Government ID missing


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A government identity card (hard copy) is missing from many days. I am not sure where it is. The Identity Card was from around a decade old. Was issued back then through a government agency.

Please let me know whether i could find it. Or, should i get a new one done?


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The same rulers both the 1st and 2nd houses, indicating the possession is still with the querent.
Ruler, Moon, in succedent house means that object is not in its usual place, and will take longer to find. However, it is usually nearby, outside, or in an outbuilding such as a garage, or in the garden. Ruler in succedent house show the missing item to be some way off but not too far.
It to can be in a bathroom, toilet, next to water pipes, or near something that holds water, in a dirty part of the house where rubbish or junk is kept, trashcan, room or desk where unpaid bills are kept, in an “empty” room, wash room, medicine cabinet, secret drawer or chest, in a hiding place.
When ruler is in 5 house, as in this chart a child may have put it somewhere or know where it is or in some way your child will be involved in finding item. Look in a child's room, near the heating system, fireplace or hearth in the home.

Direction: North by West
Near colour: white, sea green, silver, light blue, violet, red-orange, pale yellow