Fleeting love story. We will ever see again?? this uranus conjunct venus ....

Fleeting love story. A German guy and an Ecuadorian woman (the inside graphic is me) I attached the composite graphic as well. Thank you. for for your ideas!
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I: sun (capricorn) rising (scorpio) moon (leo) January 17, 1987 - 1:30 am

Him: sun (leo) ascendant (cancer) moon (capricorn) August 8, 1984 - 3 am-4 am (I take 3:30 am)

Hello dear community. I wanted to know what you think of this chart. I don't know if I will ever see this beautiful man again.

We met in December 2022, and spent Christmas and New Year's Eve together. He was traveling in Ecuador, my country, and I was also traveling. In the end we stayed together for 3 months traveling overland to various cities in Ecuador and Peru.

It was all very intense. He is a traveling man and it is his lifestyle, however I impacted him (his pluto transits his seventh house). And he meets me at a time in his life when he plans to settle down in a place.

We became sweethearts because of the time we spent together. He told me it had been a long time since he had said I love you and it had been a long time since he had been in love.

He felt jealous of me that he hadn't felt in a long time, he sent pictures of me to his mom and cried with me several times because he had to go to work. Now we are thousands of miles apart, he in Norway and I in Ecuador.

We connected very deeply, we went through a lot of intensity, we walked a lot in the mountains and also in the cemeteries to enjoy beautiful views. He read my mind and knew what I was feeling and that surprised me a lot. He said we were very much alike.

I was surprised by all the expression of his vulnerability. It is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me. When we parted it was a tremendous shock for both of us. In the end I told him I needed zero contact because I was on a roller coaster of emotions and obsessively checking my phone, although we sometimes text each other, there are no plans for the future. Everything is uncertain and that's how it stayed.

We will talk in August to see how we feel, but I really don't think I want to talk to him anymore. Because it hurts too much. I am working on myself a lot because this short relationship caused a tsunami in my life in all aspects. Everything was and IS very painful and his absence awakened in me all the most visceral wounds inside me. I know it was all about getting to know myself more and bringing out those wounds inside me that I didn't want to see.

Composite graphic:

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