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Hi everyone :sideways:
Last year I went through a very nasty divorce. I've heard some friends will dump you during your divorce for a variety of reasons. I had 2 people who stopped speaking to me. So I asked a horary question, was it because of the divorce.
I'm mars, in my own rulership and in my own house. My friends are represented by mercury in the 10th. There's a square applying from mercury to mars, so I take that to mean yes.
But here's the thing, Saturn is in the first retrograde. What does that represent? I can't read the chart??

July 26 2:33pm scranton pa is the chart info

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You can still read the chart but the outcome will probably not be a good one. That is why some astrologers totally avoid reading a chart if there is saturn retrograde in the first house.

If you post your chart here, it will be more helpful :sideways:

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Hi Serendipity,

I posted your chart for you. Did you know your Asc is via combusta?


Your friends may be cross with you, but I'd say it has nothing to do with the divorce. Al-Kindi says H7 is for all relationships, even with friends, so we'd look for Venus to perfect an aspect with Mars. Venus is not within orb of the square to Mars, and it doesn't matter, since Mars changes signs and houses before Venus makes the perfect square aspect and there is no reception.


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Thanks for posting the chart.
I will need to read about via combusta ascendant. I didn't consider that. I usually only look at the moon or significators for that.
I disagree about using the 7th house for a friend. I don't think you can lump everyone you ask a horary about into that house.