For the love of god will someone please read my chart? Please


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I've waited months and still nobody has helped me understand my chart. Is there anyone willing to use their superior astrology knowledge to help a lost soul?


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Well your ascendant is at the final degree, it is like your whole body is not really material and is more spiritual in nature, or your body makes you spiritual, dreamy, out of this world in a way. If u move to the east for at least 100 miles ur ascendant will become capricorn, after a couple of weeks u will become much more stable since saturn is in aquarius and also more practical and serious.


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Generally you hAva a very fiery chart, with your sun in scorpio sometimes called cold fire and moon in aries, both ruled by mars. I expected that you may bee to impulsive at times. The main conflict in your chart is that your main direction, your true node is in Capricorn and jupiter in virgo, so your road to expansion and fulfillment of your life's purpose is in more sensible, sown to earth and stabler earth energy. You may see that you encounter problems with the authority, in a frictive way and this is one of the ways that you'll larn your life's lessons, one of which is learining about structures and this will be very immediate to you, in your everyday doings for your north is in your first house. You have little air energy, only venus in libra, which is a very fortunate position, so wehen you're in love I think you'll be able express yourself better, and be able to breathe. Also with your chiron in loe you may feel that you are not able to put yourself out there express yourself in your full light
that you are sometimes unnoticed. As you work on these issues you will be able to help toher express yourself and learn how to expres yourself in very good manners. Also your mercury in sagittarius should help, people may see somewhat extravagant or conceited as you interact with people in time you'll expand and learn your best ways of communicating and have your rules about communication. Therea re no planets in your career house but the cusp is on libra so you'd be good in jobs that gives you slack and in ehich you can keep balanced, also jobs that are about knowing the measure, of course after working out your abounding mars energy. Also you have some important degres such as 1, 29 and so, may want to look them up from sabians, chandra symbols or some other method of degree interpretation. Also numerologically I think you'll find some important date for 19.11.1991 is quite a pattern.

Most importat part I think is you stellium in 11th, with sun mars and pluto, you may feel that your social and interactive life is constantly in an active transformation and with you moon placement I think you can keep up with them, the key is your placement is earth signs jupiter in virgo, keeping things clean and tidy, organized in a way, and your north node in capricorn, on which I recommend you read.



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I've waited months and still nobody has helped me understand my chart. Is there anyone willing to use their superior astrology knowledge to help a lost soul?

I am skeptical of the birth-time it looks like you rounded the time off. It makes all the difference in the world for the interpretation of the chart.


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Hello Jesse

As you are 22, much or what is said may still be in embryonic form in your make-up.

First off you have most of your planets in the eastern hemisphere, this indicates that you are predisposed to impact your environment rather than be impacted by externals. You have the strength to impose your will on your surroundings and succeed.

Your dragons tale is on the 7th house, which suggests a previous life lived for the love or will of another. The dragons head is in your 1st house, this suggests that this life is all about a life lived for you, perhaps selfishly if required. Note that the dragons head is not always an easy path. In the Ra material ( a channelled entity ) it is said that in life you choose either service to self or service to others, one is not bad and the other good, they are both important. On the surface your chart predicts that you would be best suited for a service to self type life.

You have your sun conjunct Pluto and Mars, that's intense, this would indicate that your true will is backed up by Mars, the lesser will and Pluto the destroyer this means that you are not afraid to exercise your will no matter what the cost as you feel strong enough to bear anything. You wear your true will on the outside, you are intense, you also attract intense friends, your hopes and dreams are intense. In fact given that you have Uranus and Neptune conjunct in your 1st house means that you must seem like the most interesting, otherworldly person anyone is likely to meet, added to that you surround or will surround yourself with really intense friends and be filled with intense hopes and dreams, I sure would find you interesting.

When I look at this chart all I see is intensity, so much so, it will take a strong personality to direct all of that into useful channels.

Any career that has the potential for quickly rising to the top and putting you in an organizational capacity is right for you, I cannot see any strong leanings in your chart bar working with people who are strong willed and intense, the army, working with troubled teenagers, a prison medical officer. Mixing with the normal run of humans does not seem right for you and would eventually leave you feeling unfulfilled and empty.

It is odd that friends and people are important in this chart, especially given that the self is so strongly posited. That is a balancing act indeed.

As far as love goes, self being what it is may not have room for the needs and wants of another individual, you would have to work hard to curb your natural inclination to totally dominate. You will naturally draw potential partners who are submissive, flexible types, not utterly submissive but individuals more amenable to your intensity and fixed purpose ( please do not confuse partners with friends, you do not draw to yourself submissive, flexible friends ). DC is in Gemini but the house is mostly dominated by cancer, this would indicate a partner who gently challenges you mentally whilst fulfilling your need for emotional intensity. As there are no planets in the 7th house the description of potential partner can only be vague. It worth noting that your DC consists of elements that you lack in your own make-up, thus despite being really intense you lack the nurturing aspect or cancer and flexibility of thought of Gemini, you will project these characteristics outward and seek to fulfil these in a partner.

That's all for now, if anything else jumps out I'll continue.

all the best


Very interesting, my Uranus and Neptune are conjunct, and share the exact same degree as yours. my triple conjunction of sun pluto and mars are much similar as well. cept my planets are:scorpioimg: on the other side lol. this is deffinitly fun trying to figure out.