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Appears that GA, WI, PA, NV, AZ ALL looking to de-certify due to the huge volumes of election fraud discovered. :tongue:


a large # of GOP politicians will be making objections on Jan 6th.


Dems once again prove their hypocrisy & their lack of understanding of the Constitution. (they think it only applies to them & not the GOP)

AND.....Stacey Abrams sister, a Judge, who made a very erroneous legal ruling instead of recusing herself is now being harshly criticized for politicizing the courts to help the Dems try to win in the GA run-off election. Could she be impeached?

Obama-appointed Georgia judge undermined 'rule of law' with voter purge reversal, top state official says
Judge Leslie Abrams Gardner, the sister of a prominent state Democrat, did not recuse herself


Trump's hotel in Washington is offering $50 room deals for the Patriots who show up on Jan 6th. Other hotels loyal to the Constitution also offering great deals & even free space in the lobbies for those with sleeping bags!


President Trump is the most admired man of 2020!

ALL GOOD NEWS to begin the year & head down to Washington.:smile::smile::smile:

The Five reacts to Donald Trump being the "most admired man" in 2020

Democrats who praised 2004 objections to Electoral College certification now slam Hawley
Democrats objected to electoral vote certification last 3 times a Republican was elected president


On December 31, Congressman Joe Wilson issued the following statement:

“As a former Lexington County Election Commissioner, not just as a Member of Congress, I am disgusted at the irregularities in the 2020 presidential election. The failure to validate signatures, the omission of witnesses, the interruption of counting before completion, the denial of poll watchers for access to fully observe, the extension of ballots received beyond Election Day, and the registration of illegal aliens, allowing non-citizens to vote, are all an open invitation for fraud. I had counted on courts to fully consider lawsuits by 18 states and 126 members of Congress, but the Courts have declined to act and it is my duty to object to the Electoral count because irregularities were never addressed.”



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Judge Leslie Abrams Gardner
sister of Stacey Abrams
rolled back her earlier order :smile:

on purging voter rolls in two counties in Georgia.

Her new order is sort of a hybrid

between the old order and what the counties were asking to do

Georgia Judge ROLLS BACK Election Order for Senate Runoff



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Pennsylvania election data shows
that over 423,000 votes were removed from President Donald Trump
during the November election, data scientists say.

According to an analysis by the Data Integrity Group
obtained exclusively by The Epoch Times
votes for Trump—from both Election Day and mail-in ballots
were removed from the totals in at least 15 counties. :smile:
Time-series election data
shows Trump’s votes decrementing in various counties
at numerous time points
instead of increasing as would be expected
under normal circumstances.

The group said that Election Day vote removals
happened during the vote tabulation process
in at least 15 counties
including Lehigh County, Chester County,
Allegheny County, Armstrong County, Westmoreland County,
Northhampton County, Delaware County, Montgomery County,
Lackawanna County, Dauphin County, Pike County,
Carbon County, Washington County, Erie County,
and Luzerne County.



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The 11 Republican senators who came forward on January 2nd
had a condition:
if top leaders in Congress
want to avoid a challenge to the election results on January 6th,
then Congress should appoint an "...Electoral Commission..."
that would give them full investigative authority.

President Trump tweeted on Jan. 1:
“....Massive amounts of evidence will be presented on the 6th.....”

Benjamin H. Friedman, policy director of the Defense Priorities Group
said that it's hard to know what Iran is thinking right now.

But the Trump administration
hopes to increase military presence in the Middle East.
This will provide some deterrence to Iran
and the armed groups it controls in Iraq.
The founder of a private website in the U.S. Ron @CodeMonkeyZ
recently tweeted
that many hotels in Washington DC,
have decided to close their businesses between Jan. 4 and 7.
He urged people who have made hotel reservations
for their visits in DC around Jan 6, to check their booking status.


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The theft of the election was orchestrated in the Rome embassy
by an employee Stefano Serafini, foreign service officer
of over 20 years. He retired the day before the election
to ensure he would not lose his pension
unlike what happened to some of the FBI agents
who betrayed our country in 2016 and did lose their pension
just days before their retirement.

Stefan Serafini coordinated with a general Claudio Graziano
who is on the board of Leonardo SPA
(an Italian aerospace defense contractor).

Leonardo used their military satellite uplink to load the software

and transfer it over to change the votes from Trump to Biden.

The plan was orchestrated by Barack Obama

with the help of Matteo Renzi, the former prime minister of Italy.

The Italian intelligence service supplied intercepts, photos, phone calls
and (shockingly) pictures of the CIA agents
who have been involved in orchestrating this.

Italy did it.

Senior IT Expert at Global Defense Contractor
Testifies in Italian Federal Court
that He and Others Switched Votes throughout America
in the U.S. Presidential Race