Full Moon conjunct Natal Pluto and Vertex


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Im curious as to what change or turning point, if any, may occur at this time...

I had planned on traveling in a mountainous region around this time but now Im hesitant.. Mars/Uranus 11th hs is also square natal Venus/Neptune 7th hs.

Pluto and Vertex are in my 6th house... the only aspect they make is a sextile to natal Venus/Nept in the 7th.

Health wise: during the new moon I cut out sugar and white bread from my diet. Now I am introducing some of it back. I havent been sleeping much this past week.

Work wise: two work colleagues tried to patch up a rift between one scorpio coworker and I. This coworker had gone behind my back numerous times to tarnish my name, so she tried to appologize today... I didnt say anything and feel I wont let her get away with this scot free.

Relationship wise: I had an angry (hate to admit, sorta jealous) fit over the fact that my guy has a female best friend. Really hard for a Uranian like myself to accept when I expect that between us.
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I have two questions: first, why do you catagorize yourself as a "Uranuan?" and do you think that you should expect relationship issues like jealousy because you are any particular sign or have any particular planetary strength?
Another question: you don't actually ask any question.... it sounds like you are asking if you should go on a trip now (how long?) or is it dangerous. Is this right?
I'm wondering if you realize you didn't actually ask a question.


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I categorize myself as Uranian because I have my sun conj two other planets in Aqua at MC, trining my Asc, and my moon trine uranus.

no i dont think i expect jealousy issues because Im a particular sign...actually i think its far less common in Aquas...at least thats how it is in my personal experience.

My question is sort of open ended and is how i started my post...
"Im curious as to what change or turning point, if any, may occur at this time..."

hope that clears things up for you...

Anyone experienced this form of full moon...

My trip was safe...no worries... there was sort of a turning point in my relationship after stress/tensions.

i'll see to posting my chart