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The topic of fixed stars must come up from time to time. I'm reluctant to bring it up because I don't want to freak anybody out, but I'm curious to know how other people use them in readings, or if they ignore them. It has always been my believe that even with difficult placements in astrology, we still live in a loving universe, and challenges can always be translated into something positive. I'm a Taurus, born on the 19th of May, which, I think, with 27 degress 59 seconds is in relation to the fixed star Algol, which is supposedly negative. Does anyone else have this placement? I've read it can also be a source of great creativity and good, like Albert Einstein, Picasso, and Dali?


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Hi Adrian,

I think there was a post on the forum about Algol once before. Try searching for it in the forum here and you'll be able to hear what others have said about Algol. I have in conjunct my Jupiter in my 7th house. It's an interesting placement for me.

I believe from what I read about fixed stars is that it only is an influence if they have an aspect within a one degree orb with the planets. I think it it just dependent on the astrologer if they like using it or not. I noticed that when they are within the orb, it has an influence in the natal chart.


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Thanks for responding with your experience. I'd be curious to know how it's been "interesting" for you - either here or in private message. I open to whatever you have to share.

I think my chart falls under the guidelines you mentioned. I usually see Algol as 26 or 27 degrees Taurus, and my Sun in 27 degrees 59 as I mentioned. I read something that said anyone born between the 15-22 of May would have some relationship to Algol. I'm not sure what my aspects are to it. Is there any easy way or a website to find that out?

Thanks again for the info.


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There are other threads with lots of info. I just started learning about fixed stars and found this site.

With Algol alot of astrogers use a 3* orb. Some use 5*.
I have algol conjunct the astroid Ceres on the same degree. It is also conjunct my midheaven from my 9th house within 3*. I have had a very Ceres career/adult life. And for the most part it has been positive.
I have it with a 4* orb to my south node.
I read Algol is associated with beheadings and strangulations and neck injuries. I was shocked. .... I have vertabrae in my neck that go out of place regularly my entire adult life. It is bad.
I had strep alot growing up. I have had mono and scarlet fever twice.

dr. farr

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We have several informative Fixed Star thread here on AW in the Fixed Stars forum; a search (using the search function) inputting "stars" and "fixed stars" should turn up at least some of those threads.
I have always followed Robson (and others) regarding star orbs of influence; I do believe that these are rationally based on star magnitude. For longitude conjunction I use:
-1st mag stars = 3 degrees orb
-2nd and 3rd mag stars = 2 degrees orb
-4th and lower mag stars; also nebula = 1 degree orb
Relative to declination I use 1 degree (same side of ecliptic) for 3rd and lower mag stars, and 1.5 degrees for 1st and 2nd mag stars


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Thanks Dr. Farr and Fushiafairy,

I'll look at the link. My chart is attached here, are either of you able to tell what aspects I have algol in? I think it is just conjunct my sun right, if it is right next to it? If there is a website you are using to find out (I usually go to astro but I'm not sure what to type in to find the aspects with fixed stars) I'd be grateful to know.


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This is a deep response - thank you for not pulling any punches and for being honest with me. I was trying to read about algol last night online, and I found some things, but I trust the people and the wisdom I've gotten from this site and so I wanted to put it out there and see what you all think.

The things you talked about might manifest in my life, or not, I don't know. I'm slightly worried about the power of suggestion, which is one of the reasons that I'm sure some astrologers don't discuss fixed stars with clients. However, one interpretation I read helped me to realize that in my work (I'm a writer) I sometime tackle difficult themes including writing about addiction, pornography, hate crimes against gays, racism, child abuse, rape, and how those issues have affected my life or people I know. On an article I did on homophobia, I had to look unflinchingly at some monstrous cruelty and express my thoughts about it. Another article I researched people who were missing or disappeared. I'm not trying to include my resume here, my point is that I realized, because I have a strong sense of social justice, that maybe this placement is in my chart and not to far from Mercury, Saturn and my ascendant, in order to allow me to look at ugly things in life as a artist that other people may turn away from.

Just another thought (I don't mean to share this gratuitously, but your response was very right on) when I was four and a half, I witnessed what I must have believed at that young age to be the attempted murder of a family member. This person was being choked (throat, Taurus)and it gave me a perspective from an early age on what people are capable of, and a feeling of not being safe. Throughout my childhood I also dealt with chronic asthma and felt many times like I couldn't breathe (also throat, neck area.) I lost both my parents at a fairly young age. Hopefully that will be enough for Algol for now.

It's interesting, I've been studying astrology for a while now and have been a little impatient with other people who seem to feel frightened or uncomfortable by what the stars might reveal to them. But this fixed star stuff is the first time I've felt spooked or like, "Did I really need to know that?" Still, it feels like more of the mystery of figuring out my life.

Lastly, Olivia, when I said a loving universe, what I meant was that I believe that all the things you described in the world are based on human unconscious behavior, and that we don't have to choose to learn our lessons like that. I believe that our charts are perfect for what we are meant to teach, and I don't believe the universe would say, "Well, he or she is a loser, so let's put them under a difficult sign and there's nothing they can do about it. Better luck next time!" Sort of like a poor blackjack hand or something.

I believe in contracts, and that some of have greater challenges, but every chart is a code, and when you figure it out to the best of your ability, it can give you insights into your purpose. At least that's what I believe now. So Algol is part of my puzzle.

Anyway, thanks Olivia for breaking down my placement. I appreciate it very much.

dr. farr

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Also remember that the NET effect of fixed stars must be taken into account in chart delineation-Algol thru Sun would be modified by other stars thru other planets in the chart; also, a planet can be in longitudinal conjunction with 1 star and at the same time be in Parallel of declination (which acts like a conjunction) with another star: when that happens the indications of each star must be considered in coming to a judgement about the net star influences on (actually thru is the better word) that planet.


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Thanks for sharing your experience, and confidence. I can't tell you how much better I feel. It felt like a burden before, but I can see how it can be a challenge or a doorway to something. Your example about the holocaust is a great one. I'm going to keep reading. Maybe I'll ask Algol in meditation what it wants to teach me.


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Dr. Farr,

Thank you for your clarification. I'm not sure exactly how it relates to my chart, but close to Algol, but not conjunction, (I don't think) is Aldebaran, which I read means something about opening the portals of the mind. I also have this in the 1st house. I'm very new to this, but I'm going to follow the links you all suggested and go from there.

Thanks for the support.
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Remember that most fixed star authorities indicate that they only act by conjunction or parallel and not by the aspects (with a possible exception of opposition) I have always followed these indications for delineation.

In you reference chart we find other stars and, through them, constellations, connected with planets and horoscopic points; those in longitudinal conjunction are:

+asc and Saturn: the star Almach, and thus through Almach the Andromeda constellation
+Mercury: the star Zibal and thus through Zibal the constellation of the River (Eridanus)
+Venus: the star Al Hecka (and the constellation of the Bull)
+Mars: the star Alcyone (and thus the Pleiades)
+Jupiter: the star Nekkar and thus through Nekkar the great constellation of Bootes

Always consider the constellation pouring in through the star connected with the planet involved in the conjunction or parallel; sometimes (as above in the cases of Zibal and Nekkar) these constellational influences are more significant than those of the star.


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BTW, for anyone reading this thread who has not yet seen it, Astrodienst ( has wonderful charts and tables on fixed stars in your horoscope. Just go to their free charts section, and look up under "chart drawing style" for the constellation charts, to find how your horoscope maps onto constellations and fixed stars. Then the tables are listed under the feature "special charts."

I will say that I personally have trouble with the idea that stars have evil influences. From the standpoint of theodicy we have to ask why God (or other supreme creator deities) would create a universe with stellar bad guys in them. Most religions today speak of a loving creator. Does anyone on this thread seriously believe in an evil god or evil spirits?

For atheists, the whole notion of planets with evil effects in individual human lives makes no sense. We are left with a scientific, impersonal, an unpersonified universe.

The problem of evil in the world today pertains in either type of belief system: the wars, famines, horrible things that happen to little kids, natural disasters, and so on.

The biblical response from the Wisdom Literature and NT may not be very satisfying, but it is that God's actions surpass human understanding. The older OT response (pentateuch and prophets) is that there is a link between human conduct and bad things happening on earth. When people live ethical lives, the universe responds favourably. When people live unethical lives, they get punished--not merely as individuals, but as clans and societies. Thus there is a huge burden on each human being to behave ethically.

For the atheist, the bad actions of human beings individually and collectively are sufficient to explain the horrors of the world.

I have real problems, too, with the notion of karma and wicked past lives explaining bad things that happen to people today. It has functioned in some Asian societies as a means of justifying horrific oppression of poor people. We don't need fixed stars to explain the situation of the Untouchables prior to Ghandi and even today, for example: millions of people suffer, and they do not all have Algol conjunct a personal planet.

I think planets and fixed stars have both positive and negative expressions, and that human beings have a certain amount of ability to choose which one they want. Obviously, poor children born with severe handicaps have few options, whereas privileged able-bodied young white American males have more options.

Astrologically, we might follow Dr. Farr's lead, in realizing that a problem area in one part of the horoscope may be balanced by positive areas in another part.

And if we really believe in astrology, we should consider that each of our horoscopes contributes to whether we have a basically pessimistic or optimistic outlook on life, independently of our circumstances, or those of the world as a whole.

Adrianastrologer, you appear to have chosen some positive manifestations of Algol in your life. And sometimes in life, "the way out is the way through."


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Hi Way,

I just went on astro and didn't notice these chart styles before. Thanks for the heads up, looks like fun :)