Forgiveness -what signs/aspects

1. I wouldn't say I hold onto resentments, except when a person is unforgiving towards me. Genuinely people who are vindictive and nasty, are this way because they need to manipulate and and gain power. This I would associate with Plutonian aspects (lower archetypal energy) - And commonly they have been severely hurt in the past. You have to revisit the 4TH HOUSE, which is the family of origin, and your early roots in order to see where all this hatred has 'stemmed' from, and then you can work on healing early wounds. Scorpio is the middle water sign (8TH HOUSE) and the middle sign of any element is always an intense area in the natal chart. For water it is the transition between our past (4th) and where we can put old 'ghosts' (12TH HOUSE) to rest, and complete the water :trine:. Forgiveness can be one way of spiritually evolving, letting go of intense pain, releasing yourself from bondage.

2. In understanding the psychology of Scorpio (ruled by Pluto) you know the reason why he is always guarded, in my opinion forgiveness leaves him a little too vulnerable for attack. Scorpio is not willing to make the same mistake again, or be made a fool of in front of others because he detests this and sees it as a weakness.
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I do believe people who who won't forgive are trying to hold onto power. A partner cheats for example, and you don't have to forgive them. However, you can use the excuse and say "It will take a long time before I forgive you, and you have a lot of making up to do" you can hold power over the other person, who is afraid to do or say anything wrong. Just another way to look at a unforgiveness. And how this can be used as a source of manipulation and power, and we are in the Scorpio/8th/Pluto realm.


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hmm i think that taureans are more unforgiving than scorpio's cause scorpios are more sinister they'll forgive u but then would let you forget it.


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this is the danger inherent in religion. Christian's always like to condemn and conveniently forget about the teaching to forgive. it is hard to deal with this in Christian's too, because they are so stuck in their victimized teaching. this is also why divorce is so prevalent among Christian's; they are taught to do as they say, not as they do; and it is our inheritance to want what we are told not to do. i do think the Christian's have it down for being the most hypocritical on earth; of course this is the religion i'm most learned about.
*sigh* Let's make sweeping generalizations guys, that's sensible! [/sarcasm]

[Words in quotes in the following post means I edited out a "swear word", save for the bible quote]

I don't really understand why people *wouldn't* forgive and forget. Everything is so "Darned" ephemeral and fleeting. It's said that an-Eye-for-an-Eye makes the whole world blind.
As far as astrological indications, I think it depends on the kind of things we're talking about. Theft? Lies? Betrayal? Petty slights and rude comments?
There are lines, and I think that the point at which you cross that boundary varies between people. Some folks wouldn't even tolerate you looking at them the wrong way. While others wouldn't pay any mind.
As for myself, I haven't really been wronged in any major way, that I can remember. Ideally I'd "forgive my brother seven times seventy times".
But then again, I've compromised my values in the heat of the moment more than once before, so I couldn't say until I really felt whatever blow would hypothetically be dealt to me, and experienced all the emotional "things" that would come with said hypothetical blow to really say what I'd do and how I'd act in respect to it.

For those interested:
I've Leo rising (10 degrees Leo), with the Sun at 14 degrees Aquarius, conjunct the DC. My Saturn and Mercury are also in Aquarius, at 20 degrees and 21 degrees, respectively.
(Insofar as fixed signs are concerned)
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Thank you, Shining Ray, for bumping this thread. I am a NEWbie to astrology, and am working on learning the basic 'personalities' of the planets as a starting point. I have a conj neptune/jupiter in trine with my pisces sun. My best friend often comments that I am always quick to empathise and see the other's position. She has even told me that when she catches herself simmering, she'll call me to vent, because I can always provide perspective. This strong tendency has also gotten me in trouble because of those darn rose colored glasses- I am learning to recognise people and situations that are emotionally dangerous while not backing so far out of life that I am invulnerable. Ah, the balancing act.

I suspect that it's my sun square moon/mars conj (sun opp pluto) shows up more wth my poor immediate family- I need to work on extending the same empathy to them!


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Hi Despite,

Yes definitely Jupiter and Neptune aspects are more forgiving. Carter in his little green book lists Aquarius, Libra and Pisces. Jupiter is good for a broader view. I can sometimes be naive and too open. Being Neptunian my boundaries are everywhere, and I don't always filter who I should talk to or be involved with. I have got myself into dangerous situations too, were I never fully protected myself. And then I cursed my Neptune empathy, on the one hand you value your traits and on the other hand they get you in trouble at times.

I also like Shokk's take on this subject and that the line crossed varies between people, and that statement is true. Especially since we have astrology to back up our theories. And the eye for eye makes the whole world go blind is a powerful and enlightening statement. Hybrid's assessment of Taurus may be true, I haven't known many Taureans, but the sign is fixed, but is more Venusian and perhaps it comes down to their own fixed values.


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I find It true that Jupiter aspects are a synonim of forgiveness!! I have a Moon Trine Jupiter in my chart and Jupiter conjunct venus and Mars and I can say I am one of the most forgiving person, or better to say that's what other says about me. I tend to see only the better of someone, and never give too much weight at the other's errors

May I am wrong, but acting like that is really something that comes natural for me


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Forgiveness belongs more to Neptune and highly evolved Pisceans. Forgiving is not forgetting....Jupiter is magnanimous and tends not to bear a grudge as are Sagittarians if well aspected.


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hmm i think that taureans are more unforgiving than scorpio's cause scorpios are more sinister they'll forgive u but then would let you forget it.
I think that Taureans tend to hold onto things and dont like change and take a long time to come around. This is of course general.
Scorpios will always take revenge and wait forever if necessary.


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Jupiter in the 12th house could help with turning enemies into friends. I read that somewhere. I have Jupiter in Aries in the 12th (pisces) at 29 degrees. I often argue with people and then wanna be their friends again.