Fixed and Wet

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Are YOU fixed and wet?

I call this the paradox combination. Fixed is basically solid, and something can't be fixed and wet in real life... Can it? I mean, a block of ice might be water, and it's fixed, but it's not actually wet while it's in its ice form, and if you froze air (think of this as nitrogen) it wouldn't be wet in solid form either. Basically Aquarius and Scorpio are extrovert and introvert versions of the same thing, out for blood and not letting you have any personal satisfaction because there are random living fixed wet paradoxes running around causing envy with a preference for one or the other based on the introversion (Water = wet and introverted) or extroversion (Air = wet and extroverted) of specific people. The fact that the energy of the fixed signs is "magnetism" only makes things worse. I mean, everyone wants to be a magnetic paradox. I have no trouble with the idea of fixed and wet because I _am_ fixed and wet :innocent: except that the two fixed and wet signs _can_not_ get along with each other _at_ _all_...

[The humor doesn't really start until people post. Sorry.]


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(Or rather make you...)




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Uranus exalted in Scorpio here! I can be fixed and wet when tied to the bed...:devil: lol

Scorpio Solistice/Antiscia point is in Aquarius and vice-versa, this two mirror eachother

There's more to this 2 than meets the eye...
Never the less:
#the power to be free and the freedom to be powerfull
#changes vs transformation
#Disruption vs destruction
#Science vs research
#Humanistic-Psychologist (humanistic psychology as a whole)
#Quick lightning of Uranus vs quick sting of the Scorpio(just came to my mind :D)
#death for a cause vs the cause of death
#Paradox qualities? Oh yeah, both in their own to one another!


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I suppose the only signs that'd make sense from this perspective are fixed Earth signs. Can't keep air and fire in one place either, they have a tendency to move :biggrin:

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'Cept that there's only 1 fixed Earth sign. And in real life the planet Earth shifts too, and solid matter still has moving particles.

That antiscia thing is awesome. They're also mirror images because they only differ by one polarity, but that makes them even more mirror. Oh, and the constellation of Aquila is now sitting in Aquarius, or at least its primary star is. Aquila just sounds like an airy Scorpio (constellation) to me.

Any Scorpios here to reconcile? I will NOT ask us to all be friends, just to reconcile our differences and maybe some of us can be friends if we want to.


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I'm a scorpio-Sagittarius(Nov 21) cusp. So an odd combination of signs there.

I don't realize the point of the topic. Could somebody help

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It's about Aquarius and Scorpio.

Aquarius - Hot wet fixed
Scorpio - Cold wet fixed

Hot and cold are just other words for masculine and feminine or yang and yin. Wet energy brings stuff together and dry energy breaks it apart.