General info needed


Hi, today I started looking into Vedic astrology and I have found a lot of conflicting information (with help of Mr. google) and feel confused.

The various charts confuse me so I'm wondering what's the purpose, or meaning of each is:

Birth chart (I assume is like natal chart),
Moon chart,
Chalit chart,
Hora chart,
Dreshkan chart,
Chathurthamasha chart,
Panchmansha chart,
Saptamansha chart,
Ashtamansha chart,
Navamansha chart,
any other chart I'm not aware of but should be?

I understand that the planetary and house placements differ depending on each chart.

Also, with each chart I assume that there are specific things that I need to look out for. If its not too much trouble could you kindly elaborate on if there is anything specific I should be looking for?