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Member name is Skye and I am a serious astrology junkie.

I love astrology, reading it , learning about it, talking about it..whatever. Its hard though because, do u ever think of it as still something taboo. I strongly believe in it, and I dont open up to people regarding it, until a crisis seems to appear, and than I pull out the astrology "whens your birthday" question?

I have turned alot of others onto it, and than theres the ones that are still closed-minded. I am happy to be apart of this community, its my first, and I decided to join because everything I googled, led me here. I read, researched (another passion), this site and liked what I was hearing in the forums...very interesting.

I have sent my natal chart as a painted portrait of myself...and I wonder to the most expert astrologist...can you see me, truely?

Take Care and God Bless.


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Hi, i'm no expert astologist but i'm just saying hi, welcome! Hope you enjoy the forum, what a beautiful name btw :) and i pull out that same astrology question "When's your birthday". I ask people i just meet because i know like everyone in my years birthda lol, all because of that question haha. I haven't made others turn into astrology junkies but i've made them more aware of it and fascinated in it. Even though i can't read your looks interesting!


Haha Thanx so much for taking an interest lol.

I always ask when someones birhtday is mostly when theres a connection? It makes me curious, because that is what astrology does...connects us in some way or another.


Welcome to the forum! Hope you like it, we tried to make it pretty. :smile:

BTW, your name reminded me of an old hippie-infused name fantasy I once had. If I ever had a daughter (somehow) I wanted to name her Summer Skye. Haha. How cheesy.


the sight is truely beautiful, creative, and ingenious of course, nothing else like it.

sorry skye isnt my real name lol (between us). so who is the cheesy one now. i chose it cuz i have always looked to the sky wondering, thinking, praying. when times get me down i always chose to keep looking up.

summer sky is beautiful, you have to have alota creativity and being very artistic in your chart, with some uniqness maybe.