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Hello people!

Okay... this is one of the things I really would like to get help with. The thing is... I feel that even though I read from multiple sites on the Internet, I can't be really objective with this interpretation because I'm not seeing "what is there", but "what I want to see" (all though I do recognize that that may clearly come from Neptune in the seventh house "idealizing" the other).


I am a freshman Communication student. With my Sun + Midheaven in Gemini, my Virgo rising and dominant Mercury also being the ruler of my chart, I feel I couldn't have chosen better. About two months after starting school I met this guy who studies law (with Aries rising and a Libra Moon, isn't the connection to the law evident?). We met through some mutual friends and weren't very interested in each other at the beginning. Actually, a little bit after we met, he once made a comment that I found highly offensive (about my career) and I openly told him he was arrogant, and left. I have a poorly aspected Mars in Virgo in my twelfth and am no got at confrontations (unless intellectual), let alone insults. So despite my Scorpio Moon or my sharp tongue, I don't know where that came from, especially considering he was practically a stranger then.

A few weeks later, we "coincidentally" met in the entrance of our library and said hello. Even though I had called him "arrogant", we had a cordial treatment, so it was normal up till then. But this time it was a bit different. Thing is, normally, we always met in a group. Me with my classmates, him with his classmates. This time, we were on our own and free to talk. That was when it all started. We immediately "clicked". That day we stood at the entrance of the library for over an hour skipping class (him) and valuable study time (big test next day for me) until one of the librarians practically kicked us out (laughs got a bit loud).

I think we felt the connection right away. That same day I got the information needed for his chart (wish it was more precise, but at least I got an approximate 8:00 pm). Later, checking transits for that day, I found that exactly that day Venus entered my seventh house, and in his case, was passing over his Neptune conjoined Midheaven.
Moreover, he shares his birthday with my father; it was on their birthday two years ago when incidentally I got my first birthchart reading and practically discovered my love for astrology (big day in my life). I have a fantastic relationship with my father, so that is a nice sign for me. Plus, I have an almost unconditional interest in Virgo men. Celebrities, artists and authors I deeply admire are male Virgos, as well as almost all the guys I've been most attached to in my life. The Virgo Rising + Mars in Virgo in my birthchart are, not only theoretically but empirically, a big thing for me.

Now, after the first meeting, more meetings were "scheduled". We talk, go out, have lunch, and though it's all "casual", it's perfectly enjoyable. Upon our third meeting he confided in me huge secrets that really scared me, not exactly because of the magnitude of the information in itself but because of the incredible sense of trust and security that moves a very secretive, cautious, sometimes shy and skeptic Virgo with lots of Scorpio to tell his most pressing secrets to a person he's just met.

I confess to have corresponded him by bonding strong, and having a carefree, affectionate, close, dependent attitude that you don't easily find in rational, ambitious me.

I know that sun sign astrology is vague and not nearly enough to make a reasonable judgement about a person or relationship, so the title of my thread isn't the most appropriate (and even though people say Virgos and Geminis don't mix, those are my parents, and they are real role models), but it was only to call your attention. What I'm specially interested in is what you can tell me about our composite chart and our sinastry chart.

I see things that look too good to be true. Or is it only me?
The stellium of planets in composite Leo, beginning with first house sun and then Mercury, Mars and Venus in the second, a fixed, stable and secure influence. Cancer as the rising sign. The moon, ruler of the chart, on the cusp of the fifth but still in the fourth, at 0° of Scorpio. I must note also that his Venus is exactly a 0° of Scorpio, same as our composite moon.Somewhere I read that the Lunar nodes should be brought into account when interpreting composites... Well, there is also a perfect conjunction between his natal Jupiter and our composite North node. And as for my chart, there is a perfect trine between my vertex and our composite Mercury. Stretching it too far? Or valuable aspects?
Doubtless there are red flags... How should I deal with them? How worth it is this all? I'd just like to know... What to expect. I don't want to make things up in my heads before they actually happen.

Am I acting like a very impulsive young person, or am I rightfully reacting to what could be one of the most significant relationships in my short life till now? It's been fast, six weeks, but I felt the urge to consult the people that attend these forums because I am specially appalled by how moved I've been after only six weeks, when usually I don't pay to much attention to relationships "with potential" in general.

Thank you to anyone who will take my case, interpret and/or give advice.
Peace to you all.


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