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Also Saturn in Aries is its fall. Saturn in Aries might be a downer to your Mars, or else it might strengthen your Mars to be a steady worker. Watch for a lack of iniciative sometimes that might cause your Mars to feel down sometimes, or even trying to be an overachiever. It depends on the condition of Saturn in your chart. Jupiter might help your Saturn, and Uranus quintile and Neptune 77º aspect
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yeah that would be interesting to see if you become more of gemini rising then a cancer :)

speacily the jupiter and mercury trine togther gives you a talent in learning or knowlege i think, picses mercury is maybe in its fall. but for me its because you use emotions, compassion, illuisn to think with right? i know that isn't best, cause my mercury is in 2 decand of scorpio, so give it picses energy.

Virgo mercury is all about the real facts to prove what they say. Picses mercury what do they have to prove with? ''I felt that this wasn't right'' for people this become like ''whut? what does this prove?'' but picses mercury can make others feel their feelings be heard so is good i guess :)

yeah how is it like to have scorpio north node 5house, taurus south node 11house?
Am having virgo north node 11house, picses south node 5 house.
Making us having the opsite house to eachother.
Cause i had sometime i was trying to figure this north node thing out in my chart. its about balenceing north node and south node, not leaving south node right?

virgo north node making me so bad with rutines, planing, use facts, being too cirtical like virgo stuff, but i do go longer things seem to go better in the virgo, too it gets too much virgo. While picses making it too easy for me to fall in to my own dream land, being too aloofy, being used too easily. North node in 11 house is wanting me to learn to connect with the people, friends. 5 house south node is like empty romance, like you have crushes but the 11 house is telling you to connecting with them first before romance. If this made sense? XD

Ahhh thats cute, how long have you two been together? and is he also into astrology? :)
oohh i feel so many people have gemini venus, or just my luck of meeting them X)

hahaha aahhh you don't have to do so much if you don't want to, but thank you~<3


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Really Saturn in Aries is a fall placement? i guess understand, Aries is the sign of self, and saturn is ristricsions, so many so have aries in saturn have problem to express themself X) its in 7 th thought :)
could you tell me about picses in saturn? my grandpa and my mom has it in their chart, like i feel there is often some addicten or abuse with that placement? :s

you have venus in picses thats a beautifull place to have it, its congjuncting mercury and sun so make you love to learn, and you probably talk so harmounis that love is your words with pretty good self awreness of what word to say to get what you want even thought its confushing at times cause of picses XD
but it's might hard to feel difference between venus and mercury? cause its congjunct, my mars and venus congjuns makes it hard to feel the difference cause they are blend togther cx


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hi Silverlining1~<3
Am not the best at astrology but am learning so maybe you also want to be with us learing more about it? :D

i use

theres others, but i love

1: Go on free horoscope

2: Go to Natal chart, Ascendant.

then you can type in your Birth, place of birth (You need your time of birth to get everything in your chart)

you can also go to they have lot of stuff too.

if you wonder about something in your chart please ask~<3