General questions about relationships charts :-)


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Hi, everyone,

I'd be happy to know -

1. How do you make a first meeting chart?
* Date, time, place of meeting only?
* Or composite with details of a person 1 + Details of a person 2 + Event details?

2. If in the synstry many personal stars (Sun, Pluto, Mercury and Venus) fall in Scorpio at 12th house of the partner...
What does that mean?

3. If the composite is good, with a conjunct between:
Sun Venus Moon and Mars ...
Could it make up for a less good synstry?

Lots of gratitude for sharing knowledge.


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1. The date, time and place of the meeting. This shows the "birth" of the relationship.
2. Lots of hidden energies in the partnership, it becomes difficult to express one's energy to the other.
3. Depends on a lot of factors. Why not post a chart?