GF Suicide Attempt, Currently in Acoma




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I am so sorry that this happened. I don't suppose you know why she took this extraordinary step. Her 7th house looks a bit overloaded now: possibly she felt unable to cope with some open enemies (like bullies) or perhaps she felt unloved-- despite your best efforts to show her otherwise. Saturn is sitting on her Pluto, the corner of her T-square, so she is going through a rough patch.

Medically speaking, the longer someone is in a coma, the less likely it is that she will recover from it, but each case is different.

I don't think one can read life or death transparently off a birth chart. So we will live in hope that she recovers well. Please let us know what happens.


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There is a bit of tension in the chart as transiting Saturn is making difficult angles on one end to Venus/Ascendent and on the other end to natal Saturn and at the same time, making a conjuction with natal Pluto. In addition, the natal Saturn has a conjunction with transiting sun and while this is a minor transiting aspect, it would have the effect of fanning the fire.

dr. farr

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Natal Lot of Suicide (ascendant+jupiter-cusp of 12th house) falls @ 8 Capricorn (and in the 6th whole sign house), disposited by Saturn; transiting Saturn exactly conjoins natal Pluto (@ 23 Scorpio), possibly contributing to ab activation of the natal Lot of Suicide.


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I'm so very sorry to read of this tragedy. Venus-Pluto can be so brutal.

perhaps she felt unloved
Following Valentine's Day?
Feeling unloved made me think of a MEAN Black Moon Lilith to Venus aspect.
Kannon McAfee states elsewhere that strangulation is ruled by Mercury, although I would think more of a Venus influence, as per rulership of Taurus (rules neck area).
The lady's natal chart shows Mercury opposing MEAN Black Moon Lilith:)lilth:
in astro. com charts) in Aries in the 8th house,
Mercury is semi-square Venus,
Venus is sesquiquadrate MEAN BML; Pluto sequiquadrate MEAN BML (Thor's hammer?).
Self loathing rather than self love? Feelings of rejection/relationship issues?

So many transiting aspects affecting the chart for the days previous and day concerned itself; completed and triggered by a transiting Moon in Leo? It would appear that the young lady was in a highly volatile and emotional state.

A secondary progressed chart with natal can often offer more information.
You might care to toy with the position of asteroids Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos (the fates) and Moira, which have an uncanny way of turning up where 'destiny' is concerned.

Do hope you, yourself, are able to stay grounded after and are able to deal with such a traumatic experience yourself, Fleweezie.
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She has natal Saturn in the 7th opposite Venus on the ASC - there is already present low-self esteem and feelings of self worth and difficulties in relationships, as well as being very susceptible to the outside world and what the outside world thinks. Transiting Chiron is opposite the Moon bringing much of this pain to the surface in less-than-pleasant ways, continual reminders in daily life that remind her of what is wrong with life. Transiting node is sextile Chiron and was recently semisquare Sun, so this idea has been percolating for a while (probably when transiting Uranus was conjunct Lilith), and the timing seemed correct for her now. Natally Mercury is opposite Lilith, which makes ideas such as this not only conceivable but possible, and with transiting Uranus having crossed Lilith and opposite Mercury, her thinking may have been unduly stressed and unclear. Natal Uranus and Neptune are conjunct the Vertex, so much of what she creates in her reality is chaotic and fuzzy; transiting Venus was exactly conjunct Vertex again making the idea seem more acceptable and positive. Transiting Saturn was conjunct Pluto and square natal Saturn and Venus, so a very dark cloud was upon her, nothing seemed to be changing or working, and the input from the outside world and from relationships did not seem positive or helpful, or in some ways perhaps very confining.

This was a perfect storm of transits and natal aspects. She has chosen a very difficult life for her self and it will take a major spiritual revolution to veer off this course. First step will be to build her own feelings of self worth completely independent of the outside world and then learning to manage her thoughts and beliefs to more positive aspects of life and to focus on her inner spirit and not what the outside world tells her she must be or have.


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I was going to prepare a post the day after you posted. It didn't feel right to post at the time. However I had logged in for some reason to see this post. Anyways it's amazing how life throws things on our path to experience and change the vibration. Something are great somethings not so much. And for reason after reason astrology mix with facts of life are twined together. Two things I wanted to say. Those who experience emotions has the greatest opportunity of evolving. And that's the whole purpose. Plus more opportunity for future event. This or next life. That said. YouTube astrologer sam geppie. The video pertained to full moon in leo February 14th. So he mentioned that prior to the moons full illumination the last degrees are in the nakshatra of alyshea. The video is interesting. And was hoping to read a different up. However in this chart provided look what bml is doing. Hugs and good vibes. Stay strong


I have been following this thread, I was hoping for good news for you and her family: I wouldn't bring this up normally in a forum but I think it's important.

I lost someone when I was younger: I pored over his birth chart (he had Saturn trans Sun at the time), my Saturn R was on the way. You probably have significators you can look at a later time.
...I did not have supportive friends or family and I spent time looking everywhere for answers, consulting psychics, when I was most vulnerable~ don't do it: total wast of time& money.
Please take care of yourself. You have been through a trauma and will go through grieving. Surround yourself with love and supportive people. There are bereavement counselors and groups at most hospitals, even if it seems hokey, they know the language of what you're going through.

I think Natal charts are like blueprints, we fill them with the intensity and quality of light of our spirit. We can predict the timing of influences by transits, progressions and returns, but never wholly map complicated influences and harrowing outcomes like these :( its a mystery, maybe we shield ourselves from predicting. Take care.