Great quake 8.8 mag chile

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Hello All,

Here is my post for what happened down in Chile early this morning.

There will be three types or methods of astrology I will use here;

1. New Moon Charts
2. Astro-Cartography
3. Uranian Astrology and Planetary Pictures with Half Distances.

I find it interesting that when you use New Moon charts as well as Full Moon ones combined with Astro Cartography Maps for the area of the event in this case Earth Quakes- then you see in the map.
Even in the New Moon Chart of Nov 16th that in 3 months time there is an indication of a possible tension in the area- but really my belief indicates that an cartography can really show some interesting results.

So starting off with the New Moon Chart cast for Nov 16th in Santiago, Chile, plainly has Pluto conjoining the MC- Squaring Saturn that is in the 6th house.

Pluto is the astrological ruler of Earth Quakes.

Saturn is about earth activities- death and obstacles. Saturn is the "Great Teacher"

SA squares PL. Mercury also is an indicator for earth quakes but I don't really associate that planet with an earthquake only that earthquakes move so maybe.
So I looked on the map and see that PL and SA run straight down just off the coast of Chile.
Astro-cartography maps- just the basic rule I find it the planetary positions on the map just an indication that it takes up to 3 months max. That tragic earthquake in Haiti was in Jan.

Uranian Astrology:

I cast the chart for the time the quake happened right down to the precise location of the epicenter of this powerful quake.
So I turned to the Sun's axis;
There we find the second important Planetary pictures that gives us clues to what happened that moment in time.


* private - low-profile - cautious - conserves; maintains - questioning or skeptical - interested in obscure or non solid, nonphysical, or unseen factors
Officials behind the scenes - Major handicaps - Significance of breakdowns, damages, or injuries -- Major physical deficiencies or defects - Significance of discrimination or handicaps or disadvantage/s - Days or years of great risk or dependency - Losses relating to official status - Underworld leaders


Sad or depressive - unaccommodating - indifferent or neglectful - evasive - secretive - may have emotive disorders - not always reliable - envious - abuses trust or dependency if unevolved
Physical health issues relating especially to women - Need for refinement in personal interactions - Shared breakdowns, damages, or injuries - Primitive populations or nations needing refinement - Aversions affecting partnerships - Emotional dysfunction relating especially to men - Mutual discomfort - Mutual distrust - Regrets or sadness relating to partners - Mournful hours - Days or years of losses among the public


* private - low-profile - concealed or hidden away -interested in unseen or unclarified factors - questioning or skeptical - retrospective - interested in historical or causal factors - nambivalent during transitions - abuses trust or dependency if unevolved - subject to reversals
* Development of potential relating to persons in seclusion - Substantial changes relating to physical defects, injuries, or breakdowns Increases relating to medical problems - Poor nutrition - Ineffective digestion - Weakened vitality - Physical deterioration - Increases relating to losses - Days or years of problematic development of potential or ineffective changes - Self-regenerating contamination.

We turn to the New Moon Chart:
The Chile Earth Quake

We turn now to the New Moon Chart for the recent earth quake. We set the dial pointer to the Sun/Moon Axis. Just by looking at the area where the pointer is located we find a large "cluster" of planetary significance. Admetos is all about

Restraint - Isolation with Separation and Endings Ruptured and Abiogenesis - Earth Rupture Obstacles

There we find the half distances of planetary combinations:

Uranus + Vulcanus

* spontaneous militant - rebellious or disruptive - has emotional outbursts - inconsiderate - agitated - sometimes drastic or forceful - brutal in worst cases
* Unexpected influence or impact - Exciting work - Act on impulses - Technical assignments - Work for reforms - Future or futuristic struggles - Work for the future - Large scale events - High-impact adventures - Surprising or amazing strength or power - High tension power - Sudden powerful efforts or influential measures - Athletic events - Major surprises - Mechanical powers - Electrical energies -- Unexpected force or coercion.

Planetary Pictures:

Sun= Neptune+Admetos

* difficult to deceive - weather-sensitive - reclusive - introverted - confused or confusing - touchy - sad or depressive - stubborn - rigid - contradictory - endangered by addictions - schizothymic in worst cases
* Persistence or continuity relating to reclusive men - Dissolution of rigidity or coagulation - Sacrifices relating to physical decrease -Fundamental or ongoing physical weakness - Days or years of blocked intuitions or continual uncertainty or instability - Uncertainty, insecurity, or instability relating especially to men's resistance or obstruction/s - Ambiguities relating to delimitations - Lasting or continual disillusionment

Sun= Moon+Admetos

Mutual perseverance or restraint/s - Serious hours or times - Mutual boundaries - Repeated separations or departures affecting partnerships - Coagulation in body functions -- Rigidity affecting body functions - Mutual ruptures - Endings relating to partnerships - Hours of gloom or regret - Stagnation - Deaths

Sun and Admetos

To remain isolated -- Unyielding men - Passivity - Rejection - Blockages or obstacles - To be overwhelmed - Dead bodies.

I hope it is not really bad as it looks here and I pray for everyone's safety!


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Why do you use a new moon chart. I am not familiar with earthquake charts. Would an event chart help us too?
As this is the largest in magnitude recorded and is affecting a large range of folks would this not show somewhere?


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One of the oddest things for me was that yesterday morning I noted that my legs were like lead. I do yoga every morning and I felt as if the earth was holding me down. The feeling continued most of the I had swam a great distance and finally walked on land. Could barely move my legs.


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Interesting Gemini because my legs also feel heavy and like rocks and my right arm has felt like a dead weight all day. I keep touching it as it's subconsciously annoying me.

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Well why not have New Moon Charts? Even at times a Full Moon charts too. What do New Moon Charts do and thus when you combine it with astro cartography maps you get a sense as to what will happen within a period of 3 months time!

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Why do you use a new moon chart. I am not familiar with earthquake charts. Would an event chart help us too?
As this is the largest in magnitude recorded and is affecting a large range of folks would this not show somewhere?

Remember Haiti happened in Jan? This was a duration into almost 2 months time line. There is a quake happened of the coast of of an island in the same area west of Haiti. Monitoring closely I saw an earth quake report of the coast of Guatemala in Central America.
I used the same method in time to see to my amazement the historic event of the 1906 San Fransisco's Earth Quake There I saw and concluded that this way works along with your methods and others :)

This just another tool for astrological predictions, but I am really surprised that maybe I am the first here to ever use this technique.


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I hope I did not offend. I am simply not familiar with earthquake predictions and appreciate learning as much as I can from you or anyone for that matter.


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Interesting Gemini because my legs also feel heavy and like rocks and my right arm has felt like a dead weight all day. I keep touching it as it's subconsciously annoying me.

Hmm, I also have had pain in my legs, feet the past days:/ I also dreamt about running from a tsunami, but it was in desember or january:(

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Here's a link to a natal chart for appears there are two possible dates for charts however.

How much of the earthquake activity would you attribute to the fact that retrograding Mars is nearing the July 2009 eclipse point of Cancer 29 degrees?
Thank you so much for all the information you have posted. I am going to draw up a SunSet Chart and see if there is something going on. I will explain what a SunSet Chart is as best I can. I cast one and posted it for Haiti when that terrible quake happened...Then there is Magi Astrology too.:wink:
In analyzing the Chart for Chile as provided by someone above(thank you for giving the link),my attention is immediately turned towards the 1st house and the fact that it does represent the Actual Birth aand start of an event and what I see placed within it is Saturn. Saturn to me represents the Civilization and the Structure of the land at hand and it is in the fiery sign of Sagittarius showing the Independence factor as well. Saturn in Sagittarius would show that the fvery land that this Country was based upon Was Freedom itself and as it goes the date marks it's Freedom from Spain and the Birth of it's Own Definition and Status.

Now with that Said there are actually manu different planetary alignments affecting the actual First House cusp and Saturn itself. First we have the Sun which is transiting in the sign of Pisces which relates to Important Events most often as the Sun is about what is Highly Noticed and also about what Stands out and the sun touching the Ascendant would make an event doubly important and "seen". Now with the Sun being in the sign of Pisces this Importance can be reflected in a rather Elusive manner. First Pisces relates to the Water and to the Sea and Large Bodies of Waters and the Sagittarius sign relates to Indepence,Travel,The Spread of Life and together for me I see that the Sun is going to Bring the Restriction of these "Lives" to Importance and I also believe that there is some sort of Heat Affecting the Bodies of Waters either from Within the Core of their Land (Because of the fact that the Sun is the core and within the 4th house where Pluto is as well).

Now I am sure anyone who has come to understand astrology and use it for themselves understands that Just as easily as the energies can relate to just about anything in Life. Human Beings,Animals,The Plant Life,Geological Structures and Events,and much much more. I feel that it is up to us in the Astrology community to take an even more active way of predicting and receiving information that can benefit people in such a way that terrible situations can be avoided. I feel that we have nto take the strict measures that the Ancient Astrologers did to SOME extent. we are going to have to combine our efforts with those such as Geologists and Any other Professional in any Given area of Life to become Proficient. I really feel that it is time that Astrologers Advance and Progress towards the values of Saturn with a Higher Understanding of the Universal and with a Higher Universal Energetic Intellectual Consciousness.After all Uranus is just the progression and advancement of Saturn. The values of Saturn Still Applies.
I would look at URANUS first.... it's heading for Aries and the ARIES POINT.

Thank you. I have evaluated Uranus first of course within the Regular Transit but, I meant that within the Chart for Chile the first place I would look was elsewhere. Uranus of course represents upheaval,change,progression,restructure,reformation,streaks,cracks,while Saturn represents order,strict procedure,firm halts,structure as it is,formation,the wall,and molded solidity. The Alignment with Uranus and Saturn in an opposition coupled with Pluto in a Square to both as the apex of the T-square is enough to affirm Disaster,Distress,the Reformation of Land,and what have you. Just to clarify though the 1st house is very important when delineating just what affects the very "Body" of any given expression of energy,whether through an event,place,or thing.The 1st house represents the very Birth of any perception of existence within the context of our physical reality of course.I guess that is why my attention was drawn elsewhere but, rest assured I totally understood the implications of Uranus and it's affects. Thank you for making sure :). Uranus plays a very big part in this and that can't be overlooked so thank you again.

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So I drew up a Sunset Chart for Santiago Chile on the Date they got their independence . So I rogressed the chart since every entire rotation consists of 72 years as shown here in the chart , I would have turn the inner dial so that the Sun's pointer makes two 72 year rotations with 56 years to complete a 200 year rogressed chart. Note, each year is represented by a dot. 6 years per house.

Plainly we see the Rogressed Sun (the inner wheel) right in the middle of SunSet Saturn and SunSet Pt of Fortune. Mainly what makes this fascinating is the fact that the Rogressed Sun which revolves around the chart. Again- Each dot the rogressed Sun hits is equal to a year's time. I used the same methods shown on this forum as an example to what happened with the tragic events in Haiti.

This is a Brief analysis to the events for Chile. Cast the chart from the time of SunSet on the Day of Independence.
So we look at this chart. There is;

R. (rogressed)-Sun conjoined SS (SunSet) Saturn.
R. Sun is squared SS Pluto
R. Pluto is about to conjoin SS Moon
R. Pluto is opposing SS Neptune
R. N Node is squaring SS Sun
R. Mars has conjoined SS Uranus

R= Rogressed...the inner wheel
SS= SunSet...the fixed or stationary outer wheel.

This chart was calculated at SunSet and not using the Tropical zodiac. I used the equal housing system.


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Antikythera Mechanism.....I can't see signs on your wheel to know what's where. What is the rising so I can try to figure it out. (Just call me blonde. lol.) And this is a Vedic chart if I heard you correctly.

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I see what you are saying here but really this charting system the signs are not all that important, what is is the transits of just the planets Rogressed upon the stationary ones. I see from just looking at the chart that there is problems and even the aspects astrologically- I never really pay attention to any signs in a chart like this one. Sorry for the confusion.


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hmmm very intersting.

Can one make a solar arc for a country? I wonder also if there are any transits to sun/moon (midpoint)