Fixed Stars Proximity Dilemma

Dima Gur

Hi all,

I often work with fixed stars, in natal work and horary sometimes too.
I often bump into a dilemma when working with them.

When I get a planet which is tightly conjunct a minor fixed star, and at the same time it conjuncts a major fixed star, but not-closely.
I find myself at a loss during such times. Which F. Star should I count as being conjunct the planet?

Here's an example:

Say we have a planet in 24.30 Taurus, should we consider it as being conjunct to the "minor" Segin or the "major" Algol?

Lilly gives a 4 degree orb to Algol, so maybe Algol, but if we'd use such logic for every F.Star pair, a lot of the minor ones won't be used at all...
Me personally, I believe we'd lose some important star lore that way.

Sometimes I check the declination of the planet to see which of the Fixed Stars it's closer to, during that moment. Though some fixed stars are pretty much the same declination, so this won't solve the issue.


*Note A*
I don't use B. Brady's method, rather the method that V. Robson used.

*Note B*
Picture is from Deb Houlding's Fixed Star List on Skyscript.


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It's conjunct both.
In the case you describe, depending upon what you think is an appropriate orb, a planet can be conjunction with more that one star. If it is tightly conjunct the minor star, then it is tightly conjunct the minor star. If it is also widely conjunct a major star then it is also widely conjunct the major star.
If you are trying to ascertain the one with greatest proximity, then using declination would be helpful.
I don't really understand why you might think you have to choose?