Fulham vs Brentford


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Chart data: 20 Aug 2022, 0w13 51n28, 3pm TZ= -1 ASC=2Sag29

As Fulham home kit is white they are represented by DSC ruler Mercury. Brentford away kit is blue so they are represented by ASC ruler Jupiter rx.
Dignities are in favor of Mercury, and as Moon has square with POF that means Fulham will win.
What do you think?


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Hi Fensi,

Just a few thoughts.

Interesting chart, as Mars sits under DSC, Brentford's first colour.
My question is: does a planet alter the colour of an angle if it is near to it?
I was thinking about a draw, as DSC could be interpreted for both teams, if I take Mars into account.
If I neglect Mars, DSC surely means Fulham and ASC Brentford.

I did not want to confuse anybody.



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What about another match today?

Porto Sporting (8.30 local time Porto today)
ASC 01Pis06
Porto blue and white stripes
Sporting away kit black
POF sep opp Moon 3 21 deg
Winner DSC Porto