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mercury at 5 degrees in cancer trines the forums mercury....hmmmm is the only forum I have joined so I guess it worked:)

It looks like vx conjunct MC too....meant to be:)
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Thought I'd take a look too. What jumped out at me is my natal sun conjunct the Forum's MC.The other major aspect is my mercury cj the Forum's south node, so, like Lissa, a *fated* association in some way.My pluto is trine the north node of the Forum.
And, slightly off topic...
Just looked at the current transits to the Forum's Uranus cj Nat. Fortuna and the sun/mars conjunction squaring that, from the Forum's first house to the third, of communication..Not easy aspects.


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:38: :38: Aw's pluto in 1st forms a grand trine with my sun (on aw's fifth house cusp) and my natal 5th house jupiter.
Also aw's pluto trines my mercury and saturn and conjuncts my mc.:)

A question for radu. Did you choose the date and time to launch AW or is the significants of the chart more divinely sourced?

Night Sky

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This is a great forum, I wouldn´t change it for anything.

But I was wondering if anyone´s bothered to analyse the forum chart itself.

I look to the Jupiter Saturn Square. Would like to see what people think of this.

Jupiter rules AC placed in house 10 in Libra, which is testament to its success and popularity, it is friendly place with spirit of tolerance and balancing of ideas very much Jupiter Libra.

However, Saturn in house 8 is square to this Jupiter, from sign of detriment. There is a mutual reception of Exaltation, but this is not denying of the problems.

Saturn rules house 2 and 3... I see conflict of values perhaps, and of ideas and knowledge, perhaps it is good for debate.


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Gosh how exciting to find forum's chart. It seems I could meet the love of my life here :D. F Mercury DC ruler on my Sun Moon midpoint, F Uranus trines DC ruler, F pof cj my MC, Moon sextiles, F Ac trines my Moon Mercury Chiron and F Jupiter makes a grand trine to my NN Mars Saturn and F Netune Venus cj it. Any takers :p :D ?!!!


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Spicadilly said:
Gosh how exciting to find forum's chart. It seems I could meet the love of my life here :D. F Mercury DC ruler on my Sun Moon midpoint, F Uranus trines DC ruler, F pof cj my MC, Moon sextiles, F Ac trines my Moon Mercury Chiron and F Jupiter makes a grand trine to my NN Mars Saturn and F Netune Venus cj it. Any takers :p :D ?!!!
That really doesn't sound far-fetched. I've met several good friends on here.

You might want to check out this thread:



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Hehe thank you Freedomlover (is that your Uranus talking?) will read the link!

Friendship is always nice :) .

PS oh my ghosh just realised F AC exactly cj my P AC!!
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Hi Everyone,

This forum is interesting. Some of my natal planets have significant aspects with the forum's chart.

1. Forums Moon conjunct natal Venus(+2 orb)
2. Forums Part of Fortune conjunct MC, Trine natal Part of Fortune.
3. Forums Jupiter Opp. Natal Mercury
4. Forums Uranus conjunct Natal moon.


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i was just looking at the forums chart and am trying to analyse it from a discussion perspective.

1. Communication is a key aspect for a forum. A lot of planets (Neptune,Venus, Sun, Mercury and Uranus) at the cusp of 2nd and 3rd House (communication).

2. Jupiter (10th house) Trine Venus (2nd house).

3. Grand Trine: Part of Fortune (9th House , Spirituality and religion) Trines North Node (4th -5th House Cusp) , Trines Pluto in First House.

4. Saturn Square Jupiter: Faith, Focus and hard work bring success with this aspect. All squares have a tendency to be stressful with some negativity which needs to be overcome to move forward.


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Oh wow! I just played with the forum's chart and discovered that we share no love. There are many tight oppositions. BUT our composite relationship chart is really amazing. A nearly perfect Grand Sextile with the 5 of the 6 nodes present. The 6th node is empty, but my natal Venus in Virgo plugs right in to make it complete! The composite Sun conjunct composite Mercury!


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1.My ASC Ruler saturn conjuct the ASC of forum and in opposition of the forum moon
-Am I disturbing and release pressure??:unsure:

2.My uranus and neptune fall in forum's H1

3.My Jupiter conjuct forum's H3 cusp, and conjuct forum Sun and Mercury.
My Sun and Venus and Mercury AQU conjuct forum venus and neptune.
Forum Sun and Mercury and Uranus in my natal
-That's a good sign:biggrin:

4.However, Forum mercury and Sun seems to square my mars Sagi in Forum's H12.:crying:
-Am I being too rash and not polite in here?

5. My Mercury and Venus and Sun are sextile Forum Jupiter rx in my H9, and they all trine Forum Moon in my H5
-I do learn a lot from the forum, this forum is just the best ever teacher for us. And I think people here are very intersting.:happy:

6. Forum Saturn rx in my H7.


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At first look:

My Sun closely conjuncts forums Jupiter.

My ASC conjuncts forums moon.

My Sun trines forums Venus and Neptune

Maybe there are more aspects, but these caught my eyes first:)


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Oh, sorry about that.

Hmmm, forums sun-mercury-uranus trine my mercury-pluto.

Forums AC is the opposite as mine.

My Venus-moon conjunct forums MC :)


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I looked at my synastry and composite with the forum. We're both Sagi rising and both our AC and DC are conjunct. Our moons are conjunct, and our Saturn and Vertexes. My Uranus trines the forum's sun mercury and Uranus. Also look at how many of the Forum's personal planets end up in my 3rd house of communication.

In the composite the moon trines the sun mercury and venus. Pretty neat :) We have a 12th house Pluto in Scorpio. Not surprised at all there.
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For a while, I've been observing interesting synastric correlations between this forum's members' natal charts and forum's itself natal chart.

It's been striking to see how most active forum members have natal Mercury in harmonious aspect (trine, sextile, conjunction) with forum's natal Mercury at the beginning of Pisces. Really cool!

Below's the chart for the moment this forum was installed. See for yourself. Comments welcome! :yuppi:

Not the best electional chart for an astrology forum... The ruler of the Asc is retrograde and square Saturn (also retrograde) with reception...
The ruler of the 9th house of astrology/divination is in detriment and cadent. Mercury, significator of astrology is also in detriment/fall, although angular by whole sign houses.
If the forum is going to be revamped/relaunched, try and get as much of the significators I've mentioned above strong and angular.


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Maybe to avoid being mercury combusted ?- Not being the same sign with sun? Or to avoid critical degree? Or better in H3 instead of H2?:annoyed:


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mmmm asc conj desc...and then my venus conj the forum's chiron.....and then mrec sq merc!!!! The forums mercury conjuncts my parents conjunct mercury!!

So I gues I am learning to deal with some parental issues here...and maybe heal some wounds....the venus chiron aspect I have the same with my grandmother too.

OOO so many parenty things.