Goldenhar Syndrome

I would like to know if anything my chart tell you anything about Goldenhar Syndrome? Well, I am member of them. I believe my health is strongly positive as far as I know.

Here is my chart.


I am interested to know your interpreting this. Any questions you want to know specific. Please don't hesitate. :)

Thank in advances,


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Your attempt first, please.

Hi there Patrick,

We highly encourage members on this forum to have a go at answering their questions - astrologically - themselves first, please (regardless of how elementary their astrological skills might be).

I was raised in the hospital, having over 30 surgeries. I have Goldenhar syndrome. Maybe my DNA was exposed to toxins due to my grandfather who participated in the Gulf War. My father works at chemical waste company at his younghood. I've done some research on it before. The doctors couldn't find any cause. My parents were tested, but no concrete explanation or cause was determined.

I have one good eye, and one good ear. The other ear is by plastic surgery-prosthesis. To create it, cells from my rib and good ear were used, with skin from my buttocks. Because of the difficult condition and all the surgeries, I almost died. Seems that my heart stopped, I ceased to breathe. The surgeons kept me alive in a critical state for 5 hours, turns out I was allergic to morphine. Two weeks with hospital stay gave me memory lapses. The pain was terrible. One thing I remember clearly was a dream I had during one of the surgeries, it reoccurred twice. Because of my condition, I was born with three thumbs. The little thumb was cut off with a string. I have no jaw bone on my left side. All my surgeries and modifications were finished by the time I was 13 years old.


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I would like to know if anything my chart tell you anything about Goldenhar Syndrome?

Hey Patrick,

This will require some digging into the chart, and I have to run to work now, but let me at least get this started.

Mars, naturally and in your chart, rules the 1st house to which the head & face are ascribed. It is loosely conjunct to Saturn, which rules the cells, tissues and bones. Saturn also rules deformities- of the bones, and since it is conjunct to Mars (in detriment in Libra), these afflictions could have to do with the tissues and bones of the face. Mars also rather widely opposes your Sun (natural ruler of health), but due to the 10°wide opposition, I'm fairly inclined not to consider this aspect. You mentioned that it is not very clear where this medical problem is coming from, and I notice that your Sun (health) in Aries (rules the face) is squared by Neptune (unclarity/confusion/hidden cause). Then there are other things like the 6th house in Taurus (neck and ears) with Chiron in there, plus Ura (changes) in the 1st (face) to be considered amongst others. Hey, I really like that Jupiter in the 12th house, which must bring a lot of luck with med treatment in hospitals, good fortune in general, and with its trines to your Moon-Merc - optimism in life. However, I really must get going now, but perhaps others will also contribute.



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Hello Patric, by the way, may I welcome you to this forum? You are bringing with you an interesting question, but as I am not a medical astrologer, I dont think I will be of much use. I could only assess something from Sun, 1st house and your 6th. I also read that hereditary diseases are often shown by the ruler of the 6th in the 7th or like you have, 6th and 7th houses ruled by the same planet. (illness through others) but cannot anymore remember where I have that info. Will see if I can dig it up somewhere.

I have never heard of Goldenar Syndrom before ( I am sure there are way more other syndroms I never heard off) but I looked it up on the internet.

From what I understand, it has in your case affected your face (can it also affect other parts of the body?).
From what I understand it only affects ears and eyes.

What IS strikingly descriptive of all your operations and even the almost death, is that the ruler of your 8th house, Mercury, conjoints your Moon so exactly! trining your Asc. showing that operations are almost a flowing (trine)thing in your life. That and also Mars, traditional ruler of the 8th and surgeries, opposing the Sun.

Now when we look at what we see here, a Venus ruling your 6th, then her position in Aquarius and her ruler Uranus in your 1st house, retrograde, again brings disease to your physical body. It is all connected and very interesting how the chart shows this. Also Venus in the 3rd, our mind, the way we speak and our communication tools as it were, shows disease related to the these faculties, listening and seeing.

The body, is ruled by the 1st house, the head by Aries and Mars. The mouth and general eyesight by Mercury, the left ear by Mars and Saturn, the right ear by Jupiter and Saturn, eyes in general are also ruled by Aries, Sun and 1st house . The left eye of a male is ruled by the Moon, the right one by the Sun. This all according to Mr. REX BILLS Rulership book.

From the picture it looks to me as if it is your left eye which is defect, so for that we should look at the Moon in your chart and we see this conjunction of Moon and Mercury.

Moon left Mercury about 25 minutes so just before your birth it conjuncted Mercury exactly. I am now talking about Solar Arc directions. One degree=60 minutes equals roughly one year, so 30 minutes half a year = 6 month. 25 minutes will than be a little less than 6 month, say 4.5 month.

So I think that around that time, in the womb, some changes to the fetus could have happened. Thing is, we dont know what it could have been.
Was your mother exposed to chemicals? Or do we human beings always start developing inherited diseases at that point in growth or are they there right from the beginning of life?
Can something that is inherited but dormant in other words, be triggered by hormones or something else and then start coming out?

Something also to understand maybe and which could give us a clue as to what is the reason, is the placement of both modern and traditional rulers in the 11th house, the Aquarius house with Saturn conjunct by 1° orb to their midpoint and semi-square to Uranus in the 1st house. Change (Uranus) in cells and bones (Saturn)? I think that this aspect together with Venus (who rules all three) square Asc. could show this syndrom. But like I said, I am not a medical astrologer so lets hope someone who is , could also comment here.

Cheers, Starlink
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Thank you guys. I want you guys to dig deeper if you can. All of my life I have asking why am I like this? Why would god made me this way? You said it might be right time that cause me born that way? "(can it also affect other parts of the body?)" My neck is curved a lil bit and short neck. I born full deaf. I dont have any other problem on body part. I revealed all of my physical problems here. After I was born, My cancer mother have cancer in her uterus and had it removed by the time I was 5 to 8 years old. I remember her having surgery. She cannot have babies anymore afterward. So something related to her uterus that effected me? I will reveal my mother chart see if you can trace it up or whatever astrological work shall merge with my syndrome. Time of her birth is unsure. By the way, I have scar right on my forehead and some small scars above my forehead. I also breath with my mouth not my nose because it has a small hole. I took surgery to closed up a big hole in top of my mouth thru to the nose. I have one question. Will this get worse for me in later life? like loss of vision?

I am not afraid of showing myself to the world to stranger like myself. I have been in crowded by doctors. All they want to study me and asking bunch of question. This, that, why, how, and where. They all are curious and putting on their paperwork for further research. I wanna know too.



I am member of Goldenhar syndrome group. I would ask them for their permission to post up their chart. I looked up their birthdate. They are all different. Its obviously something related to Astrological that caused.
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I had talked to Patrick in the past and I will get back to this thread .If I do not please remind me and I will study these charts again.