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I am a PhD student in Computer Science. Recently, I have been awarded travel grants from Govt. of India which will bear the expenses of foreign travel during my PhD tenure. However, the top conferences are very competitive. Most conferences in Europe take place during Mar-Nov. Is there any possibility of foreign travel in 2019-2020 or afterwards?

My birth details :
Time-4:30 pm (16:30)
Place-Kolkata (Calcutta), West Bengal, India

It would be of great help if anyone can kindly answer my question. Thank you in advance.


Yes, you will go abroad in 2019.

Thanks for the answer.

All the conferences in Europe take place in Summer during Mar-Nov. I have to choose judiciously which conference to apply for as simultaneous submissions in multiple venues is deemed unethical in academia. It would be of great help if can kindly tell me which time is suitable. There are two very conferences in early July (during Ketu antardasha) and October 2019 (during Venus antardasha). What do you think are the chances?


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currently rahu 1.5yr transit jup-ketu cancer 12th for foreign travels,

natal sat-rahu cap 6th seeking foreign assignments, toxic health issues;
rise-fall in life; serve-donate at old age homes;
observe fast Amavasya evenings; observe death anniversaries religiously;
jup-sat opp misjudgments and missed opportunities to avoid;

ketu now 1.5yr transit sat-rahu cap 6th, pain-injury-surgery, job separation;
donate 1.25kg white til at Ganehsa temple once a month Mon evenings, offer red flowers;

sat now 2.5yrs transit sag 5th opp mars 11th, seeking change but stuck,
stress-struggles in luck-edu-romance-children-position-income-gains-friendships etc;
negating employment prospects; observe fast sat evenings;

jup now transit scorpio 4th for research-occult-advisory aptitudes,
trine elevated aspect jup-ketu cancer 12th,
supportive of foreign countries, while rahu transit cancer 12th for foreign travels;
jup effective mid-course feb-may 019;
prayers to saint of faith, offer yellow flowers Mon evenings;

jup scorpio trine asc lord sun pisces 8th, for spiritual explorations,
and protection/relief from chronic diseases of heart-stomach-urological etc;
6 yrs sun dasa now, sun 8th able to cope with challenges,
while as asc lord and karaka health needs care;

hope this helps take stock, share feedbacks,

wishing well, kshantaram
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