For The +40 Crowd: Evolving Towards Your NN


NNode in 11th? SNode in 5th conjunct Moon?

11th house - 'striving toward destiny' your aspirations

It means getting up and out and being part of those groups/circles/networks of women who have chosen this path or who are moving toward it or living it.

5th house with snode and moon - rather than waiting for it to be bestowed.

It's a bind - but we all have to go looking for food when we're hungry.

Watch for transits of Jupiter and Uranus to that 11th NNode - they will always provide an outlet for you to investigate opportunities. Then get up grab hold and be part of it.

As for me, I never saw myself as being a mother or wife - but I ended up being a working mother for many many years and it wasn't my dream, I lived in the south node of "someone come in and do this for me, give me what I need/want because I can't do it alone.

I have NN 2nd and SN 8th - now that my son is grown and independent, and I am married now, but I seek out groups and associations of people who want to make money and leave legacies, trusts. It's no different in theory - once we've lived our snode for too long - we come to realize that it's time to live out our nnode and it does require effort and shirking off a lot of those 'bring it to me, because that's how i'm used to wanting / getting it' notions.

I don't know what your religious or charitable leanings are if you have any - but often times, you will find women in traditional roles in churches or helping agencies - who are the women you want to be - they often have the privilege of some extra free time to offer their help as volunteers among peers like themselves. Enevitably in these kinds of circles - your own circles expand.

Watch for those benefic transits to the nodes to know when is a good time to join in your search for your higher expressions.

You can do it. :)
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