Foreign spouse/meeting spouse in foreign lands?


I'm looking at this chart which belongs to a MALE - I think there is strong possibility of him getting a foreign spouse / or that he meets her in foreign lands.

- His 9th lord(virgo adscendent) VENUS is sitting in the 7TH house - EXHALTED in PIECES.

- HIS RAHU IS SITTING IN 3RD HOUSE HENCE it directly aspects the 7th house.

Now, for the navamsa, there are 2 cases(because if we pull back his birth time by just 7 seconds the navamsa chart changes)

In his original navamsa:
His 9th lord which is saturn ASPECTS venus , venus is sitting in 7th hosue itself.

His altered navamsa by pulling back birth time by 7 seconds
His 9th lord JUPITER for this navamsa still aspects VENUS, but venus will then sit in the 8th house not 7th house.

Any thoughts?
What do these combinations represent in general? I guess it does show foreign spouse, is that correct?
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