Gifted in school - needs vocation direction


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Hopefully you can bring up the chart with that link. It is for my son, born March 13, 1988 in Loveland CO at 2.59PM

He excelled in school but was confused about his career. He enjoys living in a rural environment which limits choices. He settled on dentistry, more as ruling out other options rather than ruling in. His girlfriend encouraged him to pursue this as she believes it is a lucrative career.

During the interview process he was accepted to three dental schools but at the same time he received a diagnosis of diabetes, probably LADA, which is late onset type one. Now he is worried that if he develops neuropathy in his hands or his vision is affected he would not be able to practice. The school costs more than 1/4 of a million dollars so he will be deeply in debt and what do you transfer the skill of dentistry to? Nothing. 70% of diabetics develop neuropathy.

I don't see much in his chart pointing to this field. Does anyone else? He has a strong 9th house and 5th house with Mercury sextile in the 7th.
He loves school - perhaps teacher, principle, professor? He also like
robotics. Thanks


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His progressed Pallas is square progressed Pluto which means he is in a struggle over deciding for himself (his own wisdom) or allowing someone else to decide for him. Pallas is in the 6th house.

His girlfriend is very controlling. In fact, all young women, close to his age, would be experienced by him as controlling - Pluto is slow moving and this period of time it forms an opposition to his Venus. Every girlfriend he has had has been controlling in some way. One of the things this young woman does is to determine his future. First it was a shove towards medical school and then dental school. The 6th house is related to a career in medicine but with this square, I don't believe it is a good time to pursue that

In addition, the square points to problems with his health (diabetes) and she is not helping with that either as she has blocked him from seeing a good doctor. There are other aspects in the comparison and composite charts that show discord and lack of harmony in life goals and emotional support.
He strongly wants children but she will deny this to him - she has always said she will never have them.

So the Pallas square is affecting his health and his ability to decide FOR HIMSELF what his direction should be. The square from progressed Mercury to his Saturn and Uranus does not help matters any. He is feeling the restrictions and limitations of the sudden diagnosis of diabetes. With Progressed Venus inconjunct Saturn it is not a good time for a parent to intervene so we stay out of it - fret from the sidelines. After all this needs to be his decision. He probably feels ambivalent at times about his girlfriend but his need for emotional security draws him back to her. This need is connected to the prospect of moving to a city and he does not want to do it alone.

I look at the sun conjunct North Node in the 8th house as beneficial. His success is related to the assistance of his family and he will not struggle. Things come easy to him. That is true. The sun and NN are sextile his Moon giving him a pleasant personality. People like him and want to have him around. He is easily promoted. But the south node is in the 2nd house - the ONLY thing affecting his second house. The desire for wealth is to be overcome. THe nodes are related to karma but even if you look at old family history you can see when something is crying out to be addressed.

He expresses love for teaching. He says he enjoys tutoring so much that he losses track of the time. He says he looks forward to being with the kids and enjoys coaching as much as he enjoyed playing. He has expressed ideas about inventive games etc that would help children learn. This excites him. Then there is the money. Which one will win? I hope his heart.
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Being a dentist is very boring, I suppose no one in their right mind can do that for a long time. But of course that's a personal opinion not an astrological one. People get lured in by the money. Some perceive themselves as sculptors chiseling beautiful statues out of their clients' teeth. I suppose like most people in medical professions they quickly lose empathy for their clients and perhaps very few keep it. I suppose you either see it as an art or you just get ultra bored. Seeing it as an art would explain why there are Pisces dentists though.

He has a strong Venus in domicile in Taurus in his 9th house so I can see where teaching comes from. Also possibly contact with foreigners and foreign cultures, good relationships with in-laws and with siblings (ruler of the 3rd).

That Sun (also ruler of the Ascendant) cannot shine very well in the 8th house, its sign ruler (Jupiter) is in the 9th (ruler by that Venus) and exaltation ruler is our lucky Venus again. Mars, the triplicity ruler, is exalted in Capricorn. Good rulership there provided he doesn't dabble in 8th house matters too much.

I almost failed to notice Saturn in domicile in Capricorn in the 5th. That would point to strong self-discipline. It also rules over that exalted Mars. The 5th house is of romance, fun, pleasure and children, so that's not to be disregarded either.

Health does seem to be a problematic topic, the Moon is in detriment (Capricorn) in the house of illness (the 6th). He should beware of secret enemies (Moon ruler of the 12th house), his own self-harming tendencies (the 12th), and possibly indeed abstaining from a career that will involve illnesses (Moon is the exaltation ruler of the 10th house of honours but it is in detriment).

The right partnership can help greatly improve his health and there will be a strong tendency to attract the right kind of partners bearing in mind the ruler of the 7th house is in domicile.

Edit: Actually, there's no need to beware of secret enemies. The Moon is weak so those secret enemies cannot do much harm. However, Saturn is very strong and it rules both partnerships (the 7th house) and open enemies (7th). He should beware of people who openly oppose him and not treat their threats and actions lightly.
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Now he is worried that if he develops neuropathy in his hands or his vision is affected he would not be able to practice. The school costs more than 1/4 of a million dollars so he will be deeply in debt and what do you transfer the skill of dentistry to? Nothing. 70% of diabetics develop neuropathy.

This is off topic, but wanted to remind you that school loans brokered by the government are 100% excused if the student eventually becomes disabled. Hopefully knowing that, it is not an issue on whether to chase his dreams.


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This is not the chart of a dentist! It's far too creativity-oriented for that profession.

Creative Theme
: Dispositor chain starts with Midheaven in Taurus, ruled by Venus (which rules 3rd House of Communications). Venus in Taurus in 9th House of Philosophy, rushing toward 10th House of Social Status. Venus is final dispositor. With 3rd-9th axis, career relates to writing/teaching/speaking.

Venus also conjunct Midheaven = artistic/creative career.

Venus conjunct Jupiter in 9th House of Philosophy. Jupiter rules 5th House of Pleasure, which contacts the Midheaven. Venus-Jupiter conjunction trines Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in 5th House, which all trine his Midheaven. Venus separately trines Mars in 5th House, which trines Midheaven = further corroboration of creative career. Venus makes hard aspect to Pluto (rules 4th House of Home & Family), which makes hard aspect to Midheaven. Career involves children (5th House matter) and self-employment / working from home (4th House matter).

Four quintiles (which represent creativity) in his chart = even more corroboration of creative career.

Communications/Technology Theme: Mercury in Aquarius = Sun/Moon midpoint: communications-related career. Mercury in Aquarius (which is ruled by Uranus) = humanitarian concerns & technology focus.

Mars (rules 9th House) makes contact with Midheaven = publishing potential.

Two of his four quintiles involve Mercury oriental (i.e., planet right before the Sun's rise in his chart) in Aquarius, which further reinforces creative communications. One of those Mercury-related quintiles contacts his Midheaven.

Uranus (rules 7th House) contacts the Midheaven = work must have wide public outreach

Reigning Emotional Need: Humanitarianism Theme: Capricorn Moon (the Moon represents emotions) makes contact with Jupiter (rules 5th House), which is conjunct his Midheaven. Moon (rules 12th House of Self-Undoing) in Capricorn (managerial) positioned in 6th House of Health, which also rules public service. Saturn (which rules Capricorn) rules 6th House of public service, and contacts Midheaven.

His reigning emotional need is to use his creativity (5th House) in a managerial way (Capricorn Moon) for altruistic purposes (12th House influence) that provide a public service to society (6th House influence).

In addition, Neptune (rules 8th House) contacts his Midheaven = healing, consulting

SUMMARY: This chart shows a person who must work in a creative, technology-related field that enables him to communicate with or teach children, and heal & advise others. His work must have wide public appeal. Has a strong interest in self-employment that enables him to manage his own work, and fulfill his emotional need to altruistically use his creativity to serve society.


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He has expressed ideas about inventive games etc that would help children learn. This excites him. Then there is the money. Which one will win? I hope his heart.

It's been some months since this post first started, but hopefully your son chose this route. His natal chart very strongly points to this route, which is the route which would emotionally fulfill him.

I don't think that money will be an issue for your sun. Mercury rules his 2nd House of Value, and his Mercury is fairly well-aspected.