Galactic Center and The Centaurs


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Here's another highly interesting and insightful article into both the Galactic Center, Chiron, and the other Centaurs. I've wondered if there was any connection between the Galatic Center and the recently discovered 'new' heavenly bodies, including Chiron, which only came back into our consciousness in 1977.

Because Chiron and all the other Centaurs deals with connecting us with what exists beyond the normal and familiar - beyond Saturn - it makes a lot of sense to me that these Centaurs are assisting humanity to evolve in many new ways. We're entering a new astrological Age, Aquarius, and as such we no doubt will also be accessing new 'parts', aspects of ourselves. It's looking like the Centaurs are for now, the ways and means that much of this 'bridging' or evolving into greater levels of ourselves is happening.


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Thought this was pertinent, oh well, I'll say it, this is BIG!!! 8)

Eric Francis:

As for those Centaur sign changes. This is quite remarkable, and while I don't want to hype it through the roof and out into the backyard, we're in a historical moment for astrology -- astrologers of the future will look back and say how cool this was and account for all kinds of changes that are about to happen with the sign changes I'm about to describe. So you're way ahead of the curve and you can put this information to use for yourself.

The world is changing fast, and that means it's easier for individuals to change and find new ways to express their gifts, develop aspects of their personalities that would otherwise be unacceptable, and basically step up to the challenge of life with a little gusto. We will SEE and FEEL these changes. Like all things involving the Centaurs, eventually one must take notice. The very ground of reality under which the "post-9/11 world" was built is dissolving into something entirely different, a quality of energy in which ideas, information and progress can move a lot more quickly. Why is this?

Chiron, Pholus, Nessus and Asbolus -- the first four Centaurs -- are all changing signs simultaneously. This is apropos of the Sagittarius New Moon, since the Centaurs all possess a Sagittarian quality of journey, quest, or adventure -- though it's often expressed on the inner level. But not always. Worldly adventure can often ensue. The Centaur metaphor is usually a man's torso with a horse's body, so there is that sense of transit, of movement, and the sound of a horse's hoofs hitting the ground passionately. There is the contact with the "animal nature" -- the instinctual level of reality.

For reference, the first Centaur is Chiron, discovered in 1977; the second is Pholus, discovered in 1992; the third is Nessus, discovered in 1993; and the fourth is Asbolus, discovered 1994. It does not matter what anybody is saying or not saying about them -- these are the planets of the future, and as humanity evolves, and with it our need for resources to understand how we work inside, and to heal ourselves and express our individuality, becomes more obvious and acceptable, they will become much more mainstream astrological tools.

I've noticed that the the Centaurs influence astrology whether anyone knows about them or not. For example, many Chiron themes are percolating into the discussion of astrology without the actual mention of Chiron itself. In all, the use of astrology as a spiritual path, a healing modality, and a reference system for integrating other healing modalities are all under the guidance of Chiron.

Here are some additional ideas:

Chiron: Transition through awareness. Bringing shadow to the light. Standing out, not fitting any known category, doing things one's own way, and solving the problem oneself. The gift of responding to life's challenges, injuries, difficulties and moments of change through gradually focusing awareness, growth and learning. Now transiting into Aquarius in a conjunction with Nessus.

Pholus: Small cause, big effect. Pholus has the property of release from situations, opening to possibilities, and emerging into new states of existence. It is the Centaur of fast-moving changes, or rapid transformations, typically initiated by one's own action, minor though it may seem. Now transiting into Sagittarius.

Nessus: The buck stops here. The return of karma; situations that travel circular paths, or extend with unforeseen consequences. Conspiracy with a point of origin. The healing of abuse, including insidious kind that doesn't seem like much, until one looks closely; and the kind that was obviously so, but potentially overlooked. Now transiting into Aquarius in a conjunction with Chiron.

Asbolus: Survival and the recognition of having survived. Deep contact with something organic and essential -- the ability to endure and even thrive despite it all. Protection from victimhood. The blessing of protection even when it seems like none is there, such as in the story, "Footsteps." Now transiting retrograde between Aries and Pisces.

Note that with the first degrees of Aries, Sagittarius and Aquarius covered, the four are making an exact aspect structure that connects with the Aries Point. This is the point that reminds us that "the personal is political." A summary is linked.

The Centaurs are not asteroids, they are not normal planets, and not exactly Pluto-like objects or run-of-the-mill comets. They are this new kind of space bit, representing (as all points do) a frequency or type of consciousness and dimension of experience that is consciously accessible, but the existence of which is also often denied. Physically, they're believed to be leftover debris from the creation of the solar system that was first pushed to the outside, then drawn back in by gravity. This is a useful spiritual metaphor for how they often work within our experience.

The first three of the Centaur planets are taking up residence in their new signs after brief retrogrades back to the old signs through the summer and early fall. Chiron and Nessus are transiting into Aquarius; Pholus is transiting into Sagittarius. The combined humanitarian energy of Aquarius and the quest for justice that Sagittarius offers are being activated together. These are high energy signs; they are masculine Yang signs and they affect a lot of people.

Asbolus, the fourth Centaur, is transiting from Pisces to Aries, but is currently in one of those brief retrogrades to the old sign (Pisces). But it, too, is changing signs right about now. And quite remarkably, it's sitting exactly on the Aries Point, another indicator of how many people are involved in the movement -- the Aries point says more developments affecting many. One vital Asbolus theme is survival; the ability and the willingness to survive. So this on the Aries Point is an encouraging sign.

Here is an ephemeris that covers a few months so you can see the whole thing developing on a little chart.

How retrograde movement works must seem like an odd mystery to newcomers to astrology, but imagine that the Earth is orbiting very close to the Sun, and the Centaurs are quite far away. They move more slowly, and as the Earth goes around and around, they seem to sway to the left and right as the seasons pass. This is called parallax movement and is the reason we have outer planet retrogrades. It's not "actual" movement -- it is "relative" movement. But all movement is relative! So it IS actual movement, not merely an illusion.

Often, when outer planets change signs, they dip into the new sign, retrograde back into the old one, then go into the new one again, and this is exactly what's been happening all year with these four Centaurs. This quality of working the edge is very much a Centaurish kind of feeling; the edge is the point of awakening, and that eventually leads to the center; the far-out state of mind or experience that teaches us who we really are by taking us through unusual conditions, circumstances and character-shaping events.

All Centaur planets are associated with transitions, with intense situations that seem to push psychological and spiritual material to the surface, where we have the option to heal it, with special talents that concentrate around struggles and are often inspired by them -- and, in essence, with reclaiming our souls.

Generally, this reclaiming is done one piece at a time. While Pluto is often associated with the energy of the soul (a potentially useful idea, but not an absolute), the Centaurs give us specific projects and areas to focus on where we can actually do soul work, and in the end, we arrive at a point of e pluribus unum: of the many parts of who we are, we gradually unify our existence and relate to ourselves and to the world with integrity.

There is a mysterious alchemy to this process, and it's very much a Sagittarian energy. Here is a clue: the relationship between the one and the many on the inner level is that between The Lovers and the Temperance (or Art) trump cards in the Tarot. Here are images of those two cards, courtesy of the Crowley-Harris deck, with a bit of interpretation.

Here is a link to some additional materials on Centaurs, both astronomical and astrological. Much more is at Melanie Reinhart's homepage.

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Here is the definition of cappuccino.

Next week, in Sagittarius Secrets Revealed part two, I'll be covering the mysteries of the Galactic Core and the Great Attractor, which are the defining cosmic features of Sagittarius -- and taking a few more reader questions.


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Bless you for that great article! I've intuited that these very important Centaurs are the latest external 3D symbols for another great collective healing and learning level humanity has reached now. I find the timing interesting too. Last minute clean ups and reintegrations maybe??

I'd not heard of Asbolus before, is this a recent name given to 'it'? And how does Asbolus follow (maybe it dosen't) with the linking or bridging from Saturn to Uranus (Chiron) and Saturn to Neptune (Pholus) and Saturn to Pluto (Nessus) etc.? I'm at a loss here with Asbolus and how He fits in with the 3 prior Centaurs. Anyway thanks so much for that great article by Eric Francis.


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GC and the Centaurs

Last week I took an 83 year old Aquarian neighbor to the Emergency Room because his heart was beating like a Flamenco dancers heel counts! Being a sensitive, hospitals and doctors offices in general are places I seriously avoid, but all I could think of was his upcoming B-Day turning him 84 and transiting Saturn in Leo blah blah blah. So off we went.

He didn't get into a bed in the Emergency Room until 12 hours later! :shock: A hospital bed 25 hours from arrival. There literally were no beds anywhere in the hospital, so everyone waited. It looked like one of those 'movie of the week' dramas with people pucking in the hallways, ambulances arriving 2 at a time with new sick people. Long story short, I couldn't maintain my auric shield for such an extended time period and I caught the, its more like the freakin' pleague! Pisces rising.....on the physical plane it's the immune system. On the etheric plane it's the aura....same thing just expanded out to a finer body and dimension.

"I USE" most everything and when I get a high fever it always propells me off into some strange state where I 'see' great things. I wanted to share some of the insights I received during my fever because they're rather interesting I think.

I saw how since Chiron was discovered in 1977, much of humanity has been consciously (many even deliberately :wink: ) processing tons of old 'emotional issues' just as was intended. We've had to face the fact that our 'Inner Child' was pissed off and needed some major attention, along with numerous other old buried emotional wounds and woundings etc. In other words humanity has been rather fast actually, realizing the "Mind/Body Connection" and the profound energy our unresolved emotions have on all aspects of 'us'. Base Chiron energies manifesting through our consciousness.

I also saw how all of these Centaurs have been rapidly triggering much of humanity to 'process' even deeper emotionally within themselves. All the ancient issuse we've individually and collectively surpressed and/or projected, must be dealt with now. And we have been and haven't realized it or at least not to the degree that its been happening! Why I asked? Answer - Time's compressed now through 2012 just like it does each year during the end of the year or winter period. Cycles within cycles within cycles........

This lead to the next insight or level of consciousness expansion that humanity is and will continue to go through now. These Centaurs and the rapid emotional processing, healing, and integrating they're helping us deal with like it or not........was in preperation for Pluto's conjunction with the Galactic Center. In many ways we've been unknowingly inching our ways up to this one major transit. We've prepared energetically for it with the help of all these Centaurs. One of the long standing jokes I've heard repeatedly from higher levels is, "You can't run 220 through 110 wiring!!!" Big chuckle from some of Them about what all we're going through here now! :lol:

I also saw that the 'transpersonal planets' are rapidly becoming 'personal' planets for much of humanity as has been designed. If you've honestly dealt with Saturn's lessons, then you walk easily across Chiron's Bridge to the higher consciousness planets (and locals like the GC) to integrate the 'Outer Planets' in a new way energetically now. As humanity evolves so does our relationships with the planets in our local system and beyond. We need to think of the 'transpersonal' planets in new modern Aquarian Age ways today - not later! We are morphing into new beings through these monumental cosmic energies at the end of the Mayan Calendar whether we're consciously aware of it or not. 2006 and 2007 will trigger huge leaps and changes in humanity and 'reality' on Earth. Start looking at Uranus, Neptune and Pluto with new eyes and hearts today.
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I had a dream last night that walls were coming down in my world with the ease of unwrapping a birthday present. Easy peeling of the divisions between me and my family.

A couple of weeks ago I had another dream where I was in a sea standing in the water about waist high. It was like something out of the movie Contact. I felt a pain in my upper chest area that I knew to be a new chakra breaking though. When I awake I felt the pain of that area for the entire day until the energies were integrated.

Interesting times.


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Happy belated birthday my friend.

Well done with the recent dreams! Yes, we're making tremendous spiritual advances in super short or compressed periods of time now. Another little tid bit I got the other day was about the "11:11" business. Its a highly multidimensional signal/trigger/reminder/code/clue sort of thing evidently. What I 'received' was much the same as your invisible walls coming down.

I saw how those of us who've been seeing the 11:11 for a long time have literally been working for most of our lives (through our dream lives and also in physicality) both sides of the 'reality' fence so to speak! :wink: IOW's, we've been doing this 'Lightwork' for decades and this symbol (11:11) is one of many showing us recently that we've been far more multidimensionally active than we realized. We've been carriers of Light, working from 3 or more dimensions simultaneously to reconnect numerous things over the past years.