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Hello there!

I'm Diogo and I'm new around here. Since I was 13 I started searching everywhere on the internet about this we call astrology.

I'm a :aquarius: sun, :taurus: moon and :cancer: ascendant :innocent: hehe

Now I get to say I'm fond of it. I get to search almost everyday about a new aspect or pattern or even horoscopes from celebrities and even share some information with my friends and make them know more about themselves and that is very uplifting for me! :smile:

Thank you for having me on this aparently amazing community. I'm looking forward to keep learning from this day on for a long time.

Could I please ask you to take a look at my chart and see what pops up? I haven't get a response from anyone in 10 years since I study astrology from the internet and I'm really curious to know what is out there to tell me :joyful:

I'm pretty interested in knowing more about for instance my north node, my saturn in pisces and this Uranus Neptune conjunction not having significant aspects :pouty:

By the way, I've increased the orb by 110% because I can feel pretty much the Moon-Uranus and Moon-Mars squares sometimes.

I would appreciate it so much. Thank you once again! :wink: :happy:


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I must say your chart looks like a mine field!

The heavy influence of the water energies in your chart point to deep emotions expressed through passion and intensity; you are likely very sensitive to psychic input and thus may tend to shield yourself in some way against becoming overwhelmed by the input of others; had any paranormal
experiences in your life?

Would you consider yourself to be more introverted than engaging in the world around you. Ever feel like you are a 'watcher' in life? Your Pisces energy makes you prone to compassion and sympathy for the suffering of others. Here we see Saturn joined with the Sun, and that carries a karmic pattern of difficulties with owning your Identity in an appropriate way: We also see that union in square aspect to Pluto/North Node and that can be a powerful dynamic carrying themes relating to the sense of personal power and control, and these are often tied into the past influence from the father. Do you see him as being dominating, controlling and disciplinarian? Saturn points to potential blockages or weaknesses formed in the past largely through genetics and parental conditioning in childhood.

The North Node with Pluto emphasizes the concept of transformation in your life, and you are apt to encounter many variable crises in your life, in testing you in strength and endurance, and the ability to rise again and be regenerated. It is your inner strength that counts in making the necessary transitions in life. This represents part of your karmic destiny relating to your personal path of evolution.

Coming from the past influence of South Node in Taurus, this is what you are meant to leave behind and grow beyond. The trick is learning to balance the polarity of the Nodal axis without going to extremes.

Part of your Soul Purpose is about integrating your instinctual goodness and vulnerability with a willingness to work hard in order to make your relationships and career work for good in your life. Spiritual unity is a big part of your healing and regeneration.


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Hello i have only this as hobby and start learning through nett a year am not very good but i love to learn to read charts, just go deeper into it ^^
and finding some astrology friends would be awesome :D

i have a friend with a cancer ascendant too! ^^ but her mc is in aquarius with her moon c:
but you have taurus congjuncting ceres in th11 house. I love ceres the way we nuture ourself and others, also pretty earthy astroid. So you might have strong need for matriel like food, warm, soft, beautiful stuff to feel safe or your self valuse are met. you nuture others by giveing them what they need of food, clothes, hug, stable, loyalty, making others really feel like their self vaules are met and respected, being there like a friend and mother suport a group or a friends hopes, wishes, emotions.

you really feel for everyone as hole (with the mc in pisces Uff just so much feeling for everyone). want to be there for them all. You can make people feel nuture in good way taurus in ceres just great place to have it plus moon in all makes it wonderful

same way you want to be nuture by this, group of people/ friends gonna be friendly/ motherly give or feel for your needs of sercurity, and self worth, your emotions. really stay with you be there, when people get to know you, they are probably drawn to this nuturing cause it makes them feel so safe, conftreble around you.

please tell if my little ceres reading it was off or no? ( good or bad) and what needs improven. Or if you want me to try to read more of your chart? c:


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had any paranormal
experiences in your life?

Would you consider yourself to be more introverted than engaging in the world around you. Ever feel like you are a 'watcher' in life?

Do you see him as being dominating, controlling and disciplinarian?

Of what i understand paranormal events are, have had a few in my child years. Some dreams that would change me for life. Have seen figures wandering in my room. Was fearful of the dark till my 16eens. Being in a state of being asleep and awake. Recently I saw a grave above me when i was in bed. It was made of smoke, black smoke. It was partially dark in my bedroom. That night I got very late at home and have been wandering in street with my ex boyfriend, in my car, we had this strange sex and he went away being cold and stupid af all of the sudden. (venus saturn, pluto..., just screwd)

I went through violence at home to being mocked at school.

I feared my dad, not so much now. He is in fact domineering and dumb and stupid and drunk. He's controlling but has no idea of what is going on. He's a workaholic. Lived for work during my childhood. Never knew how to say no and be respected in his workplace so he discharged all those frustrations at home. Even nowadays it is like that.

But soon got to understand and control his frustrations, discharging in a more argumentative way than a physical and brutal way once in the past, and my mother got to be a stronger woman from time to time. She was afraid too. And I absorved it all and took my mother side to defend her whenever, however, even though i couldn't beat my father. I had even killing thoughts for my father. The rage was too high and still is.

I admire my mother so much, she gives me pretty much everything I need, material things, confort, stability, she is lovely but a serious approach even though. My father has always been the unstable side of my life. Could never accept fully the person he was and even though he had some progresses over time I still can't forgive for what he did as a father.

Now he's getting old to a point that mentally he's not much ok. He has heart complications.

I'm in my college years and at the time i engaged i tried to meet as much people i could, but everyone turned down on me. I suddenly felt these feelings of shame, hate, fear. I had several breakdowns. Depression. Getting out of it little by little.

I just feel like Pisces makes me kind of a dumb person, and the Pisces I know are all tricky and deceiving. I like Pisces for the altruistic side and that makes a great part of me. The humanism of Aquarius, but I know Aquarius people who are orthodox to an extreme, suspicious. I generally attract people who are disturbed somehow.

My psychoanalist tells me I see things like someone who avoids me and I instantly feel like they ignore me. I hate to be ignored, can't stand that if i feel it is on purpose. But now I'm better thank god. I get to live my own life more.

But I suck at school. Had these mental breakdowns. A TOTAL disbelief in the system, i hate my teachers and that's why I suck cause I don't get to listen to what they say. I feel they don't help me at all. They just create more problems than they do are supposed to help and teach and assure to make it clear for everyone. They get to be like my father. Dumb, superficial, extremely arrongant people... Makes me loose my hope.

And yes I need that internal strenght so much. Physical strenght too but lack the iniciative. My psychoanalist say I'm mentally lazy. But while dealing with feelings, I'm always overthinking and watching and searching and observing and even stalking. By this i feel like i'm wacky :unsure: but always manage to stay calm, to not waver or quail.

I've had lovely days with the wrong people, which makes it paradoxical I guess.

Thank you for your insights kimbermoon and whiteflame1997.
Much love to you guys <3 :love: much love! <3 <3 <3
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please tell if my little ceres reading it was off or no? ( good or bad) and what needs improven. Or if you want me to try to read more of your chart? c:

Hi whiteflame1997. You seem to be a really nice person, that's good already :) you just have to keep on track with the astrology thing, that'll be fine :wink:

Well, I haven't studied much my Taurus moon as I don't see much of myself as having Taurus in my repertoire, but then I feel you when you tell me that I am a mum to my friends and that is certainly right because I lived many moments with my mum and watched her very carefully to what she has been done and i just admired her for being so simple, strong and independent woman who can still manage everything being her in her 50s. Still dont have much friends, and none close friends to really give myself that way, so i just love anyways and try to do my best and I do it on someone's behalf even though I get to loose a part of me... Sounds sad isn't it? And a bit stupid hehe

Well I don't feel people are drawn to me that much even though they get to know me, maybe because I don't really let people know me.

Ceres of what I've heard is nature indeed and nature is what I've been trying to connect to recently. The food think, omg, I LOVE to eat, and NOT junk food, NOT transgenic food, just green stuff and eggs and dry fruits and juicy fruits. Man I love to eat and we don't have to cook much and spend energy on cooking stuff. I don't drink milk from other species. I love mango. haha anyway I love the idea of gourmet food, gourmet pizza, and healthy stuff is what I love and need in fact.

So Ceres is to nurture, yes. Your interpretation is fine to me whiteflame1997, congratulations :happy: :wink: :whistling: :smile:

And YEAH I havent noticed the MC Pisces as a source of feeling the whole and as a whole. Nice catch! "Wants to be there for them all" OH HELL YES to that

Much love :joyful:
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Oh mi gosh i got notice hi~ :)

Picses is not dumb, no sign is dumb, every sign has their good and bad sides.

i see thats why youre good nuture, you know that bad way of nuturing and good. mother was the angel provided all needed, father was the demon showed and did things so can't be unseen.

ohh you don't like to be ignored then i have story x)

Once as kids my friend said he was gonna ignored me for 2 weeks, so i also started to ignored him back. My friend forgot about 3 days later and i was contunieing to do it.

it got so bad a teacher came and probably used like up to 15 -30 minutes talking to us to make me start opening up and talking to my friend again, thats probably why am pretty fix person at times so when you say something, i want you to hold it simple.

your like 90% water and earth wonder why your calm X3

but aquarius with picses and capricorn mix is beautiful together or i think so my granda is a aquarius sun, mercury, capricorn venus and north node, picses mars and saturn. not sure hes time of brith but he is hard worker, wants to help everyone much knowleged, mystic, shy, empaticit. even thought he is kinda invisble in the family, he is also very muched loved by those who see him.
when he dies i think a big sorrow and dragfall will come over the family.

sorry my emotions and mind is just typing away at the moment XD
youre welcome i love to chat, its plus if its astrology <3


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ohh you don't like to be ignored then i have story x)

Once as kids my friend said he was gonna ignored me for 2 weeks, so i also started to ignored him back. My friend forgot about 3 days later and i was contunieing to do it.

it got so bad a teacher came and probably used like up to 15 -30 minutes talking to us to make me start opening up and talking to my friend again, thats probably why am pretty fix person at times so when you say something, i want you to hold it simple.

your like 90% water and earth wonder why your calm X3

Oh I loved that story! I'm that kind of person that never ever forgets what has been said, past hurts, past feelings, everything, every clutter I collect it and that's how I have a messy home running inside. I forgive, I do forgive but i won't forget :annoyed: :tongue:

The water thing is right indeed. I get to feel I'm Scorpio pretty much of the time.

Whiteflamme1997 could I see your chart? You seem like a soft person. Maybe having Libra/Air or venus or moon weight on your chart :happy:


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Ahh no don't say that am good person, am getting emotional c,: thank you :)

Your taurus mom is something i love, my mum has taurus moon too :) plus emotion, your confort and tells about your mother is too things so make it a pretty nice point to learn about your moon in astrology :D
and taurus people have seem often to have one grown up so were really close to them as kid for my mom was it her grandma she was like her mother.

aaahh no thats a little sad, there is never to late getting friends. Picses, cancers (cause you do have it in your ascendant) do have a hard time opening up to people. my Cancer rising friend used like a year to getting to know me, but am not the most openest book out there either.

yeah i learned its the earthy nature nuture, cere earthy with a earthy sign, you probably really like healthy, food from nature :)

really? thank you! <3 i feel am to robot and not able to go deep enough :/

Am glad there were some matches XD

Thank you am kinda fulled with emotions now someone answering, with a beautiful comment, so is bit sad but also so sweet. am feeling a bit of everything<3
i do really think your beautiful person, and you so much good to give to someone out there :)

Muchy love back<3


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yeah i see, but for me i kinda forget everything daylig task, normal stuff. But when something hits me emotionaly good or bad i remember it for long time :)

AHH what!? a guess...i think thats kinda close? But i have my chart somewhere on my profile c:


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Wow it worked XD

but i think you guess close cause am libra ascendant, with stellium? i think its stellium in 2 and 4 house :)
but yeah, its a pretty basic chart XD


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Ok I've seen your chart round here :) ascendant in libra, that's how you come across, nice :) beautiful, neptune uranus jupiter! Your father has been a crafty man, connected with craft work or even healing people. Maybe he has been wounded. But the sun moon is formidable! Really nice feature. Sun Moon is charismatic! Venus Mars, splendid. You know what passion is. Nice! <3

I have my East Point ant 21 Gemini. Recently i got to understand why I like this axis of 20º Gemini-Sag


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oki not be rude but i don't know my father so i can't say your right or wrong, with healing or carft work. Like we have met two times in life once i was 8 another time i was 15 he isn't mean or good he just likes to be free to do what he wants.

I loved everything else *claps hands* :)
Thank you am really happy, so fun to read, readerings from others~<3
and we can learn and be to read charts together :D


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east point of gemini 20, 20 gemini- sags, what is it like? :)

oh yeah btw what is the east point in chart? :eek:

The EP is the sign and degree rising over the eastern horizon at Earth's equator at any given time; the point at which Earth's equator intersects the ecliptic. So if you were born at the Equator you'd have this point as an ascendant.


It's a point on your chart that acts like an anti-vertex or a second ascendant.

It feels like a place of idealism and perfection in your chart. It functions as another way of contacting people. It might be karmic.

Similarly it is regarded both the Vertex and the West Point (or Equatorial Descendant) as being akin to auxiliary descendants, showing the emotions and experiences sought through close personal relationships.

You have it at 18º Libra, so your ideal as to come across would still be Libra.

You have both Vertex, EP, ASC, Part of Fortune, Vesta and Saturn in this powerful axis of yours. It's magnetic! You might attract many Libras or Aries, don't you?
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That sounds so cool and kinda like your north node just for meeting people XD and you have your in gemini so is one sing before your ascendant. So your perfection to contacting people with be in a gemini way? :)

so cancer ascendant you be sweet, warm, shy when contacting others, but the over the years you will getting a more gemini ascendant cause its the ideal and prefect why for you to contacting with other people? or how do you think this effect you?

but do you think you are able to notice it easier cause you have it in another sign so make more a difference, for its harder cause its in the same sign?

Am asking too much question. its late in Norway so i take the night now, i answer later good nighty night thanks again~<3


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I guess that over the years I'll get more atuned to this Gemini side, and Aquarius side also while balancing my Taurus-Scorpio axis, because i like versatile people, I am versatile in some way but i'd like to still improve this side of myself. To be able to do as much, learn as much as i can: Mars-Jupiter and 9th house planets pursue knowledge, makes me curious; my mercury i guess is also very strong for all the aspects, althought it is on its fall sign (Pisces), it is connected to my 1st house ruler, the moon by sextile.

also pluto aspects compensate in depth, depth of knowledge for mercury, depth of passions and cravings for venus, depth of ego for the sun, depth of feelings for moon, depth of structure (or its crumbling) for saturn, etc, while this pluto thing might cause some disruptions and crisis over time.

I've been in love with a guy that had venus in gemini 23º54', there are some septile aspects going on between my chart and his venus-neptune-uranus which i havent really pin down, beyond the trines to my saturn, sun and mars, a tridecile to my Venus-Mercury conjunction, septile to my Vesta and Eros, my Pluto, also with this Mars-Pluto opposition (77º= ~51º + ~25º (1/2 septile)) , etc... And conjunct my EP. AND also his EP on my North Node, Pluto, Vertex point. I've got maddly in love but he left for studying abroad :smile:

My feelings for him are in a numb state :sleeping:

Told you more than you asked! See? This Pisces lack of acuteness, concentration and whatever is racional sometimes. eheh :kissing:

AND forgot to answer to all that you asked. lol! my god I feel like i'm tired mentally and i'm only 23 xD have to push harder.

So yes, Cancer is sweet but holds pretty much of himself when acting in public. He works hard but doesn't like to be in the spotlight, likes more to be a staff member (expect if it has some aspects that points to fire, leo like approach, mars approach, pluto approach, domineering) becausa Cancer i guess is not domineering, he is worried, worried all the time, he's always observing to not be hurt, because he absorves so much, and has and incredible memory.

Gemini is the past phasis of Cancer. Gemini haven't learned to protect himself, or to look after family (he's very detached from family sometimes, detached from feelings) he's also sensible, he also absorves so much, has great intellectual skills, he's versatile and likes to move pretty much all the time. I see myself as Gemini, having so much 9th house planets and 3rd house Chiron too, which are alike Sag(9th)-Gemini(3rd) and i feel pretty much this intellectual side of myself, also having Sun and Mars in Aquarius. Btw i LOVE moon in Aquarius, but I know not much people.

If you're talking about your EP being in the same sign as your ASC i think it gets easier and you're probably more atuned to your feelings than most, even though you have this Uranus strong square which creates some friction and sparks whatever it touches. This 7th house Saturn might create some difficulties on how others perceive you. They might perceive you as a rather serious and prudent person maybe. But you just want to love and be at peace with everyone (Libra ^^,)
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