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For a while, I've been observing interesting synastric correlations between this forum's members' natal charts and forum's itself natal chart.

It's been striking to see how most active forum members have natal Mercury in harmonious aspect (trine, sextile, conjunction) with forum's natal Mercury at the beginning of Pisces. Really cool!

Below's the chart for the moment this forum was installed. See for yourself. Comments welcome! :yuppi:



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Nice Sun / Part of Fortune opposition!
... thanks <<:p >> Radu! :wink: for the forum chart.

1) Draco, your natal vertex cj sun sqares the forum's pluto -- whoa! --
that is, v e r y highlighted by
the coming cj with gc.....

We're glad you're here 8) and I reckon it's "fate" :p

2) My natal chiron cj forum's ASC
and my
natal Saturn (currently cj mysterious, tr Lillith) at 29 Leo
opposes the forum's SUN and cj the forum's Part of Fortune--

3) My Merc cj the forum's Descendant and moon.... interesting!

Here's a link that's not e x a c t l y on-topic,

but it just mysteriously appeared to me while I was doing research,

so I offer it here to the forum members

who may--or may not--find it


Thanks again, Radu, for the work
you do to create this forum!

...and, I'm looking forward to hearing from any members who

are going to be experiencing the coming eclipse on March 29th

from Europe, Egypt, Turkey....



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Forums Natal Chart

Thanks Radu for putting this chart up here so we all can look and compare. This is interesting and answers some questions I've had from the first minute I arrived here!

My ASC is 0 Pisces 49' so the forums Sun and Uranus are conjuncting it on either side with Mercury only 17' away. It's Jupiter at 18 Libra, is sandwiched between my stellium from 14 to 25 degrees Libra. It's Mars at 7 Capricorn, is conjunct my Sun and Chiron in Cap.

I'll have to get more involved with this comparison but this is really interesting stuff Radu, thanks.


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Thank you all for your replies.

I did a mistake when generating the above image: the chart is actually correct but the time written there (12:39 am EET) is not. I just corrected that.

The correct chart data is Feb 17, 2005, 12:39 am GMT or 2:39 am EET, Tirgu Mures, Romania (24e34, 46n33).

This chart data gives the correct 8Sag19 Ascendant for the start of this forum, which represents the birth of this wonderful community.

Sorry for this error and being the cause of confusions. Sorry Draco! :sorry:

Kite: look at Mercuries - they're in sextile!

C1: nice link, interesting read; thanks!

Draco: yes, this was on purpose, but not for this site. I had a site on love & relationships and I needed a moment to start a forum - that's why Venus is trine Jupiter. After installing that forum, I thought that maybe it was a good moment for an astrology forum too, as Mercury was conjunct Uranus and the Sun was in Aquarius. So it happened.


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To see that your Me is
in a trine with the Forum's Me & Ur
is a good proof of the significance
Radu's posting of the Forum's chart!

I am just being introduced to Horary here,
and to it's mysteries,
of which you are
so knowledgeable!

BTW, my mars is 4Tau31, opposite your Me.


You said:

My Vx/Sun is also sextile the forums Vx/Saturn.

The forum's Pluto is also right upon my Neptune/MC conjunction!
<< :p >>

Draco, I *almost* forgot
about that pivotal point in your
chart. How could I do that? 8)

I, too, have Neptune cj MC

although it is not, like yours,


...not to mention the other relationships you found!

I must correct this mis-perception:

I have natal Saturn 29Leo19 cj your moon....

and that is where *transiting* Lillith is right now....


Your sun is cj my ASC

and transiting Pallas Athene, too!

at 20Sag37 --

--the forum's asc is close, but no cigar-- :)

You are welcome, Radu -- and i take the bold move

to post this by the Inuit journalist, about the shift in

polar magnetics and loss of aurora borealis.

Enjoying all Earth and ocean and sky and stars
& light, while we can....



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Hi all,

The Moon interests me in the forum chart. The moon is collectives, communities and 'the people'. It is so well placed in Gemini, as it concerns communication and the exchange of ideas. Also, the moon waxes, leading to increasing knowledge, and it's placement in the seventh shows how 'the people' through communication and the exchange of ideas reach out to make make contact with 'others', leading to an increase in knowledge, information and ideas for all involved.

I am particularly interested that the Moon is right in conjunction with fixed star Aldebaran. Have a look at this:

Particulary interesting is where it says:

Aldebaran is the Greek Omma Boos, Latin Oculus Tauri, and the early English Bull's Eye; [Bull's-eye is what we call "the centre of a target, which usually carries the highest score", and "a precise or highly effective achievement"].

Good timing Radu!

The name Aldebaran derives from the Arabic 'Al-Dabaran' meaning 'the following'. The forum has certainly accumulated it's followers!

A quote from another site:

Aldebaran is called the eye of Revelation. Life is filled with metaphors and revelations.The evolutionary journey is essentially a journey into concious awareness through Revelation. As we evolve, we percieve more than we ever knew was existent or perceptible, yet we are only percieving what has always been there.

Draco :wink:


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Draco said:
Aldebaran is called the eye of Revelation. Life is filled with metaphors and revelations.The evolutionary journey is essentially a journey into concious awareness through Revelation. As we evolve, we percieve more than we ever knew was existent or perceptible, yet we are only percieving what has always been there.

Jupiter, master of religion, of high sciences, of truth and justice, will be conjunct Aldebaran on 12/21/12. This is interesting because forum members (me included) seem to be highly sensitive and particulary open to the 2012 energies.

There are quite a lot of interesting connections to the 2012 chart, of which I would particulary highlight forum's Mercury conjunct 2012 Neptune (intense forum talks on 2012 spirituality).

Here's that chart (Dec 12, 2012)


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Hi Radu - I noticed the Sabian Degree for the Part of Fortune Reads:
IN THE EAST, LIGHT SLOWLY INCREASES, WIPING OUT THE STARS Transforming power of creative impulses as they bring ideas to concrete manifestation. Stirring to opportunity. Soul-power.
___*When positive, the degree is an untiring capture and recapture of life throughout the constant and confusing shifts of being, and when negative, wishful thinking and satisfaction in a vague tomorrow.


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The forum's Asc cj's my Asc and NN.

The forum's Moon cj's my Sun and SN.

The forum's Uranus squares my Sun and SN.

The forum's Neptune and Venus cj's my Moon.

The forum's Sun and Mercury cj's my Mars.

The forum's Sun and Mercury trine my Neptune.

The forum's Part of Fortune cj's my Jupiter and Pluto.

The forum's Pluto and NN trines my Pluto and Jupiter.

The forum's Jupiter trines my Moon.

The forum's IC and MC cj mine.

Summery Joy

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This is interesting. My natal Venus is opposite to the forum's Venus and my natal Mars is opposite to the forum's Mars. That's... weird! What could that mean?

PF of the chart is conjunct my Leo stellium though :D And it's Moon is in my 1st house.


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I seem to have an interesting synastry with this forum...

My Sun opposes its' Mars (orb 3°30') makes a 135° to its' Venus (orb 0°46'), trines its' Sun (out of sign, orb 5°19') and Mercury (orb 3°14') Uranus (orb 2°31') conjunction, squares its' Mc (orb 2°15') and trines its' Eros (orb 0°51')

My Moon quincunxes this forums' Sun (orb 0°12' :eek: ), and Mercury (out of sign, orb 1°53'), opposes Pan (asteroid 4450, orb 0°38'), conjuncts Mc (orb 2°52', out of sign), squares its' Pluto (orb 4°32'), trines its' Cheiron (orb 0°59'), and makes a 135° to its' Neptune (orb 1°52')

Some other stuff that flashes me
The Moon of this forum conjunct my Cheiron and falls in my 10th
Uranus of this forum sits on my DC
Eros of this forum is conjunct my Pluto, while the Pluto of this forum is exactly opposed to my Eros (both in the same degree)
The Vertex/ Black Moon Lilith/ Saturn conjunction of this forum sits on my Mercury, the ruler of my Rising...
The Venus/ Neptune conjunction of this forum sits on my Jupiter/ Vertex conjunction...

Interesting, very interesting...


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Yeah, I have quite a few exact conjunctions and oppositions with the chart too involving my sun, moon, venus, mars, asc and nodal axis. All of the planets and orbits mentioned have either a direct conjunction or opposition with the forum chart.
Wow, this indeed is quite interesting...(testing my skill with telling aspects apart here :))

Ahhh! The forum's Ascendant squares my Sun, and on the same degree! :eek: The forum's Jupiter in Libra is what I notice next, as it's somewhere in the middle of my Libra stellium, which ranges from 13-29 degrees. Not quite conjunct my own Jupiter (still 5 more degrees there but close!) The forum's Sun and Mercury trines my Venus and conjuncts my Moon almost exactly! The North Node opposes my Pluto, and the Forum's Pluto is conjunct my Neptune! But the forum's Venus is quincunx my Sun! The forum's Chiron is also tightly conjunct my South Node, although S. Node is in 0 degrees Leo and Chiron is 29 Capricorn. But still! SO tight!


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The forum's Ascendant makes a grand trine with my Moon/Mercury in Aries(5ºand9º,respectively)and Jupier in Leo(3º).The Forum's Sun is in trine to my Midheaven(26ºLibra) and in sextile to my Venus(27ºAries),which is also in square to the Forum's Saturn(will this forum have a restraining influence on me?Well,if I spend the whole afternoon here instead of studying,I'm sure it will:p )and opposite to the Forum's North Node,which also squares my North Node at 26ºCapricorn.Being the Forum's Saturn conjunct my South Node,seems like I have a fated relationship with this forum:p .My planets make no interesting aspects to the Forum's Mercury(unless you'd like to consider an out-of-sign sextile with my Venus and a sextile to my Capricorn Ascendant),but my Mercury(9º46'Aries)makes an ALMOST PERFECT sextile to the Forum's Moon(9º48'Gemini),being my Aries Moon also involved in the aspect!

And,of course,the Forum's Mars conjunt my Ascendant makes it totally irresistible to me:p !

Amy Vir Sn Ari Mn Pis Ris

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Just for the quick conjunctions.....The groups north node is conjunct my natal moon Aries 24 degrees. Mine natally is VOC. The groups POF is conjunct my Pluto in Leo 28 degrees...and my natal sun in Virgo 2 degrees. The groups Uranus is conjunct my Pisces rising in 18 degrees....and the groups Neptune is conjunct my midheaven. Hmmmmmm. lol~ Ya hit all my major points.........or maybe I hit yours. I guess we'll find out~ ahahaha~
I just looked at my Synastry with the forum, my Sun Conjuncts this forums Uranus but squares the Gemini Moon and the Sagittarius Asc. So my self - expression sits on at the the end of a t.square :D my Mars is conjunct the Forums Sun, my Venus is Conjunct forums Chiron. My Pluto Conjunct Forums Jupiter and trines Venus. My Moon/Mercury conjunction are trine forums Saturn but squares forums Pluto.


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Neat thread :)

a) Forum Sun exact quintile my Chiron
b) Forum Neptune quintile my Sun (8 arcmin)
c) Forum Jupiter midpoints my Sun/Mars square (1/2 degree)
d) My Moon inside forum Sun/Mercury conjunction
e) Forum Saturn trine my Mercury/Uranus conjunction (6 arcmin to natal ME/UR midpoint)


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When I first compared my natal with the forum's chart a long time ago, I was using inaccurate data at that time.

Now when I look at the synastry, wow!

The forum's ascendant is in partile conjunction with my midheaven. The forum's Moon is very closely conjoined with my imum coeli. The forum's Sun is in partile opposition with my Moon.