Well-known member

A native of Washington, D.C. Alan served in Vietnam from 1963-64
as a green beret with the 5th Special Forces Group.
Alan’s interest in astrology
began in 1963 when he bought a Zodiac watch in Saigon
which depicted the phases of the Moon.
Initially skeptical he began studying seriously in the 1970s
eventually attending astrological conference in the 1980s.

He discovered traditional astrology through Project Hindsight
by attending the second PHASE Conclave
in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.
Alan subsequently became a close associate of the Project.
He began giving introductory lectures on Hellenistic astrology
in the late 1990s.

In summarizing his philosophy of astrology
he was particularly fond of a statement by the Medieval astrologer Guido Bonatti :smile:
that the purpose of astrology is
to reconstruct the past, understand the present, and predict the future.

May 2001 Alan White was sent to Seattle to run a trade show booth
for Project Hindsight at the annual Northwest Astrological Conference.
One night at the conference Alan was talking with a group of Kepler students
and regaling them with stories about Hellenistic astrology
and they became intrigued enough to encourage him
to put on an impromptu lecture on the subject
in an empty conference room that same night.
The lecture was particularly successful, Kepler students
encouraged one of their teachers Demetra George
to develop a course on Hellenistic astrology for the Kepler curriculum.

Demetra spent several months studying under Alan White

and Robert Schmidt of Project Hindsight during the winter of 2001/2.
She began teaching the course on Hellenistic astrology at Kepler in 2002.
To whatever extent the subsequent revival of Hellenistic astrology today
and in the future is the result of Demetra’s teachings
or those whom she taught
it is thanks to Alan White that this transmission was able to take place
and his most lasting legacy and contribution to the astrological community :smile:

lecture by the late astrologer Alan White
on an introduction to Hellenistic astrology
audio interview with Alan about his life and work from 2010.
Alan began studying astrology seriously in the 1980s
and then in the mid-1990s he discovered Project Hindsight
and developed a deep interest in ancient astrology.
He created an introductory lecture on Hellenistic astrology using a flip chart
that he presented at a number of astrological meetings in the 2000s
and one of these presentations in 2001
led to Demetra George teaching a course on the subject at Kepler College :smile: