Goat mum Ox child relationship?


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Hello, I'm considering trying for my first baby at the age of 41.

My concern is that I'm a goat and the baby would be an Ox, so technically a bad relationship. Can anyone give me positive stories about Goat parents with Ox children?

Or should I delay for several months (risky at 41) to parent a Tiger baby instead?

How much weight should I put on Chinese astrology? I feel a bit daft making such a huge decision to delay based on Chinese astrology but I've found it to be pretty accurate in the past. My sibling is an Ox and we have a terrible relationship, so it would be heartbreaking to have a similar relationship with my child.


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I'm not a Chinese astrologer, but this "Goat and Ox are a bad combination" stuff has a parallel in Western astrology, and the reasoning behind it is the same.

Goat and Ox are six signs apart. In both the Chinese zodiac and the Western one, six signs apart is an opposition. Planets in opposition (or years in opposition, if we're using the Chinese version) are, well, opposites. Opposites may attract, but they want different things. They challenge each other.

You have a Chinese year opposition with everyone whose age difference with you (based on the Chinese years you were born in, not necessarily on when in the year your birthdays fall) is a multiple of six years but not a multiple of twelve. Do you not get along with all of those people, universally?

In your Western charts, you may have a Jupiter opposition with those people. Jupiter spends about one year in each sign, and takes twelve years to make a complete cycle through the zodiac. The Chinese system of assigning zodiac signs to years is loosely based on Jupiter cycles. Westerners put that importance on sun sign instead (you know all those books that say Capricorns shouldn't date Cancers? They're using the same principle of oppositions), but in both systems, astrology isn't really that simple. Having your Jupiters in opposition or your suns in opposition may represent an area of the relationship where you have very different approaches, but that doesn't make or break the relationship on its own.

Keep in mind, too, that in both the Chinese and the Western system, any advice you see about who is or isn't a good match for you assumes a romantic relationship. Parent/child is a very different kind of relationship. What's good for one kind isn't necessarily good for the other.
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