Forum natal chart


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Hey conj my Merc :D, and some other good aspects... thanks Radu very interesting.


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Forum's Ur is trine myVenus, but sq my Mars, Moon conjunct Mars and Saturn conjunct Sun! Mars is opposed Venus, too. No wonder so many of my posts have been er "troublesome" on the forum. Merc is conjunct desc, too. Wow.:59:

Neptune Rising

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I was wondering the other day what the forum's chart was, and I found it.

Forum's moon conjunct my South Node
Ascendane conjunct my North Node/Neptune
Pluto conjunct my Mars (ruler of my IC)!!
Stellium in my 2nd house!
Uranus conjunct my Moon
Jupiter and South Node in my 10th house.




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What a great chart for an astrology forum, with an Aquarian-Pisces emphasis and an air grand trine. And I can see why I was attracted here. No only do I have strong planet to planet aspects but the forum's Venus is within a degree conjunction of my MC with Jupiter only minutes away from an exact trine. Looks as if I'll be hanging around :)

Has anyone kept track of transits to the forum's chart and their manifestations? Some major ones are approaching: T Sat opp Sun then Saturn will oppose Mercury and square Moon. Should be interesting to see what happens. Maybe a decrease in posts and/or more serious topics. Also, it can reflect challenges that we, the forum participants, are experiencing since so many of us have strong planetary connections.

I've been wondering about Nablusi who wrote about his upcoming Saturn transits but hasn't posted for a while. His Sun opposes the forum's Mercury and his Mars is conjunct it's Moon. Hope he's alright.
Hi Spin,

I have looked at the transits for the year ahead and I noticed the Transiting Saturn Opposed Mercury, maybe there will be less posts and serious subjects coming up. Could be a testing time, we will have to wait and see. It is always interesting to watch. :)
Great Venus, Neptune conjuction. I always thought this placement makes some really talented people, because the imagination runs wild. Guess that's why the background for the forum looks WAY cool.

Kudos for the people who did this. =)


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Love this chart!

Lots of conjunctions for me here.

Mercury and Uranus are conjunct my Jupiter in the 7th
Part of fortune is on my Uranus rising
Saturn is on my Moon
Venus is on my Dsc
Sun opposing my Uranus

lots of trines as well, but the conjunctions are amazing.



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wow so cool.

my lilith exact conjuncts the forum's NN
my jupiter exact conjuncts the forum's part of fortune..


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Draco said:
Hi all,

The Moon interests me in the forum chart. The moon is collectives, communities and 'the people'. It is so well placed in Gemini, as it concerns communication and the exchange of ideas. Also, the moon waxes, leading to increasing knowledge, and it's placement in the seventh shows how 'the people' through communication and the exchange of ideas reach out to make make contact with 'others', leading to an increase in knowledge, information and ideas for all involved.

Draco :wink:

I noticed the Moon also. It would be exalted in the sidereal zodiac (very auspicious). ;)

Summery Joy

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The forum Asc trines my Venus, Sun and Jupiter.
The forum MC conjuncts my own MC and Squares my Moon.
The forum Sun conjuncts my MC, Squares my Moon, and opposes my Leo stellium.
The forum Moon sextiles my Mercury.
The forum Mercury trines my Mars.
The forum Venus partile opposes my own Venus and also opposes my Jupiter and Sun.
The forum Mars opposes my own Mars.
The forum Jupiter Conjuncts my Pluto, sextiles my Neptune, =Venus, Sun and own Jupiter.
The forum Saturn Squares my Pluto, trines my Uranus, and sextiles my Moon.



I am not sure I can ever have a comfortable relationship with this forum as Mr Forum's Pluto squares my Moon/Mercury conjunction. Too intense for me :p .


stumbled upon this website totally by mistake. Been reading some of the threads and you guys seem to be really good with this stuff. Hopefully, I can learn something from you guys.
Let me start by posting my own chart. I would really like for you guys to take a jabb at it and interpret it for me. My main interest is whether or not my chart shows marriage, when it will happen for me, will I have children, am I fertile. Now, here is the challenge....uterine fibroids is something that runs in my family with the females. What I would like to know is whether this is shown in my chart and will this condition hinder me from conceiving and having children. In addition, I have this deep belief that I will have multiples...wouldn't be surprised if I had as much as 5 babies all at once. It's weird because I actually desire this to happen. I feel like I am destined to become an older mom with many children. So there you have it. Thanking you in advance. Here is the chart.

Here is the Astro Chart you requested:



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This is fun. My stellium in Libra falls in the forum's 10th house. I think that's pretty nice. Gotta few trines and sextiles also. Mercury's? Quincunx... moving into the bi-quintile. Guess that makes me the genius....:p :D

Good thread, and interesting. Thanks for the 2012 chart also. I keep thinking about Neptune entering it's own sign. I think we're going to see a dispensation when that occurs.



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This forum natal chart is an ingenious idea!

My Mercury is conjunct this Part of Fortune.
My Uranus is Conjunct the forum's Ascendant (My Uranus in it's first house)
The forum's Ascendant is in trine to my natal Sun and Mars in Leo, trine to my natal Moon in Aries, and Conjunct my natal Uranus, and sextile my Jupiter in Aquarius (it's a grand trine/kite formation, and the forum's ascendant takes Uranus' position)!


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Well there really are no pleasant aspects to mu mercury or sun....there is an inconjunction between mercury's and sun's.

But there are some other interesting aspects.


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Very interesting indeed;

I plugged in the forum's information and did a synastry between the two of us, and here is what I've found;

The forum's Uranus falls right onto my DC, which might explain the random people that have come and gone into my forum life, so to speak- during the short amount of time I've been here.

The forum's True Node falls into my 8th, which is nice since I am a very 8th houser person and I crave depth/transformations/regenerations, extreme changes and etc- perhaps this means that the forum is meant to truly transform me.

The forum's moon falls right smack onto my MC, which makes me think that perhaps someway the forum's "emotions/intutions/subconscious if you will" will somehow influence me career wise or perhaps in my "adult life" frame of mind, going about things.

The forum's Mars falls right between my 4th and 5th, rather close to my Neptune, so perhaps that means this place is meant to shake up/impulsively action wise try to move, nudge on my Neptune in some way- shake up my ideals?

The forum's Jupiter falls into my 2nd house, the house of finances/values, so perhaps the forum will help me expand and look into new personal values? It might help me evaluate my values in a detached/philosophical enough manner that I am very open to whatever.

Funny enough, *my* Jupiter falls into the forum's 2nd house as well, so maybe I am meant to help expand others' minds and beliefs, to help them see the grass on the other fence- the view that they haven't quite been able to see for themselves until I point it out.

My True Node and Mars fall into the forum's 5th, so maybe I'm *meant* to direct others' in their love affairs and creativity- or edge them along in a faster, more energetic fashion than they are meant to go. Also, I might have conflicting ideas on others' romances, so that Mars might bring me to have a bit of difficulty, maybe I will become angered or anger another;

My Sun falls right onto the forum's IC, so perhaps my *heart* my *soul*, who I am *to the core* will effect the foudation of the forum in some way that will leave a nice imprint.

My Pluto falls into the forum's 11th, so perhaps I will transform group activities on this forum, help something die/something become reborn- help spurt some sort of big transformation for the better or perhaps "worse"; my Saturn falls into the 12th, which might mean I have a rather restrictive/perhaps controling/trying to structure the "hidden secrets" of the forum, or perhaps the "enemies" of the forum- maybe my Saturn falling their will help the forum not fall into "self undoing".


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Yay, me too. I have Mercury in the beginning of the twelfth house trine AW's Mercury in the third...

Oops, just realized this is a square... Am I gonna get evicted now? Just remember squares can move things forward... And I do not intend on going anywhere... My pluto trines AW's Mercury, is that ok?