For those who can read - my Viking trilogy is up


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Looks great. I like the pictures.

But, I'll probalby have to have someone read it to me, since sadly, I can no longer read fiction. I CAN READ NON-FICTION, and even science fiction, but any other kind of fiction, I can't get past the first page before it turns into a jumble.


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Wow Zara,
For many years I did not read fiction, since I was "too serious about life" - but you are talking about something else, huh?
These days I almost exclusively read fiction - have given up on being serious.

It was bad humor(borught on by the "if you can read" comment", if you thought I was serious. But if does look like a fantasy event and I for real don't get off on anything except what is now being called URBAN fantasy.

However I have immense respect for anyone who can crank out a real novel, since reading them and writing them are two very very different things.


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Aha... :cool:

Nope, certainly not fantasy. I have never read a fantasy novel in my entire life, and I never will.
This is "historical fiction" - stories base on historical fact, such as towns, kings, political trends - but populated with heroes of my making.
I spent one year researching the historical era before starting to write. The mapping document for The Ship (which I wrote first) contained 30,000 words.

Historical fiction is the prime choice of my wife. I hope its avaiable in the Maine library system.