flight mh370


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I saw a reddit thread about this and was wondering if anyone here had any thoughts on this chart? the time and date used was the take off time of the plane. i looked thru the forum to see if this had been discussed before but i havent found one using the take off time and most of the post were years ago, hope this is fine


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It happened during Pisces Sun season; That's eerie! Because Pisces rules disappearance!
Jupiter square Uranus? Airplane issues with foreigners (Jupiter)??? Jupiter was in Cancer and Uranus was in Aries!


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Rather than engage in loony conspiracy theories, it might be good to listen to the experts. Sometimes they actually have something to say.

One reputable theory is the plane had an hypoxia event because of miscommunication between the admin and the maintenance workers. This would have resulted in a low level of oxygen that would have rendered most onboard unconscious. Possible, but I see nothing to indicate that in the Flight's natal chart (i.e. the time and place of its takeoff-I'm pretty sure I'm on the right track here because in this chart Icarus is conjunct the Vertex and Neptune is conjunct the IC-end of life situation; it was destined for the drink).

Another possibility, though highly unlikely, is a horrendous nightmare. Somehow the Captain and the Crew got locked out of the cockpit. Can anyone imagine the absolute horror that would be felt in such a situation?

However, one thing I note coming loud and clear in the chart is the triple conjunction of Mars, Vesta, and the True North Node squared by the True Black Moon. The simple explanation of a fire (probably electrical-11th House).


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this is not a loony conspiracy theory months later mh17 was actually also shot down and its proven i respect your opinion tho because we cant be sure
apparently saturn retrograde in scorpio in the 12th can mean hidden enemies and secrets involved