Full Moon 26 Virgo (16 March 2014)


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There's something unusual about this full moon. Know what it is?




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There's something unusual about this full moon. Know what it is?
What stood out for me was the saturn sextile to full moon providing solid foundation and the mars/sun quincunx providing energy boost but in need of adjustments, mars/moon semi-sextile adds energy and drive.
But then, I checked your blog ... so there goes the mystery :biggrin:

This full moon is exactly on my asc/desc degree and I can verify that , since I was out tonight and most of the day, the energy on my asc/desc 1st/7th house axis was felt fully.

26 degrees virgo falls on fixed star Labrum
Ptolemy listed the stars of Crater as like Venus and Mercury. Labrum, though only 4th magnitude, is the brightest. Robson, like many other authors, has associated the star with the myth of the much-sought Holy Grail. He states that, when rising, it brings "ecclesiastical preference or very good fortune", whilst in its general influence it gives "ideality, physic power, intelligence, honour and riches".

As to the effects of the constellation as a whole, Robson writes that it gives:

a kind, generous, cheerful, receptive, passionate and hospitable nature with good mental abilities, but subject to apprehension and indecision. There is a disordered life full of sudden and unexpected events, and great danger of unhappiness, but usually some eminence.


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Apparently, at the time of this recent eclipse (L), mars was unusually brighter, which means it was closer to the earth than average! There have been plane wrecks and ship-wrecks around the eclipse, as well as a significant earthquake earlier today (Mexico city) and of course the Ukranian crisis.

I am not saying that all of these cannot be coincidences but sure makes one wonder...