hades my entire life
and it has always been a sensitive point - especially when it comes to death, pain and sorrow.

The following are upcoming 2012 transits which will be triggering this energy. These transits will be affecting not only myself but everyone born with Hades around 8 degrees taurus or who have any planets in 8 degrees anywhere in their natal, especially if they are square to this point.

Right now, transiting Jupiter is at 6 degrees taurus.
It hit 8 degrees taurus in late July 2011,
retro hit it again in early October 2011,
And will hit it, for the last time, in March of 2012.

Then, Pluto (8 capricorn) will trine 8 degrees taurus in Feb 2012,
retro hit and stay at 8 degrees during most of June & July 2012,
and direct hit it, for the last time, in December 2012.
In addition, on Dec 21, 2012 the following planets will be transiting:
Moon (8 aries) will semi-sextile 8 degree taurus
Jupiter (9 gemini) will semi-sextile 8 degrees taurus
Venus (7 sagittarius) will inconjunct 8 degrees taurus - maybe day after
Saturn (8 scorpio) will oppose 8 degrees taurus
Pluto (8 capricorn) will trine 8 degrees taurus
So, on 12/21/2012 when all of the above planets transit to 8 degrees - anyone who has Hades at 8 degree taurus (or any natal planets at 8 degrees) will have these points activated from the 5 transit planets listed above. (plus whatever progressed or solar arc activity that will activate other 8 degree spots in your chart).

I do know that I have definitely begun to feel the changes that are taking place in my life, and I have definitely been thinking alot about what is going to be happening in the year 2012.

Are there are going to be changes here, on this planet, as predicted?
And do the upcoming transits to our natal Hades give us any clues to the type transformation we will see?

Hades was at 8 degrees taurus back in the late 50's to early 60's - I couldn't find exact dates, with retrograde and directs (maybe someone can post them), but I do know that it moves very slowly. Which means that everyone born with Hades at 7-9 degrees taurus or with natal planets at 8 degrees anywhere in their chart, will be experiencing similar transit activity, on 12/21/2012 when the 5 planets mentioned above all hit 8 degrees.

I'm curious to see if any one else has noticed configurations, in their own charts being triggered. Especially in relation to progressions or SA's that are hitting natal Hades in their birth chart.

If you don't know what your Hades degree is - go to astro.com, at the bottom of the data page, you can click on 'hypothetical planets'.
Hades is h41. Type that into the box and press enter.
thanks for reading, jill
Very informative (and well written) article on Hades can be found here:


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In my Natal, Hades is conjunct Eratos plus vertex and Algol star in the 8house opposite Juno in Scorpio, have Pluto opposite Venus also...Natally can't discern where all this Plutonic energy comes from and where is directed...Maybe by transit then!:unsure:


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now this might be interesting.

Could hades be the answer to my problems?!? I have searched all over to understand what happened to me this summer. I have nothing at 7-9 degrees taurus but I do have mars seven aqua and moon eight pisces. And therefore I have long been looking at jupiter, uranus and pluto aspecting these.

Of course everybody tells me to take a hike, cause what is t.pluto semisextile mars:andy: sextile moon, later uranus sextile mars. Thanks for your list , it was good but you missed uranus 7-8 aries next year from may on. I have come to the conclusion, in this figuration of so much at 7-8 degrees every aspect counts.

I ll not go into it deeper but something really horrible happened to me when t. jup was square my mars 7 aqua. I talked to many astrolgers and they all agreed that jupiter square mars could not be that hard. Something happened that was quite extraordinary, and mostly there was involvement from a person who has one planet at 8 degrees (venus). Because I dont have (sorry my computer quit doing that asterix) any other planets at 7-8 and I began digging deeper into this. and then looked at next years ephemeris which really is a question mark to me. And what about the person with venus 8 cap?

My hades is by the way 19 taurus, conj my Desc, and jupiter will transit it next year.

The thing that happened in the summer when jupiter was about 7 degrees taurus, and pluto and uranus were approx square some four degrees cap/ari was very much "hades". Devastating. For this other person involved it almost lead to death and as things are now, to extreme financial troubles (poverty). I dont know this person anymore but this is what happened some months ago. we have practically become dead to oneanother. Since we are born the same year we have hades conjunct. Hades is now early cancer, meaning in the past years pluto has been opposition, uranus is squaring.

Some years ago I knew 2012 is going to be big change and it had not much to do with the mayan calender.


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I'm glad someone is finally posting to this. I agree that Hades has to do with death and 'ugly' things that we must go through
or eliminate from our lives - whether internally or externally. Pealing off layers so to speak.
Everytime someone or something has died, - or a period of my life has ended, transiting Hades has been prominent in my chart at the time.

Hades square Venus
Hades opposite Neptune
Severely burned, on 3 different occasions between the ages of 4-5
Sexually molosted by male family members

Hades square Moon
Family moved across the country when I was 6

Hades square Uranus
Sexual/emotional abuse continued
Ran away from home at 16
Parents divorced
Lost my virginity
Started using drugs & alcohol
Had 3 to 4 car crashes (my fault)
Was arrested 3 different times

Hades inconjunct Sun
Gave Birth (which ended my 'rebellious youth' and forced me to grow up)

Hades square Pluto/Node
Hades inconjunct Neptune & Jupiter
Hades square Asc/Des
A man broke into my house and I was beaten severely
Was diagnosed with 'manic depression' (which went on for 3 years)
I got married (to someone who turned out to be a drug addict)
Three yrs. later - divorced
The planes hit the Twin Towers 1 week after selling my house (which I owned for 20 years)
I moved back accross the country

Hades conjunct IC - opposite MC
Hades opposite Mercury
In 2009 I quit my job, sold EVEYTHING I owned and moved out of my house
Went into the woods for 30 days to re-connect with God.
3 weeks after returning, my dog, (of 11 years) died of internal bleeding
I said good bye to my family in Ohio (whom I haven't seen since I left 2 yrs. ago) and moved to Tennessee to be closer to the mountains.

Hades is currently conjunct my Progressed Mars at 0 cancer
Both are opposite my natal Sun
I have spent the past 2 years basically living in the woods, retreating from the world.
My whole ego is being disolved and I am becoming a more spiritually aware.
Just completed a 3 week water fast while camping in the mountains.

I'ts like all of the garbage and unnessasary junk is being removed from my life by these Hades transits.

I have the motto -
'Material things are only worthwhile if they truly serve your purpose'. If it doesn't serve a purpose - Hades will get rid of it.
This is so true - whether it is material things or emotional 'stuff' that we desperately try to cling to.
Out-dated thoughts and old ways of doing things need to be eliminated
- and Hades helps us do that.
just a thought, jill

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Hi again jill! wow that's a lot of Hades throughout your life!
As I told you I cannot discern but I suppose that the transit it's going to hit my Sun at 5/6 Taurus?
I think I uploaded my Chart in my signature, so let's hope it has worked!
I left Eratos out of the equation but is there conjunct as well.(this one I know where it fits):wink:

To be honest, my configuration looks horrible and in truth I've seen some horrible things...But it gets to the stage when you see a lot of horror movies you kinda get more indifferent to it... not that I'm insensitive(no way!) but I've got more endurance to deal with the horror than most people I know.
Does this makes sense? How do you see yourself?
Very interesting thread, I was born late 50's with hades conj my sun at 8.30" so it's within minutes. I see you mentioned late Oct hits.

I have just found out I'm gluten intolerant (or coeliac disease/auto immune) just waiting for blood test results, this wednesday. So my body has been slowing dying due to wrong food consumption for poss decades and just recently everything I ate, hurt ,gave me humongous wind/GI and vomiting. So just going gluten free then within 24hours my body has recovered 75% now within 4days is 85-90% recovered

I will definately research this more and update this thread...

just found this on web
Azha 8° Tau 45 – considered fortunate
"The Hatching Place"; love of knowledge, science, much travel, many changes, position of authority, accidents at sea, drowning (influence of Eridanus)

Schedir 7° Tau 48-7° Tau 56 considered fortunate
Astrology, mysticism, writing; serious demeanour combined with joie-de-vivre; requires moderation


“Hades allows you (your essential self) the right to be, you must allow it the right to be – on its own terms. It can bring great compassion, patience and healing, deepening.”http://www.rubymala.com/content/astrology/hades.htm

Pluto, God of the Underworld, is the ruler of Scorpio. (In Greek mythology, the corresponding god was Hades). In Astrology, the energies of Pluto are transforming. Pluto represents subconscious forces, ruling all that is "below the surface".
FROM http://cafeastrology.com/pluto.html

“This is one of the Uranian planets and is considered the planet of disintegration. Hades will turn those festering mass of bad feelings and experiences into a disease--a chronic one--to get your attention so that you will handle matters in a more straight-forward fashion. And if you don't, you will die of a chronic disease, instead. The flip side of Hades is therapy and shamanic healing or ceremonial healing of some sort from antiquity--which can help save your life and get you back on track with yourself.”

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hades cont/….
“A Hades death is slow, arduous, a cell at a time and can take a decade or more to slowly erode and dissolve the walls/cells/bones of our body until there's very little left. AIDS is a good example of a Hades disease.”


This makes perfect sense now I've read this with my recent health matters :crying:

from the blog site you posted currently hades is 0' Cancer, my progressed sun is 0'Cancer just going into 6th house of health. Interesting content re: Lightworkers as I am a lightworker,Shamballa MDH healer, teacher. I suppose it's a case of heal thyself first....

shamballa, working with Christ consciousness

As taurus is 8' fixed it's more important to look at anything 8' Fixed as this will make a 'hard aspect' ie: conj, square, opposition. I find semi sextiles rather weak and don't work with them, or semi squares even

just quick update, hades was 5'30 when I was born, so 3' away from my sun -huge sigh of relief
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Thanks for posting the fabulous links to this subject. This one was especially good.


One of the best I've read. It will be interesting to see what this Hades will be 'cleansing' in the year 2012. I have always believed that pain brings about enlightenment and release and how we have to go through the darkness before we see the light.
Hopefully the world will be a better place afterwards. jill


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Astrologer 50.....
I have Celiac. Went over 2 decades undiagnosed. Good luck with the healing. It changed my life completely going gluten free. I have been on a very strict GF diet for almost 4 years.

I have Hades, Psyche, and Ceres all at 25 degrees Taurus. Yes, on Algol, the fixed star. My midheaven is at 28 degrees Taurus.

The psyche, hades, ceres themes are very prevalant in my life.


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This sounds interesting.

I have this in my 7th house 4 degrees from my north node. I hope that is enough to say in this case is is not a conjunction.

it sounds very negative.

but did prompt me to look up other stars including Zeus. which is a bit more positive.

Neptune Rising

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Interesting, I've never looked into Hades before. I also notice that the solar eclipse just past was inconjunct it, 2 degrees Sag. Not sure how an inconjunct aspect will affect the transiting Hades. I am curious what the triggers to the eclipse point, and to the transiting Hades will bring.

I forgot to mention, the July solar eclipse was at 9 degree Cancer. So Pluto transiting will be opposed this point next year as well. Uranus will square it. It feels like a year of getting 'real' for alot of us.

I have Hades at 22 Taurus, Sun at 25 Cap. Currently, Sedna is conjuncting my natal Hades, I really don't know much about the symbology of those, but I know they are not easy energies. I do recall when my progressed Moon conjuncted my natal Hades, I was having an awful time in the shared house where I was living. Also Saturn was opposed natal Moon. Also had trouble collecting money that was owed to me from an old employer and in the end, I didnt get all that I was owed from them. Moon rules my 8th house.


I know someone who has asteroid Child (23) in square with her natal Hades (27), her progressed Ascendant is conjunct her natal Child, she gave birth this year with huge complications as an emergency operation due to other complications. Scorpio also rules her 5th house. Both are recovering and are well :). I also noticed that my natal Hades (22 Taurus) is conjunct my natal Child (18 Taurus). Jupiter is sextile them at 16 Pisces, Ceres at 18 Pisces. There is an eclipse at 19 Taurus in my 5th house in 2013 which now worries me a bit. But, the transit is going to happen anyway, no point worrying I guess. Everything is here for us to learn from :)
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You might want to check out your placement of Orcus too, another Plutonic character. Orcus may be part of a complex that includes Hades.

For example, I have Hades at 9 Taurus, and Orcus at 9 Cancer and Sun at 10 Libra.

That might be particularly interesting for people like Astrologer50 who has digestive problems, if you find that Orcus in Cancer makes a link-up.[just waiting for lovely camera up and down :andy: to find what has made me seriously anemic. When I checked it's in 3 cancer conj Asc/MC midpoint- have no idea what this means though]

As you might notice, I have Sun-Hades inconjunct. Hades is in my 10th house. My Dad has Sun-Hades conjunct, my mum has Moon-Hades conjunct. My Dad has been blind since age 2 (meningitis). Hades can bring real disability. It has given me a left eye that is practically useless.

from the brief research on this, discovered only in 2004 hasn't had much chance to establish what it could represent.....

add on astro.com 90482
I only found rather limited info on this
this one above only gives orcus in sidereal, not tropical but doesn't say where it is now (which only confuses me even more)

I've been following Orcus in the charts of my clients for over a year now, and it's not altogether obvious what's going on either by natal position or by transit. Orcus is holding tight onto his secret.Perhaps some of the rest of the underworld god myth is at work here. For instance, one theory I've been seriously exploring is that Orcus, when handled constructively, governs accessing and bringing forward the spiritual wealth from the core of one's being. That isn't necessarily dramatic but it is profound.

orcus ephemeris

currently 4'03" Virgo

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orcas is 15 degrees cancer for me in 9th house. (sextile hades)

I was just checking back with some transits. when the north node in apr 01 was in cancer at 15 degrees. I went on a trip of a lifetime.

so it is not always bad either? I guess the pluto opp may be an issue.

Neptune Rising

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Wow, I know a person with Orcus sextile his Hades trine Sun/Saturn trine Pluto grand trine. This is like Mr Pluto! My Moon links into this forming a kite aspect opposing his Pluto. It is interesting I think to notice when people with intense aspects like this closely aspecting our charts enter our lives. For me, its during several Pluto transits in my chart, bringing and helping with an evolving wake up call.

Also noticed, the next new Moon will oppose the transiting Hades, just after the Sun's ingress into Capricorn. Interesting year ahead!


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Whilst reading about orcus I also read up about sedna.

in 1999 - jupiter was conj my natal sedna and a mars transit was conj my natal mars in libra. Sedna is opp mars at 29 aries. I very much was the embodiement of sedna at that time. I was brokenhearted and felt lost at sea. http://www.falconastrology.com/sedna.htm

A50 I llike the orcus quote - i can connect with that.


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I looked up Hades in transits and natal aspect. I am a bit confused as it is not classified yet as a planet thus as of right now it is an imaginary point.

With so many astroids, 'objects' and hypothetical planets I feel like the matter will just confuse a reading.

I suspect that if any of those astroids, 'objects' and hypothetical planets are sitting exactly on an ascendant or MC and you know your exact degree I might say...hmmm...now that is interesting. Otherwise I am going to get totally bewildered, freaked out and confused.

As an example..I too have Hades of course at 8 degrees Taurus and it squares natal venus and mars in my fifth house. Mars rules my ascendant so that is important and venus rules my 2nd and 7th. I noted that Hades was conjunct my DC by transit with a few minutes off the day my closest friend died this year. This is note worthy. I had another friend die this year in March (can't remember the date) .

So....I am trying to remain calm here:) You know, how many things do we add in? Is there a way to weed out all those variables?



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Well I pulled up a chart with everything I could in it and only made note of those things that were with one degree of a major aspect of a natal planet. I might say it could flavor aspects. That is my stance at the moment but I will ponder some more.


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Is it about themes as to when you add in these 'extra's'?

so a plutonian chart or plutonian type transit you may wish to look at some of these points - that relate to pluto.

one aspect saying ie your a good cook you might ignore but 3 you add it into the mix, then check the asteriods connected with that which adds/intensifies the experience.

just shows how huge a topic it is and all that we have yet to learn about the universe!