Good time to look for a new job?


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Can you please let me know if now is a good time for me to search for a new job?
30 nov 1969
New Brunswick, NJ
8:06 am

Thank you


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My mother was a stay at home mom. She worked part time for a fabric store for a very brief period several years prior to my birth.
My father worked in the electronics industry and I have held various roles in insurance, Energy, financial and most recently legal industry .

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Professions of Saturn
Archetype: wise old man, hermit.

Shadow: embittered loner, adversary, scarecrow.

Principle: reliability, strength, structure, stability, endurance, patience and consistency. The ability to draw clear boundaries, as well as boundaries that are perceived as barriers to achieving the desired. Saturn is the lord of time, making sure that sooner or later everything comes to an end. He is also responsible for parting and separation. As the lord of the great Silence, he can mean a departure from worldly affairs, sometimes painfully perceived as loneliness, and sometimes as a period of self-deepening and self-knowledge. Internal understanding of debt and external constraints, external pressure of debt. Design, frame, compaction, concentration, crystallization, deceleration. Discipline, self-discipline, restriction, self-restraint.

Strength: Discipline, commitment and reliability.

Issues: fear of "disgrace", lose, not achieve the goal.

Purpose: self-control and self-knowledge. The ability to recognize the truth in all its nakedness, reality in all its ugliness and focus on the main thing.

Representatives of the principle of Saturn: judges, hermits, sages, monks, old people. Lawmakers and servants of the law, critics, bosses, "gray cardinals", mentors, sculptors, architects.

Organs and areas of the body: bones, bone marrow, calcareous balance of the body, teeth, supporting and connective tissues, spleen, ears.

Mythological correspondences: Chronos (among the Greeks), Saturn (among the Romans) - a god who rebelled against his father Uranos (among the Romans Uranus), but he himself devoured his children. The master of time and the guardian of the threshold between life and death, time and eternity. The owner of the Elysian fields, the Kingdom of the righteous, and the lord of the Golden Age.

Keywords: adversity, delays, obstacles, difficulties, failures, limited means and time, poverty, hard work; tradition established and consolidated, conservatism, real estate; old, old, antiquity.

Typical areas of activity: all high-level positions and work in politics, government official, senior manager. Any work or industry requiring respect for value: bank, real estate, insurance, custody. Work with durable materials: earth, clay, stone, leather. Construction, sculpture, architecture. In general, professions that require sanity, concentration, patience and long exposure.

Professions, classes of Saturn: miner, realtor, merchant of cemetery plots, excavator, builder, construction contractor, bricklayer, leather tanner, leather dealer. Manufacturer, seller, reseller of products and leather. Dealer in the sale of coal and freezing agents. Watchmaker. Day laborer. Tombstone manufacturer. Specialist in the effective organization of labor. Church watchman. Clerk. Timekeeper, timekeeper. Grain Merchant. Plumber. Night worker. Night watchman. Busy in underground work. An entrepreneur dealing with ore, minerals, wood, leather, minerals, stone, quarries, mines, adits.


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Time of changing job has started from February 10th, 2020 and will remain active for one year.
Strong period will be during April, 2020 and next three months.
Don't leave job without having any proper letter of intent/offer in your hands. Otherwise situation may be different.