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There has been some discussion between moderators and other forum members of guidelines and how they have been unclear and largely hidden until recently, when a link was included in the description of the Horary Astrology Board. However, I have received feedback from a few members requesting that we further clarify these guidelines and make them easily accessible to new and veteran members alike so that horary questions may be answered more easily with less back-and-forth questions and answers. This is not to imply that questions should not be asked if further clarification is needed, but the creator of the thread should do his or her utmost to make the context of the question clear. This does not require you to divulge all information about your self, but the astrologer must have a decent conceptual understanding of your relationship to the individual, for example, if you ask a horary question involving them; this helps determine what house best represents the quesited and which planet he or she is ruled by.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the guidelines page, I will post it's contents below:

About Horary Charts
Horary works for verifiable questions, questions which are capable of being tested. That means questions such as "Where did I lose my ring?" or "Are my glasses inside my office?" are valid horary questions since you can test the results of the horary answers arrived at (e.g., if the horary indicates you left your ring on your dresser, look on your dresser and see if the ring is there). Horary cannot provide reliable answers for questions relating to non-verifiable things, matters of opinion or what cannot be proven (e.g., "Is our relationship karmic?", "Is X my soulmate?", "Have I lived before?", "Should I sail or fly to my holiday destination?", etc.). There is no way to test the results of these questions so they are not valid horary questions.

Beginner's Horary Board
Since this forum is designed for self-help and learning, we encourage you to study horary astrology. If you are new to Horary astrology and want to learn more about it, there is a Beginners' Horary Board where you can post your request and receive feedback from those who respond to your post.

Online tutorials

If you want to learn, and would like to post outside of the Beginner's Board, here are some great sources to get you started:
Taking Responsibility for Your Chart
According to recognized rules for horary interpretation, you need to take responsibility for your question for the horary chart to be workable and usable. One way to do is is to carefully and consciously meditate upon the situation at hand, and then ask the question to yourself or out loud. Another way to do this is to make an attempt to interpret your horary chart. The more information and background you can give about the situation of the question, the better the astrologers can understand your question and the more accurate your horary reading will be.

Horary Chart Data
You will need this data to interpret your chart: the date, the accurate time and time zone, and the location when you first thought of the question with the intention of consulting an astrologer. You can not ask someone else to ask the question for you and take the time based on their asking: doing so makes the horary chart invalid. Please also upload the horary chart yourself to your posting (see the how to upload a chart thread) . This makes it more likely someone will answer your horary question.

Horary Methods
Horary is one of the youngest branches of predictive astrology, but nevetheless has a deep, rich history encompassing the Indian subcontinent, Middle East and Europe. It involves casting a chart for the moment a question is asked, and determining the answer from the relationships between the planets therein - using rules and techniques drawn from many diverse sources and astrologers (such as the work/texts of William Lily, who was the first to publish a Horary textbook in English).
When asking (or answering) a Horary question, views differ upon the use of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - with the non-traditional approach being to sometimes use them as house rulers and/or significators, and the traditional approach being to not use them at all. So to avoid confusion, we ask those using a non-traditional approach to horary to state this when posting.

Updates and Outcome of Horary Questions
Please keep those who put in their (sometimes considerable) time and effort informed about the progression and outcome of your situation. Doing so benefits you, since it will make it more likely that you will get a response to questions you ask in the future. It also benefits the forum since many people here want to learn what works and what doesn't work in horary interpretations and to test out their horary interpretation theories. Your taking the time to follow up on the results of your question is very much appreciated.

Debate/Discussion of Horary Methods
If you would like to discuss techniques etc, please post in the Horary Technique forum. Please do not debate or discuss horary methods in the areas on the forum dedicated to answering horary questions (e.g., "Horary Questions on Relational Issues," "Career-Related Horary Questions," etc.).

Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation in this matter. :)

Arian Maverick
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