Gauquelin's findings - 9th and 12th house strongest?


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I have seen maps that show the frequency of planets for actors/writers etc, charted in relation to the angles. John West's book looked into the matter quite a lot.

Gauquelin only worked with 4 planets - Saturn, Mars, Jupiter and the Moon, though he did look a little at Venus, too. It was the first four that showed up correlations between vocation, temperament and the sensitive placement of the planet - doctors and scientists were therefore sober and saturnine, athletes Martian and so on.

Jupiter was seen as being quite a bit more 'machiavellian' and less benefic than most astrologers have traditonally viewed it, however: it seems to be important for both politicians and actors.

I understand that since then, the Skeptics - as reported by Garry Phillipson . have questioned Gauqulein's techniques and claim in any case, these results do not 'prove' astrology at all.....


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I do wonder whether in the age of big data, artificial intelligence, better birth times etc. it would be possible to do a more comprehensive assessment - Gauqelin 2.0.

Anyone interested?


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8th house is a powerful house under the sting of Scorpio, esp. 8th house sun and Moon have a strong personality (the sun) and are heavily emotional (the Moon). I have a Sun/Moon in 8th Aquarius square Uranus in Scorpio, there's a Aquarian-Scorpion combination of how I represent myself to others. Mercury is in 9th Pisces in the degree of its fall (13' Pisces), a configuration of a person to have a highly intelligent but neurologically disabled mind (I have mild autism).


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I like to think of the 12th and to a lesser extent, the 9th, as the two houses least concerned with societal matters such as wealth, status and other expectations related to the society one was born into. This is not to say the two houses can't have negative manifestations (i.e. spiritual or religious manipulation/delusion), but I'm speaking more in terms of the true natures of the two. I've definitely seen unhealthy 9th/12th house dominant charts that focused on those shallower aspects of society, but that mostly signifies a lack of development.

In some ways they're the two houses most concerned with transcendence of the material world, and least with ego (again, speaking in a vacuum), which is interesting because they're the two houses right before the most visible angles in the chart (ASC/MC).

I might not be explaining myself well, but I think it's pretty simplistic for modern astrologers to speak ill of planets in the 12th house, because that mostly signifies to me that they don't grasp the nature of the house -- and that they're measuring the "strength" of a house by its function in modern society. And I think we can all agree that modern society (at least here in the US) is quite imbalanced and lacking in many areas. One could easily make the case that the 12th house is the least developed in the "developed world," but that makes sense as it's the most difficult to define, and we're a society obsessed with defining and structuring.