Fixed stars in my natal chart


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Fixed stars in my natal chart.

Thank you.
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We have a number of posts on AW dealing with fixed stars, and you might want to hit the "search" button and see what comes up-this information might help.

From my point of view, parallel of declination with stars represent the most influential connections; secondly the conjunction by longitude; get and Robson book (Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology) and use the influence delineations there as your primary star source (also the Ebertin book on stars, and also a little gem by Morse entitled "The Living Stars); on the internet, constant reference to the material on will be of much benefit.
The orbs of stellar influence are about 1 degree of parallel of declination, and the orb for longitudinal conjunction will vary: 3 degrees if a 1st mag. star, 2 degrees if a 2nd or 3rd mag. star, and 1 degree if a 4th (or 5th) mag. star.