Going through a lot right now - when will it let up? Saturn 1st house transit...


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I've really just begun to feel the effects of Saturn transiting my 1st house and I have to say, it is REALLY jarring. I have had a lot of things fall on me in the last few months, but at the moment I am really struggling and am only hoping that everything happening will eventually work itself out and life will be easier again.

For context:
- Just had a new baby 6 weeks ago
- Have a toddler who has been holding her bowls and won't bathe the last 6 weeks since she accidentally pooped in the bath
- Father in law has been unwell since January and has been in and out of hospital for the last 7 weeks
- My dad has prostate surgery and they pierced his intestines during the surgery so he was in a bit of a state
- Husband accepted a more stressful role at work, so he is very consumed with that, along with looking after his dad
- Pandemic in general contributing to post partum depression and overall feeling of isolation. Not to mention I can't even take my kids anywhere.
- Can't fly home to visit family or friends because my passport is tied up at the moment. As well as my daughter doesn't have a birth certificate yet due to Covid shutting everything down. So I can't even get her passports.
- Looking after a newborn baby and a toddler with little to no outside support due to covid but also no network of support like I would have living back home.

There is much more but that kind of just is a bit of a summary of everything happening for me at this very moment.

Can someone shed some light on my transits/progressions to give me a sense of what I should be doing to help this along? I am trying my best but at the worst of times I feel like I am in quicksand and feel quite hopeless. Then on the odd day I feel like "ok I got this..." but that is usually a more fleeting feeling than anything.

Thanks so much!


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First of all and most importantly, I am sorry for how truly life is challenging you right now, Angelik.
I think that there is an intensity of transiting Saturn that you are feeling right now because it is exactly on your natal Venus, which underscores and highlights constraints and confinement in your 4th/homelife. So there should be some lightening in your inner experience when Saturn changes from the sign of your 1st house into AQ and also off of your natal Venus.
But as you know, life is complex and challenging. On one hand we know that challenges, separately and sometimes in amazing clusters like now, come to pass. On the other, we know that they will always change. So it is important to know that, for example, the little one not pooping arose from nowhere and it will culminate and then recede back into nowhere. We know this.

I suppose patience, a major lesson of Saturn, is key here.
Wishing you the very best,


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Thanks for your replies. Ughhhh I can't wait until next spring for this to let up. But I guess I kind of anticipated that. By then my younger daughter will be in more of a solid routine and going on a year old and my older daughter hopefully will be potty trained and all of her other issues will be dealt with because she will be mentally more mature and able to reason with her better.

Also hoping my FIL is stronger by then. He is very weak at the moment. My dad is doing much better than him, but he's also 9 years younger and has a less complacent mindset.


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feedbacks on traits-talents-ideas-remedies etc? in case find insightful/helpful.
Appreciate you are stuck with your own issues, trying to understand through astrology!

Rahu NNode past 1.5yr transit natal rahu sensitive cancer 6th, toxic heart-lung-intestinal issues; foreign assignments;

Rahu coming 1.5yr transit gemini 5th heading towards moon gemini 4th, confused decision making, depressive,
toxic health issues chest-lungs-heart-stomach; interest in information technology;
wear brown hessonite over pendant touching heart; rahu 6th overcomes challenges tactically;

Past 1.5yr Natal/transit ketu SNode capricorn 12th for foreign lands,
ambitious n hardworking, pain-injury-surgery knees-feet etc; seeking liberation;

ketu coming 1.5yr transit sag 11th, detachment from income-gains-friendships;
pain-injury-surgery thighs-arms-shoulders-ears to care;
prayers to Mother Goddess, offer red flowers at the alter at home sat evenings;

Asc lord sat elevated libra 8th with mars, mechanical-entrepreneurial-legal research aptitudes;
prone to chronic urological-piles-kidney inflammations;
sat 12th lord elevated 8th, success amidst adversity with stress-struggle;
mars elevated aspect cap, supportive of foreign lands, athletic, methodical personality;
mars lord 10th over 8th career issues;

mars aspect own aries 2nd, supportive of finances; but not good for health of family members;
Sat debilated aspect aries 2nd for family-finances; observe fast tues-sat evenings;
sat aspect cancer 6th impacting health-employment;

Scorpio 10th inimical for cap ascendant, stress-delays in career-recognition;
Jupiter lord 2/11 for income-gains-finances over inimical scorpio 9th,
university research-occult-advisory roles and luck-education-travels under stress-delays; prone to liver issues;

prayers to saintess of faith, offer yellow flowers tues evenings at alter at home; wear yellow sapphire over pendant touching heart;
jup trine aspect sun pisces first protective of health, trine elevated aspect cancer 6th protective of health-employment;

jup-sat coming 3m or so retro towards cap 12th, 8th from moon, prone to isolation, health issues, restricted expenses;
sat transit own cap 12th, success amidst adversity; jup cap elevated aspect opp cancer 6th protective of health-employment
while also aspected by saturn, a mixed bag;

sat cap retro aspect jupiter scorpio supportive of research-occult, while prone to urological-liver issues etc;
sat debilated aspect aries 2nd impacting family-finances;

Q-4 020 year ahead
jup-sat lords 1/2/11 move to acq first over mer, lord 5/8 trine moon, trine sat-mars libra 8th, gains through advisory-reformist-trainer-negotiator-statistical research-public admin-legal roles, slow and steady though,
while prone to health issues nerve-skin-kidneys-legs-sciatica etc;

year later jup moves to sun-pisces 2nd for family-finances trine elevated aspect cancer 6th supportive of health-employment,
trine natal jup scorpio 9th supportive of research-occult;

Sat transit own acq first coming 2.5yrs; Sat aspect leo 7th impacting relationship;
aspect jup scorpio 9th supportive of research-occult but impacting luck-liver-travels etc;

hope natal and transit observations enable take stock and find helpful;

share salient feedbacks how true-untrue traits-talents-health-life trends-remedies-ideas to pick etc etc

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