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This is a special sub Forum, the purpose of which is to provide all interested members with the opportunity to present a written article about a topic they have chosen to research. Each thread will be given a discussion thread in the relevant Board.Members can not comment on articles in the Ed Board, but only in the Discussion thread linked to the Article (if any).

Here is a list of the members who have volunteered their time and expertise to assist with providing factual and well written Articles for the benefit of both newcomers to astrology and those more experienced members.
If you have a contribution to make to the Board, please contact Lillyjgc by PM and I will connect you with the appropriate proofreader.

Natal Astrology (both Classical and Modern)- Claire, Nexus, Eternal autumn
Horary Astrology -Olivia and Kaiousei no senshi
Event Astrology (include Sports): contact Lillyjgc
Predictive Astrology (Classical and Modern)Lillyjgc
Relational astrology-Claire19
Medical astrology- Kaiousei
Planetary Returns - Gemini59
Mundane astrology-Contact lillyjgc
Vedic astrology-Vedic: contact Lillyjgc
Astrology,Western,Natal,Draconic,Hellenistic-Cosmic Prince
Transits (classical and Modern) Claire, Lilly
Classical Astrology. -Olivia/Eternal Autumn, Kaiousei
Asteroids, synastry, progressions, transits, solar returns, saturn/jupiter returns,: Modcleopatra [banned: new contact needed - Moderator].

1.You may present an article on any branch of astrology in which you are especially interested.

2. The article must be your own work. While you can quote the works of others,the sources you use must be acknowledged.(ie: no plagiarism).Links may be used.

3. Copyright Laws must be adhered to.

4. Be aware, when preparing your article, that writing too long a treatise could be counter productive.You could present a very long article as a series of smaller ones.

5. At the beginning of your post, please include a brief introduction of yourself and your interest in the subject about which you have written.

6. At the conclusion of your article please invite questions.

7. Should discussion points arise from the article and question/answer session, please feel free to begin a new thread on the subject in the relevant Forum Board.

8. The same rules regarding behaviour and courtesy as apply on the other Boards, apply on this Board also.
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