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He is in bad company he is driving very fast on road traffic police always catches him and his father is asked to come to police station also drinks and smokes what can be done for this child

His father asked me to ask this question


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What to do everyone reaping their karma .

exalted mars gives rebellious aggressive nature hot blood !

sat retro aspecting 5th house of mind gives evil sad restless anti social person . moon 5th lord is with rahu corrupted and its aspected by ketu . mars also aspects 5th and 6th house so sat mars influence in 5th makes this guy rough . 6th lord in 8th indicates one has to face humiliation regarding health illness debts accidents sucidal thoughts running away from home etc .

8th lord 8th is good for longevity except that whatever 8th house signifies person has to reap that . in one word 8th house is humiliation .

sun indicator of father is in 8th is not good though not debil but its in enemy sign his father is his no.1 enemy . both father and son will face many disgrace in their life . sun in libra indicates weak moral compass liquor habit fond of non veg will do evil acts .

currently he undergoing sat dasa who is in 5th lord moon star both are dead enemies . satin rohini even in worldly chart indicates war drought calamity what to say abt individual chart . it exists til 2032 . so take care him well he does even more in future brings ill fame to family . its their parents karma .

currently he running sat sun period no need to say indeed issues with father will be there also he get 6th house power i.e police disputes quarrels . problems continues til next year after 2023 things will gradually change .

for mithuna rasi sat has transited to 8th house of sufferings humiliations loss so take care him well next sat transit (9th) will change him sure . ..
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Thank you creativei and sorry I am always bothering you by asking many question I know your valuable time

God bless you